Sunday, November 29, 2009


YES! it's YEAR END SALE people!!!!

im so gonna getttttttt
GUESS luggage bag!
buy for me...anyone? :DD

Friday, November 27, 2009

selamat hari raya aidiladha to all muslims..

so this morning went to nanny's house..first time ever raya with the baby! dapatla gak melepaskan kempunan mkn ketupat n lemang..coz raya puasa aritu x puas mkn..huhuhuhu then off to digital mall to buy monitor pc..bought LG = life's good :)
tonite papa's coming to visit mia..n tonite..only few hours left to final countdown of nur kasih, people!go adam go adam!
last but not least..sok keje!damn..

Majlis cukur jambul @home :D

Pre shave..goodbye my long hair.. :D

1st step: put cream shaver

2nd step- shave with cheap shaver

3rd- use electric shaver ok! manual tak leh
4th- shave sambil susu..oppss im like princess..
5th- use herbal hair conditioner (homemade daun asin2)
6th- use mama's shower cap..x nak kasi kotor bantal :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

KFC idamanku selalu..

this evening we went to eat kfc at subang..then ada skuad radio era dtg kt kiteorg kasi voucher for free..for those customer yg mkn on that time..diaorg siap amek gambar kiteorg kalau ade muka we all kt paper ke beritaula yek..hehehe poyo jek aku ni..anyway for ur info kfc holdings is under KPJ Corporotion means its under KPJ group,thats mean kalau aku beli kfc maksudnya duit gaji aku mcm kene potong balik kasi kt company kpj!hehehe wth?

serupa tapi x sama :D

Monday, November 23, 2009


tomoroe gonna be my 1st day working after 2months break.huh mesti sok kekok nk keje..mesti movement not smooth..yela dh 2bln lgsung xpk pasal keje ni..hurm..ckp kt patients pun mesti 'kacap terlabik'..ha?apakah? Heh3 n that oso means no more drama tv during the day..abes sume drama ria n prima aku layaan..siap hapal skrip lg!hohoh thats not more tdo more baby cries during apelag kene cari blk baju uniform keje ni!ntah mana2 ntah aku campak..

Sunday, November 22, 2009


aritu gi ikea nak beli teddy bear,hubby x kasi!ni utk bb la bukan utk mamanyer..ngeh ngeh ngeh so dpt tangkap gambar jek

Saturday, November 21, 2009

shopping baju baby.

this morning we planned to go to the for babys stuffs..end up sent mia to umi's house coz senang sket nk shopping cepat2 hehehe..n the street market @the curve never fails me..eventho baju reject tapi its different n nice..then headed to ikea,they having sales!all reds n black kaler as christmas around the corner..then went to brands outlet @ikano..cantek2 gakla baju baby disana n plg penting cheap! :) last baru gi pureen warehouse sale kt pj..ramai gle org dhla time tu ujan lebat aku redah jek!sempat
rembat pampers 1 paket jek..ape brg?diaorg borong berkotak kotak so sok pagi kene gi lg ni!hehehe oh btw senangnya berblog sambil baring..thanks to wifi at

Friday, November 20, 2009

random feelings..

just now i went to subang parade n hunting for cute little dress for damia..but doesnt have one!MOTHERCARE SALE! tapi xada yg cantek n fit with asian baby need to find one tomorrow @the curve..oh btw it seems that from now on i have to update blog via my handphone coz monitor pc rosak!baru 2 thn pakai.its PHILIPS.n they all recommend me to buy LG.bagus ke?ntahler..2010 is around the corner..coz tadi gi MPH dh ada jual diary for next year!how come time flies soo fast eh?

ya...nur kasih!

okaayyy 2nite is the grand finale of NUR KASIH people!huhuhu actually i didnt know this drama all these while..then one of my frend asked me to watch this drama..n i was like okayy..should i watch?coz susah gak bagiku nk layan drama bersiri ..n well said i already saccumb to this series!n i noticed the movie made by my favourite director!- khabir batiar.huh he's soooo damn talented! i never missed his movies -CINTA,sepi,setem..hurrmm..i can say he's gonna replaced yasmin ahmad besides afdlin shauki -oso my fav fav character is ADAM of course! hheheheh layan okaayy 2nite..

ooh btw i watched the synopsis @tv..n i learned that ADAM is dead?:( wahhh..n aidil gonna marry nur?huh lets seeee!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

muka tenyum saya :D

p/s: abaikan kening saya yg kena celak oleh moyang..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

little dress hunting..

i already send off mia to nursery 1 week earlier..just want to make her adapt to the surroundings..hehhe --padahal nak siapkan assignment!-- but still dun have the opportunity to do so..coz evryday wakes up @11am coz everday sleep @4am! uwaaa bb x mau tdo nk buat mcmana? so this evening i went to midvalley hunting for little cute dress for mia..preparation for her aunty's engagement day next week!huh payah gak nak cari dress for 3 months..all of them short sleeves..but i prefer long sleeve..hurmm need to hunt in subang parade tommorow--see ive told u!bukan buat assignment pun dok plan nk gi shopping kt mana..heheheh..n in the end i baught 2 blouse MNG yey!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

its the air of freedom!!

okaaayy guys..finally i can smell the air of freedom! as another 1 week to finish the confinement but yet i went out with the family! heheh now i can call it small family..we went to One for babys stuffs..hohoho soo crazy with babys not interested anymore with my clothes hehehe rase best sangat coz dah lama x bazirkan duit kt atm tu heheh.. n i baught 1 pair shoes..hehhe.. me loike!then had lunch @MonRods in kelana jaya..yummy

my very 1st toy n lotss more coming soon!!

nasi ayam periuk belanga

club sandwich special

chocolate blended with oreo n chocolate sauce! nyumm

nasi ayam dot mai.

Friday, November 13, 2009

dah lamanya...

- x buat assignment
- x bawak keta
- x duduk kt seat depan keta
- x gi shopping malls!
- x gi mkn2 kt luar
- x gi keje!
- x lepak MPH!
- x membazir duit beli baju
- x mkn ice cream!
- x tengok wayang!

Monday, November 9, 2009

stroller ride trial

mama saya xsuka head support ni!!plezz remove!!uwaaa
ok now i feel better..can turn my head right n left..yeah2!sok leh pi jalan2!

birth mark

'look mama i have birth mark on my ankle joint..means im a fast runner! Catch me if u can!'

Mama: grrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2more weeks to go!

ok..skrg datuk dari kedah maii na nk tengok cicit dia..n i as usual keep complaining tired of taking care the baby..the routine keeps contiinue until 1year old i guess:susukan,basuh botol,tuko pampers, n dodoi tdo..adoiyay i dunno wat kind of this feeling,not grateful of having the baby?or my mind soo tired?hurm..sometimes feel wanna send off damia to the nursery 1week earlier or right now!hehhe coz i need to rest for a while..n been thinking nenek yg dpt jaga cucu nice!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

jumpe DR

hye i went for dr appointment..n my weight is 4.54kg! hoorayy..saya kuat minum mama..every 2 hours hehehhe..oh btw i had my hep really painful mama! sob2 then mama put me in the car seat..n went to McD drive through since mama cravings the fun fries..hheheh anyway today im 1 month 10days..then mama n babah went to the nursery under KPJ hospital just to check out the place..wah..i'll meet many new frends there..all of them same age with me..dok tdo menelentang jek sume..hheheh


im having fever since this year i havent had the nose block n running nose..i can say that it is due to look after the baby!i admit my baby mmg byk ragam woo.nak kene dodoi sambil jln2 abes 1uma aku pusing.i noticed the fever started the day befoe yesterday where i had to walk around the house from 12 noon til 6pm!gle ape bb x nk tdo?komplen byk2 pun anak aku..sabo jekla..kalau letak katil jek nangis blk..sakit badan my advice is sesape yg dlm pantang tu mmg kene ade sorang jaga bb.maknya xpyh pun xpe.
so wat i did was..put her on my body in prone lying..tdo nyeyak ..

dgn kaki yg merengkok..ingat ni kt dlm perut lagi ker?

Monday, November 2, 2009

gaya tido damia

korek idung sambil tido

tdo gaya ustazah :)

nak azan ni..Allahuakbar Allah...

hmm..let me cowgirl in charge! :)

doa dlm tdo..

action kamen hero!

aduh..penat betol arini...

back to work!

surprisingly i can't wait to go back to work another 1 more month! misss all the noises,the staffs,the cafe food ..erkk? :),the pantry of course!...the gossips bout patients n the routine treatments to patients!hehehhe but one thing for sure hate the office uniform+ white lab coat! wish can wear nice office attire rather than the blue n white colour like pic below:

this is maternity wear..n that's my hubby's office..ok that's it! i dun even have my own office table!so pathetic!

wish to wear blouse and pants or worse come to worse tracksuits n shirts pun dh ok! since my job mcm org nak bersukan! sob2 :(

p/s: rase nak keje goverment leh melaramm!!!!