Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Announcing the end of this blog n beginning of a new one..

wish u all happy new year!till we meet again next year!yeeehaaaaaaaa

Monday, December 29, 2008

Before every heaven,there's always some hell to play:-

Well i worked today as usual..with normal salary..coz my company not entitled for this PH = Maal Hijrah.so basically patients ramai in the morning but none in afternoon sessions...so...yawning....n the boss n the clerk on leave so basically everyone in holiday moods... n i'm ssooooooooo EXCITED to celebrate New year at the curve!yeah2...n i did some reflection for wat i have done this whole year..

- I joined California Fitness
which i wont extend the period of membership.membazir!waaa!

-Baught MyVi car with plate 'J'
yeay2!since i dreamt to have car with plate J.Hidup Johor!

- 1st time met gynycologist n orthopedic surgeons...huhhuhuh

- 1st time done MRI of lumbar spine

- 1st time done eyebrow shaping in saloon-SNIPS

- rebonding my hair..

- officially n actively involved in blogging n facebook-ing!

- had history of twice serious episode of backpain :(

- Joined e-learning in april

- 1st time appeared in TV channel astro awani
i was asked to ask a question to be aired in the Tv that nite..asked Qs bout diabetes to prof

- changed Maxis number to Celcom
after been using the maxis number past 10 yrs ago!wahhh damn rindu that number

- 1st time done ear piercing
N i wont want another one..hate it!

- last but not least...happily married for 4 yrs n blessed with no child :(

* now tgh risau tak buat any assignments coz addicted to blogging!*

Sunday, December 28, 2008


2009...9 things to do...

1- Lose weight!lose weight!diet!diet!
since this was my resolutions past 2 yrs also...

2- to finish my e-learning by end of the year

3- to own terrace house..

4- to go more holidays!
my family n i haven't been on vacations since my eldest sister went to India-for medicine course..wah!damn lama gle!bout 10...yrs ago??!!

5- to work hard+give quality Rx for my patients!

6- to spent more with parents..
is it possible?hhmmm.......

7- to reduce debts..

8- hope to be more Healthier!n wealthier!

9- to get baby! :)


Friday, December 26, 2008

home sweet home

I went back to hometown Batupahat (BP) on christmas eve..coz my sis's boyfrend's family came over for lunch..damn!i really missed this mansion!frankly speaking since married i only spent maximum 2days 1 night --not even more than that! coz kerje3...wah...this mansion only my parents stay with the maid..n only my 2 younger sisters kalau ada semester break...so lonely this house..really missed this hometown...coz batupahat is a small town that developing to bcome larger..with Carefour,Old town white coffe,Drive-In MCD!,Batupahat malls...wah2 mase dulu tak ada pun ni sume..so i managed to captured memories while in BP...

behind the pokok langsayur ada tennis court..i mean half court...hehehe this is where i used to play crappy tennis by hitting the ball against the wall!

all the books moved to the main door entrance of the house..coz can't fit it in the house nomore...byk sgt buku!

this pintu ala2 Bali supposed to be our main entrance where there was gate here..tapi papa dah tutup semua with all these kayu kayan...

this posh driveway supposed to be car parks..which can fit four cars at one time..

n this small garden is our cark parks now & dulu jamuan makan kawen..kat sinila..:) ...hehehehhe

*wish to stay more in BP..*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A Poster that Singaporeans will see..For a film Singaporeans will watch...with no cuts....only in Singapore?how about Malaysia?

I realllllllly want to watch it..but unluckily the movie ONLY screened in Singapore !coz kontroversi la kononnya...but hey!this storyteller by Yasmin Ahmad...she's so pure in her filmaker..actually it happens in our culture n society...but we malaysians always deny it...or feel ashamed..talking about muallaf (whereby other religions convert to islam) ,my mother also is a chinese..she was adopted from malay family since child..coz at that time..her family was so poor..so mak atuk adopted her..n basically converted to islam..see...mualaf happens everywhere..around ur surroundings...but we just don't realize it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

what kind of story books that raised u up?

i bet u guys must been reading story books since child..so do i until today..well i remembered i read Sweet Valley series..this series tell about twins life since childhood to university years..i read all of them until i was in form2.

at that time i dream to have twins

then during high schools my favourites moved to kind of thriller n horror story..which R.L Stine's series are the best!

then in college years..i was more into love stories..here comes the Judith McNaught's series...besides bz with human anatomy books!

Now..i'm deeply in love with motivational books!it's all about motivations! n inspirations!besides reading Sophie Kinsella series...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ripley's believe it or not?

Hey this actually happens!Quite amazing!

This is the craziest thing that i have seen for a long time.

You have to get out of your seat and walk away from your computer.

People may think you are crazy, but it's well worth it :)

When u look at this picture close up,u see Albert Einstein, but if u stand about 15 feet away,

the picture will become Marilyn Monroe.

Here same goes with this...Look at the chart and say the COLOR,not the WORD.

I noticed this as 1 of Ripley's collection in Genting Highlands..

If u get it wrong,then u have Left-Right Conflict

Your right brain tries to say the colour,but your left brain insists on reading the word

Thursday, December 18, 2008

PJ or Shah Alam?

mine is Block B..n the white roof opposite it is PPUM..

well guys i have been staying in PJ the University Tower for past 7yrs --since college until married life-- I can say that the location of my house soooo strategic! 5 mins to midvalley by car,5 mins walk to PPUM, 20mins walk to UM n KFC..10 mins drive to UiTM Jalan Othman.. 5 mins walk to 7E..well..basically the area surrounded by a lot of chinese people...chinese restoran..chinese sundry shop..n few mamak stalls at the back of the house..n only 1 small restaurant owened by malay (tapi cook dia indon)..where all PPUM staffs lepak situ coz that's the nearest malay food to get..(where u can find the nurses in their green uniform n the ambulances park there).cuma ada 1 restaurant owned by Khatijah Ibrahim(the veteran singer in 80s) yg launched this mid year..tapi tu mahal la..x leh nak g mkn selalu2..well the point is that i'm working in Shah alam as well as with my hubby..the journey takes bout 20mins to reach there + tol rm2.40(pergi-balik)..so all the people asking me y we still don't want to move to shah alam..I think my house is like 1 stop centre to get everywhere..semua klang valley can reach quite near n can reach KL in 20mins..n this house ramai tetamu yg datang..it's like 1 pit stop to continue their journey to the west or north..n if they have occasion in KL they stop by here..*semua ni dah biasa dah...*But the point is I do like this house coz there's been a lot of changing..from dining round table changed to proper table with 6 seats..the wall colour also changed..n the tiles of course changed to marmar..n by next year the house will be totally renovate..to make the balcony as a small room..n to build closet room coz my wadrobe now can't fit in!n to extend the kitchen...well that's the reasons y..i love the house..it's safe of course n the people here mostly chinese student in UM n few malay faces yg dahkerja..n not forgotten the doctors n nurses! basically all my jiran or the residences buat hal masing2 n i like that coz malas nak tegur2 org ni...hehhehe..n the tenant(mostly) keep changing --moving out so..bagusla i hate kipochi people..So people, in my opinion i like staying apartment style rather than terrace house..coz nowadays byk sgt kes bunuh depan rumah!so damn scarry..(tapi kalau nak bunuh kat apartment pun leh jadi gak..hehhe)..n 1 more thing i'm farrrr awaaay from getting to meet snakes...takot!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


About me:

- love being surrounded by funny people
- Loves to write!
- Loves luxury stuffs n bling2
- afraid of heights
- I always left my clean laundry to be fold during weekend only..
- Hardly wash my toilet-always ask hubby favour to do this :)
- Loves wash clothes! *by just campak into washing machine*
- Pantang bau goreng lekat on my clothes especially in restaurant yg x ada good aeration
- Loves to read CLEO n Woman's Weekly magazine by catching up latest fashion
- Really loves fashion n wish to be fashion designer..hehhe berangan jek
- loves mix n match baju...save budget!
- used to play crappy tennis in high school..
- NEVER n EVER ABLE to swim! *just don't know how/I don't have talent?*
- loves to spend free time alone instead of lepak with friends..*SO DAMN MALAS!*
- loves to spend time in shopping mall with doing nothing at all..or by just simply lepak at the bookstore n read novels
- deeply in love with motivational n inspirational book n love quotes!
- hate earings!I had done once ear peircing before...but I hate it!
- sungguh bodoh / dummy in playing any music instruments..in fact i hate music subjects!
- more to sandals n selipars rather than sneakers..
- love all kind of music
- not a gym type person.DITCH GYM!
- currently addicted blogging!blogging makes me feel sexy! :)
- always get thrilled if i know somebody admires me...(even now dah kawen )..hehhe ssshhh...
- love to eat nasi minyak kat kenduri kawen!
- very scared to snakes! (luckily never met)
- very low profile persons in school,college n even at works!
- hate potholes on the road while driving!
- love chubby n cute babies!
- never dare to take rides on rollercoaster coz afraid of height!
- not so pro in cooking but able to cook few dishes yg sedap only .. :(
- love BIG FAT cat..but afraid to hold...
- always be protective to myself..n dislike to injured myself eg:by pricking my body with needles..or donate blood coz afraid might get hurt...hehheheh
- ...cepat marah but cepat dingin :)
- loves to make people happy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Year Resolution?

bgm : the corrs (only when i sleep)

As usual,when the new year just around the corner...we all looking forward for the new year resolution without thinking or regret wat we haven't achieve in our previous mission...whether its accomplished or is it half way done?or u just sit n do nothing at all?--too bad!:(
well..this same goes to me..which apparently i didn't fullfill the resolution for this year! *n basically past 2 yrs also!* my mission is to reduce the weight!-well it is easier said than done!- the cravinnnggg for fast food (especially McD funfries),n chocolates or even baskin robbins! -which my trademark is 'baskin makes me happy' hehhe..n i can not say NO for satay kajang samuri!hhehehe n ofcourse the KFC which situated just stone throw away from my house!(which open 24 hours!--can't u believe that?how am i going to reduce weight with all these godaan?adoyai!

I watched Operah Winfery show where she organized the Best Challenge Tour 2008 foe those who wants to reduce weight...n the participants successfully reduce their pounds!n the fact is they are fatter than me!gilala! aku ni yg takat ter-obese sket *my BMI =25 for asian* pun dah gabrah but u know wat they are mentally prepared! n i think that was their biggest challenge in lives...so do i! ada sorang mamat ni gemuk gle from 800pounds turun 600 n he wanted to lose more weights!n the documentary showed that he keep well balance diet n exercise in the gym! that striked me betapa semangatnya dia!if he can do it y not me! n people...plez support me!i wanna change but the surrounding also plays important role...

OK guys u can count on me...its all in the brain who control it!arrghhhhhhhhh

Monday, December 15, 2008


'Yayi' is the term for datuk in javanese as my father is purely jawa...hehehe..Actually i was not so close to my grandparents..as we able to meet them once a year (during raya only)..so after kawen..4 yrs after that...i hardly visit him due to commitment,kejela,examla,tunggu turn tahun raya balik kampung hubby or mine...so basically mmg x jumpe after kawen...before that he was quite berisi..n able to sit n eat..as he had history of stroke (which he can't speak at all) n had heart operation..so in july, he collapsed n papa sent him to hospital in jb..n few days later he was discharged n papa took him to our home in BP...mase tu i feel so regret coz i dont have the chance to see him all past 4 yrs n i cried coz i was shocked when i saw him was soooo thin n sooo weak!..but i managed took care of him...the day i was going to KL,i looked into his eyes..he looked so sad n refused to let me go (as he kept holding my hand n the isyarat jgn pergi)..i still remember that his appointment with doctor suppose to be the the next day.. i also check his appoinment card n i knew that he was 87 yrs old..so i took our picture for the last time...n that nite my mother called me that he passed away...so we rushed to pengerang JB n done the funeral..during the funeral my uncle mentioned that actually he was 92 yrs old!coz mase dulu2 IC lambat dikeluarkan..

semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...amin...


I just came back to office after long 2wks of classes..then when i just wanted to pee i saw the toilet bowl broken..due to people who don't understand and can't differentiate between sitting toilet n squatting toilet!spoil brat!these people tend to squat on the toilet bowl n basically left the cop of tapak kaki on it!so u may dirtying from others to use it!tenseeeennnn gle...even though i already put up the sign 'do not squat!' *aku rase diaorg ni x paham the meaning of squatting* so..aku rase better i put up image signboard something like this! -for those yg mkn cili,dia yg terasa pedas!!!-

or like this ad that i saw in ikea's toilet:-

Friday, December 12, 2008

Health is better than wealth...

I came across an article in the SUN paper about a documentary showing a terminally-ill man ending his own life who suffered motor neuron disease -which he's the 1 who chose to end up his life..The documentary bcame a debate in UK.The question that popped in my head was should assissted suicide should be legalised in UK? becoz this Craig Ewert,59, a former university lecturer drank a heavy dose some kind of drugs that will made him coma in about 3o mins b4 die.The scary part was he's using his teeth to activate a timer which switches off the life support machine...i wondered whats he's thinking at that moment? *baik pk convert to islam dulu...* heheheh These illness eg Motor neuron disease @ MND, multiple sclerosis / gullien barrie sydrom (GBS) fall into same group that affect the motor function of ur muscle (include respiratory muscle) which can be deteriorating..some may recover ..tapi mcm mayat idup la...

Same goes with these famous people...

This is professor Stephen Hawking,66th,married with 3 children.He's physician,researcher..diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis @ ALS (type of MND).He gradually lost his upper n lower limb function n become paralyzed..he's now wheelchair bound but still actively doing research which he do his work with modified computer on the wheelchair

Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari-was born in 1953. he was our nation star footballer,had different skills n superb talented..diagnosed with muscular dystrophy..n died in 1991..

Michael J Fox is a famous Hollywood actor in his movie Back 2 the future n hit tv series Spin City...He diagnosed with Parkinson -neurological disease that affect his movementthe movement ada ciri2 shaking.. n postural instability...yeah come on babeh shake it shake it!hehehhe


I just finished e-learning Uni of Teeside UK class today..so before the farewell,the tutor gave us quiz to know our personal characteristics..so she asked us to draw hamster on a piece of paper.do u knoe hamster?tikus belanda. :)so here are my personality...

1) if u drew the hamster on top of the page- means ur positive person
2) if it is on left side of paper-means u believe in tradition eg: u remember friends' bday date & friendly
3) if ur hamster facing to the front page -means ur direct person,enjoy challenging people n u have no difficulties in discussion matter...
4) if u put details about ur hamster- means cautious and analytical
5) if the hamster has less than 4 legs - ur going to period of major of change
6) size- the bigger the better( means ur a good listener)
7) length of tail -show quality of life..

so guys start drawing ur hamster so that i can interpret it...heheh caught ya!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kebetulan atau suratan takdir?

I vividly remembered wat papa said to me while we were heading back home in the car 8 yrs ago...that time we saw this middle aged men n suddenly he said 'ana nanti jadila physiotherapist.leh jadi kaya mcm dia' ..as the man do a lot of home physio...so i was just like replied O...K.... *without thinking any futher* so i was like determined to do this course as my career as i really didnt know what to be in the future..the best part was i dropped add maths subject for SPM year 2000 (sbb dgn confidentnya aku rase dpt course tu coz fisio does'nt do anything with numberss n stuff like that..N once again..kak ain helped me a lot to get the UPU form..diala yg naik turun sekolah to get photocopy certificate to be certified..-thanks a lot kak ain!- n i was just like doing nothing coz at dat time i enrolled IT course in KLiUC -formerly known as Kolej Ikram. dgn confidentnya i feel i get the course & luckily i got it n studied in UiTM. So the conclusion is im obedient daughter yg ikut cakap papa!

Another thing is ... during my uni years...papa told me 'ana baik2 jadi fisio ni boleh kena dapat cervical(neck) slipped disc. n i replied 'ala tu org yg tak tau the correct lifting technique' so i was like very confident n very unlikely to suffer that illness...but not now anymore...jeng jeng jeng i got LUMBAR SLIPPED DISC!adakah ini coincidently?atau aku yg kena sumpahan papa?hahahahha actually the chronic back pain i've suffered bout 4 yrs ago..n the pain on n off..after done the MRI identified L4/L5 disc prolapse..i tell u tak boleh bangun for few days..bed ridden!mase ni baru nak insaf ingat tuhan...hehehhe check dis out...

So ade nampak x mcm benda itam antara tulang tu?yg kt bahagian hujung mcm ekor ..n then dia terkeluar ke kawasan putih tu?
benda itam = intervetebral disc which act as cushion to absorb pressure
kawasan putih = is the spinal cord
basically my disc dah bulging sket but masih selamat lg coz x ada symptom that involve the nerve..so murid2 mari kite belajar wat the causes of this illness.

1) bending & lifting heavy objects eg: angkat bakul laudry .
2) minor injuries due to repeated lifting
2) accident or any fractures
3) due to aging process coz the disc torn away with age..--rase mcm aku dah tua sgt!


1) apa lagi stop doing housework!heheh thanks to nabila for babysitt me for 2wks n my hubby yg byk kene urut aku...hehhe :)
2) do McKenzie exercise- its important to get away the bulging disc compress the nerve
Push up: while on stomach,raise up using ur both arms
to press up n back as far as possible.hold 10 secs,repeat 10x.

well...dis is wat i have been doing ..teaching my patients but now i'm the 1 who suffered dis :(
*mulut papa ni masin betulla..* well... worse come to worse change my profession...erkk?nak jadi ape?well i plan to be tutor one day.. :))

shopping for shoess?

talking about buying new shoes...actually i had a lot of new ones---baru sekali je pakai..coz i have trouble to get very comfort shoes apart from scholl-design ni mcm org tua sket..i'm very frustrated to find new shoes..coz my skin at the back of ankle a.k.a Tendon archilles easily turns red and last2 the skin may washed away..heheh punyela delicate skin aku nih..seriusssssly..

onitsuka tiger-price: rm350

clarks-price: rm280

price: rm 280
semua kasot2 nih baru pakai once only..mase beli rase selesa tapi bila pakai sakit maybe aku kene pakai kasut lama jek kot...hehhe so basically i just wear sandal timberland yg dah lama....anybody wanna buy these shoes?get best price u know....

Time and Death wait for no man.....

This morning i came across this article about new movie titled 'malaikat maut' to be screened next year...basically this story about youngsters that faced death ...at early age...so...the reflection to myself is...we have to do goooooddd things in our life..as much as possible...heheheh bcoz u don't know when death came knocking at your door.. young people belief that death came when u bcome old...but not anymore...jeng jeng jeng....

This also remind me of the accident that happened in 2003 where my car (Suzuki Vitara) turned upside down in the middle of KL during peak hours...bumbung keta,windows sume hancur..n the tyres out of the rim!but luckily we landed on 4 tyres opposite the road..nasib baik tak ada keta time tu...n at that time my other 4 frends..selamat..all I can remembered was I drove 60km/j n suddenly the car toppled..until now I wonder whats the causes...n ade sorang makcik ni told me she saw lorry bwk minyak tertumpah on the road..the lesson is hold the stering tightly n ur both hands must be steady coz ur the 1 who control the car...hehhe experience beb..n 1 more thing the number plate 4774 ....>4 is suwey number in chinese belief..heheeh so belila keta vitara nih...buatan Jepun!

So renung-renungkanlah...pesan Imam Ghazali:
yg dekat itu mati...
yg jauh itu masa...
yg besar itu nafsu.....
yg berat itu amanah....
yg ringan itu solat....
yg tajam itu lidah......

very true indeed.....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hye there

its been a while that i havent started blogging since i kept changing the blogss..hehehe now bz preparing assignments and attending classess these whole 2 weeks.. ok c ya in better days..