Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Melaka Wedding

last weekend we went to melaka to attend hubby's good friend's wedding.so we stayed at sri costa hotel on saturday  which is just few walks to melaka town.which is very convenient for us.since it was school holiday,i booked hotel through online..

 we arrived late in the evening n this was the only pic i managed to capture with mia's messy hair!!

 that night we went to asam pedas claypot which is in kota laksamana.i ordered asam pedas jenahak.next time kalau mia xde,leh try asam pedas ikan parang.leh mkn dgn tenang walau byk tulang!

 so this is the asam pedas set.with sayur kubis,ikan masin n sambal belacan.kuah asam pedas sgt pedas!!

 after that we decided to bring mia for her first trishaw ride!n she chose pinky trishaw with her favourite caterpillar on top :)

 the pic quite blurry coz the trishaw man snap this!

 then we went to hard rock cafe just beside the jonker walk. 

 the next day,we were ready to dash-hot-sunny-sunday-wedding-with-cranky mia!!

 we arrived there just before pengantin came.melaka style got mercun even in the noon!awesome.

so this was the pic that i able to capture.selamat pengantin baru!

oh btw....mia being cranky coz she wanted fried chicken at the wedding!fuhhhh berpeluh2 aku nk tenangkan!grrr

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sanguine personality

Salam to all readers.how's ur children behave lately?i have been through ups n downs of craziness that she created few weeks ago.fuhhh do u realized y kids nowadays have very strong will,strong headed n yet we call these group of kids as stubborn kids?yes!i admit it mia is stuborn! BUT i came across an article said that kids who were born after year 2004 is categorized as Millinea kids.it is so simple that u can compare ur eldest child with the rest.or u yourself with ur own children.yup they are have very strong desire to know n always question parents with WHY.somehow this is good attitude coz ur children eager to learn n know but we as parent have to be VERY PATIENT.its definitely INFINITY OF PATIENCE! trust me! 
meanwhile the article also stated that these kind of children (including mia) categorized as Sanguine Personality.They:

1) love people & desire ATTENTION.since birth they like to cry all the time n often cry if they are left alone. --so we have to look into her eyes n listen!

2) are the most needy of AFFECTION.means have to praise in whatever they have achieved even small things.

3) love to TALK n not comfortable with silence.---yeah talkative just like her father! -_-

4) are so emotional n impulsive that they often trip,drop or spill

so now im stressed out!bye!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First school

yesterday i took leave to babysit mia coz her grand nanny was sick.so i decided to have a school visit for mia near my hospt which takes about 5mins from my office.so it was impromptu visit.n when we arrived there mia was so delighted to look around the class n i found that she is the tallest n biggest among her girl friends!hehe n the price from april to Nov session is rm880 for preschool.n if we want to let them stay til 5 will add for 550!woww that is more or less about the same with cost of master programme in uitm!fuuhh n the syllabus include malay,english,maths,art,islamic studies n science.wow science also included.i remembered when i was 4 yrs old i just ran here n there around the house!hehe

 mia observed the classroom

 weeee slides..

 after that i treat her with ice cream for her 1st trial school tomorrow.

n this morning when i sent her off,she didn't cry at all! she behaved so well.oh btw i wore my office uniform to pretend that im going to office afterwards!whereby i was on leave today.hihi oh btw she doesn't afraid with adults coz she been raised with her grandparents.but she has to take some times to adapt with friends.n i am the only one who always think the negativity about her that she will cry so bad!
but of course the night before,i constantly brainwashed her that school is fun! but of course she said no n don't want to go to school.n when she woke up from sleep in the morning she said 'mia xnak pergi sekolah!!' n i was likee okayy i felt give up!!n i have to re repeat the word school is fun!

after got back from school,she played with bubbles. n yeah afterwards she cannot sleep but her mind n eyes were tired n sleepy.so she was cranky n cried for half an hour! i guess this is the post trauma of her first school day.hahahha but i know she was tired coz she woke up early this morning!hehe 
last but not least,she lost her new colour pencils at school that i bought last night.she said she let her friend borrowed her pencils n now it was gone!n i blame myself coz i forgot to tell her about sharing n keep her belongings.n i asked her what her friends said when she lend the pencils.they said 'thank u'! oh myyy mia y u so generous? -_-

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wolf woof

last sunday we went to the world's biggest book sale!! #bbwlf at mines convention centre. the books divided into many sections such as cookery,travelling,reference,selfhelp,nonfiction n etc etc.i found that the books are old one.i mean the books are all old edition n not uptodate.for example at travelling section on travel tips to all over the world which is some of the tips cannot be used anymore or the roads at the map are not exist anymore!duhh u see even though its cheap but not the latest edition.somehow i think i better google watever info i want n all at my fingertips! for story books they are dull story.oh btw i only bought 1 book only. meanwhile hubby just grabbed any cover of books that attracted him without looking at the contents!luckily we paid with BR1M voucher.hehe

 us camwhoring while waiting him hunting more books.

 mia kept complaining her sore feet! grrr

the catch of the day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 so last week i gave a talk that not in my job description! it is a refresher course to old staffs to refresh their basic courtesy,manners n positive elements during delivering services.so it takes about 2 hours!fuhhh cant u imagine? last time i have posted this in my previous entries..so the trick to ensure they all wont get sleepy,or started talking to each other or started to take out n sending texts through their  mobile phone is i have to crack jokes here n there..gaahhh im not good at making jokes but i just be myself then..nak gelak gelak,xnak gelak ko punye pasal.hehe n the most effective trick is i have to throw to the monkeys meaning throw questions to them instead read n read the slides.

ok so this is me talking n talking. i found myself at ease standing at the rostrum.huhu

besides that i organized a group discussion to make sure the timing runs fast!hehe

n i divided into few groups for a sketch where they have to act based on courtesy in different situation that they have experienced..

well i can say...not all people are brave enough to come out at the front to act! or even to speak few words! so har har har har! :P