Wednesday, April 25, 2012


there are so many things left unsaid but i managed to post this pic only :(

i cook by myself..i believe practice makes dont give up on ur cooking!!hehe

Sunday, April 22, 2012

JUJU newly wed

 this shout out especially to my bestfriend when we studied in uitm,JUJU. really happy for them.wish both of u blessed with love,health,wealth n great children..muahsss


 last week received surprise gift from hubby...

nothing special occasion..just for fun i guess :))

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Marriage

this year a lot of my friends wanna end up their bachelor life before they reach 30 yrs old next year....I'm happy for them..n for me it quite tough to get ideas for wedding gifts for the bride n groom.mostly i gave electrical stuffs for my friends..n later onwards i wanna find unique gifts but just dunno how..and i guess end up give them the same stuffs.

so i would like to take this opportunity to wish those who getting married (which i already have wedding invitations each month till end of year),to have a wonderful n blissful married life..i tell u it ain't easy.research showed that first few years are blissful n joyful which seems love is like life on its own..n the rest you are on your own!hahaha 

but dont worry my brothers n sisters..coz hadith said that:
'"Andainya dialah jodohmu yang tertulis di Luh Mahfuz, Allah pasti mencampakkan rasa kasih di dalam hatinya,jua hatimu kali pertama kamu berpandangan. Itu janji Allah."

that is Allah's promise :) so be patient,patient n patient till it bleeds itself..hahahaha

and for sure:

last but not wishes from me:


Monday, April 9, 2012


 how to be happy question strikes me lately.....

*happy forever :)) *

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gerimis Mengundang

last tuesday we went to istana budaya to watch theatre.actually i am not kind of watching theatre but i feel like y not give it a try + since we got free vip it was my first experience ever~~.the reason i dun want to watch theater coz:

- my mind always said that every theatre is about the same with epic/panglipura lara teater like puteri gunung ledang which is for me quite boring~~ *bengong*
-i'm very the bery afraid if the actors/actress forget their scripts!hell no!! i wonder how if they suddenly just forget n pause or stop the show?u know people make mistakes sometimes.hahah *overthinking*
-i think i will get easily bored with teater coz its musical tearter basically coz every theatre must have musics through out the show..

BUTTT jeng2 I AM DEADLY WRONG!!IT WAS SOOO AWESOMEEEE *jakunese in the house* :))))

okay at the first place i know that the actor is Kamal Adli who is currently hit with drama episode Apa Celup @tv 3 which is i dun  have opportunity to watch the drama.and the actress is Mikha from Indonesia who is currently hit with drama sinetron Nada Cinta at astro ria which is everytime i came across the drama,i change to other tv channel.hahahha nampak sgt boring dramanya tokk!but hey actually the drama so very popular among viewers.hahah aku ketinggalan derrr.but im more interested to watch kamal adli than mikha!hahah wherelse everybody went there just to see mikha alive!hahaha

this is our seat which is at the very front row..oh my kamal adli, i can see ur handsomeness so near!!ngeh3

the dancers sooo superb!their body language can communicate with us.their moves so acrobatic.they are very energetic,n must have powerful stamina to maintain the energetic show for 2hours!

at last of the show they introduced the actors..mikha is the one with red pants.

the tree stroogers with pilot costume are from raja lawak which is i dun know.but they are funny!

the director is ahmad idham.good job man!

my instant hero.baru minat kt teater ni bila tgk dia berlakon.sebelum ni x minat punn .hehe

one of the bunting.*cover mikha's face n replaced it with mine* hahah damn pathetic aku.kekeke

 ok this shirt we got it free which we purposely asked one of the supporter wearing this shirt.they all sanggup design sendre shirt.n dgn paksa-rela budak tu kasi kt kiteorg for free.thanks stranger!hehe

and sadly to say i dun cry at all at end of the show coz im expecting myself to cry coz since its a love story.hahha *ntah ape2 aku ni* yup.the story not so sad.

ok nowwwwwwwwwww im addicted to watch teater again n again!!anyone ask me out!!yuuuhuuu

Monday, April 2, 2012


last week attend wedding my childhood friend at my hometown.

 it's nice when in wedding ceremony has ice cream kiosk for the people.baru la diam si kecik nii

 saya mkn 2 ice cream!

'im 2 n half months year height is 90cm n my weight is 18kgs.n mama mia xlarat dukung'

 n finally i found donut pedas at pasar hometown is the best!!

this is roti tisu with susu pekat.also only in batupahat kalau kt mamak sume letak gula.