Wednesday, March 31, 2010


HIP HIP HOORAY!! with right click just now, i've sent my final thesis project!actually the dateline supposed to be Nov last year but extend till today coz of confinement.hurmm now the TOTAL FREEDOM begins TODAY!!

that means::

- more VCDs
- no more rushing to go anywhere, no need to rush to get back home,can have road trip or even go to midvalley every night like i did before!huhu
- can try lots of recipes as i dun have any comitment on studies no more..meaning more time to explore lotsss of recipes = lots of wasting $$ kalau asyik masak x jadik!muahahha
- shopping till i drop!huhu
- thinking of doing biz online..
- more story book of course!!
- more quality time with baby!
- now i can jog or do exercise as no more time constraint!huhu

okay2..i think im exaggerated here..but im happy!!hooraayyy!! but iwish to pass the project.

now im going to pay the university's fees..ehehhe

Monday, March 29, 2010

solid food

dear friends n mommies out there..i need ur help!!how to start solid food to baby? my baby don't even wanna swallow the food..adoiyay mmg susah gile..have been struggling a lot to make her eat! so far she only dribble n swallow little bit of 2 teaspoon of porridge..grrrr

i think i wanna buy this avent blender n steamer set..saja nak bazirkan duit.muahahha.wat do u guys think of this set?since i dun have steamer i think its worth to buy..but i think all this will be used up to 1 year old i guess..after 1 year she can eat n munch is it recommended?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

broken lift = broken heart!!!

see...i've been living in this 26th levels of condo with one lift left funtioning for the past 2 months!! in other words we can call this as flat setinggan!!the point is there suppose 4 lifts function..but at first only 2 left can be used..n at the end only 1 left!!gerammm gileee nak kene himpit mcm sardin especially during peak hours. on top of that i have to carry baby! wohooo im very tough mom! n go up n downstairs using staircase is normal occurance lately.coz sometimes the lift didn't stop at my level even i had pressed the button.cetttt the management asked every unit of house to pay RM400 to repair the lift 400k.this is BIG SUCK!!

oh btw my apartment house in shah alam gonna vacant in MAY as the tenant wanna move out.i think i better move there for time being..but i miss staying this house especially inside the house!hihi coz the space quite big n most important thing im not ready yet to get FAR AWAY from PJ!! midvalley,the curve,amcorp mall n not to say KLCC.oh noooooooooo


nak nangis boleh tak??? :(

Saturday, March 27, 2010



Friday, March 26, 2010

Speaking of the devil!

last nite i dreamt fall from aeroplane..since the plane had crashed.hihi seeee ive told u!im scared of fact height become the 2nd most people feared in life.huhu on top of that, i experienced the shaking + trumbling of airplane for few secs!! if u guys still remembered my flight trip to kelantan last month.huhu at first i got this fishy+terrible feeling inside the plane before take off.since there were lotss of noises, n our flight actually delayed n the cabin crew seemed gelabah sana-sini compared my departure experience from LCCT. in the plane, i always wonder.. n keep thinking even how carefull u are..the pilot or the technician, there must be at least ONE air crash or landing trouble might happen..when i was bz thinking ..then out of blue the plane started shaking n going further down there!!!oh nooooo!!mase ni mengucap dah..n the airstewardess oso cuak gak ah.hihi

okayyy this wat im talking about!!this flight crash landed in Kota kinabalu somewhere in year 2008. I recieved this email n i think its true..the point is the media cannot expose the issue to public coz at that time Air asia in BIG HIT with their low cost airflight tikets.

luckily there were no seriously injured.puuhhhh!!
The morale is naik MAS pas ni..even mahal.i dun mind if its expensive as long as im alive!hihi