Monday, June 24, 2013

my birthday!

hye guys...u all must be wondering how i get so much time to spend in front of  this pc?well....due to haze,the ministry decided to close school until further that means holiday for mia!yeyyy n i sent her to nanny's house.
actually this entry about my birthday last week.

 that surprised feeling when ur child wished u happy bday for the first time! eheh

nothing fancy dinner that nite just wanted to eat something lite n crappy-diet :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

lessons from mia

fuuhh...finally it has been a week of tears n dramas coz mia doesn't like to stay at nursery.she said the nursery looks old n not colourful compared other nursery.huh kids nowadays can complain n compare.but she likes to go to school. for this whole one week i have  learned that  i must always be creative in every way.example creative while playing with
her..creatively create creative activities! this make me insane n burst my head coz she sometimes complain the activities are all the same.huh wat do u expect a 4yrs toddler to do? its like the rest of any toddlers do! grrr on top of that i have to give reasonable reasons for all her query n doubts! huh she can come out with good reasoning if my answer is not make sense to her.fuuhh oh not forgotten she wont eat if i cook untasty food.hurmm i also cannot be moody,feel tired n making bored faces coz this can make her down n she will keep asking me y i make those faces infront of her.that means i have to be all the time energetic,lively everyday especially when woke up from sleep on monday morning! hehe oh btw the best thing is mia is my full time motivator!

pssttt im updating this blog in the office using hp coz i dun have time to sit infront of the computer!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 9th

Oh WOW!Alhamdullilah...i don't believe tomorrow 5th June gonna be our 9th wedding anniversary..For me,real love is not based on romance,candle light dinner,walks along the beach or watching the sunsets together.But it is more than that coz falling in love is easy but staying in love requires hard work.According to research there are stages in marriage life..The 1st 5 yrs is like heaven on earth coz everything seems flawless n perfect.the next 5yrs is more challenging coz the spouse have different needs and get easily angry or unsatisfied if the needs not fulfill.That's y according to statistics divorce cases are high at this time frame.At this stage,I believe love is not about holding hands while u understand each other but it's about having MANY misunderstandings and not leaving each other hands.In my opinion,marriage is like an empty box.U must put something in before u can take it out.There's no love in marriage.Love is in people and people put love in marriage.There's no romance in marriage coz u have to put in to ur marriage box.If u take out more than put in,the box will be empty.Having said that,that's y when ur dating/couple all the loves in the air coz ur at that stage of giving the love~~

But somehow it is easier said than the best n successful marriage is when living in Allah's i right??

*throwback 2004.hahahaha

Monday, June 3, 2013

XYZ generations

XYZ generations...

They are smart,intellectual,creative
They are fast learner
They are doubters,questioners
They are IT expert
They are high tech gadget
They are skillful,fix-ful
They memorize lyrics faster than vocab words
They are challenger to their own teachers/clinicians/tutors
They are brave,bold,different
They feel google n YouTube are their everything on fingertips instead of books at the library
They are individualistic
They are multitask
They are the freedom
They are adult learners 
They are powerful,controlling

Sincerely from:
The scared ABC generations...

The 7th

1st June marked my 7th yrs working anniversary at the current workplace .i still remembered  i got the job few months after graduated.that time my boss was a fierce lady.she always wanted her staffs to stay back about 1 hour to study n learn bout patient's condition as well as the anatomy of human body.duhh that time i was just got married n for me staying back just wasted my time coz i also got other responsibilities.later that i knew that she is a mom who has 2 children already grown up n her husband work for me don't expect other people to have the same commitment n plenty of time just like her! grrr. for me,work is a never ending process.n life does not mean going to office,get home n's more than that! we need to socialize,exercise n relax. in other note,i had seen a staff who likes to stay back to finish his work without OT claim.i think he is a fool coz he doesn't know how to manage his work n time! so i decided to leave the crazy environment n luckily i got the
job at this current workplace.
as i stepped into this department i was the only one in charge n later have a basically i have to learn the management as that moment,there was this one surgeon who always condemn my capability as i was just graduated n he liked to say that i had no experience to treat patients.hello?!!! how come i can gain experience if i didn't get the chance to work at the first place? like duhhhh so i just ignore him
n do my job.n now alhamdullilah i decided to stay here until i pension. n for me i don't bother if my salary is lower than any other place coz im happy working at the current place. #hopesoforthenextbillionyears hehe


* somehow its true..