Friday, November 30, 2012

Missing U

hi readers...(as if got readers) maaa..hehe well i have been missing for few weeks from this blog..the reason is its hard for me to update coz at nights have to do the housekeeping n blah2..moreover i dont have my own laptop to update in the office! right?seee thats y i miss u! -my blog .besides that i always upload pics at instagram twitter n foursquare become mobile diary to me.heck!actually i really wanted this blog to be mine be alive with me till end...but i guess its ok to update once in a while..*sigh* i just hope i dun be like other bloggers who have 2 or more kids n they just gone!uwaaa hopefully not coz my blog is my life's journey.cewahh feeling2 plak! anyway i have been listening to this song many times past few days.i admire this girl!check it out

wedding Lan

 this post was backdated!! we attended his friend's wedding at melaka last we stayed at a friend's house which is home stay to that night mia cracked scary story by telling us that she saw ghost!wuhuu suddenly she said the ghost humiliated her coz she was naked that time.haha! she said 'hantu tu malukan mia' n she really gave me goosebumps n this time i trusted a little bit her i recite yasin!kehkehekeh *mak kene tipu dgn anak*

oh soon as we arrived melaka,we headed straight to Restoran Selera Kampung which is situated at the melaka we ordered ikan jenahak,pari n tenggiri asam pedas.wuhuuu 

this restaurant also chosen by jln2 cari mkn tv3.n i guess the taste not bad..

later that night we had dinner at Restoran Percik..i ordered coconut ice. n tauhu bakar..

tomorrow noon we went to pengantin house.selamat pengantin baru!

on the way back home we stopped by at dusun durian.we ordered durian 101.1 bijik ni harga rm20!wuhuuu the taste n texture really mengancam kalbu!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


hye everybody..hows life treating u all?yeah same goes with me has ups n downs..well...when u laugh n happy dun forget our brothers n sisters who live in Gaza haunted by the Zionist every second in thier breath..the only thing we can do from here is doa besides donate some money or any useful stuffs for them..n the most important thing is boycott israel's product.can we do it constantly?istiqamah?thats the question.

below are some product that support israel in their economy or occupation.

well for me its hard coz.........

1) johnson n johnson? who never use this product for our baby anyway?
2) Clinique- uwaaa my facial wash,toner,compact powder,lipstick,n foundation.they are just suit to my skin texture!!
3) Disney- ur not too old to watch these series of movies/their merchandise!
4) Coca cola-luckily im not a big fan of frizzy drinks 
5) Marks & Spencer -i love thier jeans n clothing coz the material just nice 
6) McD- wuhuu ill try this one later! :(
7) KFC- uwaaaaa
8) Starbucks -who's not crave the java chip ice blended now n then?huh
9) Nestle n Maggie -hurmmm i guess every house has this
10) Timberland -just bought the new shoes!how come lar?
11) Garnier- i bought facial products for hubby's bday gift last month.huh
12) Kotex- every month i use this!
13) Loreal - every 2 weeks i buy the facial make up remover.only this product suits me! :(
14) Arsenal? - luckily not a big fan.haha

n the lists go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

btw i keep wondering coz all the products above been imported to msia n some of them have been certified halal as i guess the products have been screened carefully before imported here..but its still the brand that matters!huh anyway i have informed if we wanna really know which is product made in israel we should check this out :

ok guys remember this the starting code is 729.n i check all the products above none of them has that barcode.but still its the BRAND that ask urself :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012


last raya we went to USS by car...actually by bus also available but im afraid mia can't wake up early n left us behind :( so we decided to stay at Grand Bluewave Hotel which is very near to the singapore link.since mia is a not morning person,i have to constantly remind her ?(the night before our trip to) to wake up early in the morning,have shower,bfast n gonna meet shrek n usual she will doubt my words!grrr so i woke up her at630 n luckily she was ok n not cranky n then headed to the cafe n she had this time i took a lot of sausage n buns n sneaked it into my hand beg!so that she can eat during the hot-sunny trip! so as we arrived at singapore imegresen we have to take auto pass which is like our touch n go card where all the parking n toll have to use this auto pass. luckily we had smooth journey n did'nt stuck in traffic jam.we reached USS at 9am n mia slept in the car...the park open at 10am. oh btw we bought the ticket online which i have to print the ticket n at the entrance they just scan the we save time n money!no need to long queue n cheaper coz if we used mastercard got 10% disc!yeyy

...n the drama began!!jeng3 mia wass soo damn cranky from beginning till end! coz i think she was still sleepy n it was very hot!coz there are very few shelters at the park. ok now let the pictures talk!

 the have-to-do-pose as soon as u arrived here :))

 look at her sulky face! grrr

 ayah nya yg over excited :pp

 she asked me to take her ride on merry go round

 Far-far away castle.she even doesn't want to look at the camera.grrr

 us while queue for shrek 4D movie.spotted 2 young failures at behind us!sehati sejiwa yellow shirts with stripe shorts.hehe

 mia in the castle.she still wondering n kept asking me where  the hell are we going?she asked me what activity that she can do inside there beside the merry go round ride.grrr byk songeh plak si kecik nii

 haha finally she sit still in the cinema with her 4D specs on all the time.kahkahkah she scared if the water sprinkles on her face or shoes.hehe

 as soon as we got out from cinema,she cranky again!luckily princess fiona was there :)

below are few character that we met n greet :)

 hubby the traveller thief kehkehkeh

 Autobot rolls out! in front of Sci-Fi City after he had rollercoster autobots single rider

 skulls n me :))

 we met army of Anubis.hubby just had mummy roller coaster ride which the ride more scarier than the mummy! n of course i just waited him outside.

n the award goes to.... Ana :)

 Betty Bop.mia still dont have mood + shy 

the funny part was when mia started to be calm n cheerful in the afternoon,suddenly out of nowhere this Frankenstein showed up n touched mia's face.hahahha ape lagi nanges mengamuk sakan ketakutan :p 

so basically there are few tips to feel enjoy n ease being here :)
- first grab the schedule guide to check stage shows,street entertainment or character that we want to meet n greet.
-if u wanna meet shrek,madagascar n princess fiona u can start on ur left of the studio.but if u wanna be extreme n roller coasters on ur right side.
-u dun have to take pics with the character straight away coz there must be long queue each character.oh btw they have their own photographer to take ur pics :) 
-u can walk first n grab the shows that been scheduled so that u wont miss the earlier show.
-oh remind u all the washroom no have to bring a long empty mineral bottle easy for u to wash with water!grrrr
-bring along the umbrella.its a MUST! i bought the umbrella there btw :/
last but not least u have to know the First Aide clinic.oh its just at the main entrance gate btw.

things that need to bring:
-sport shoes.n no heels please!
-raincoats if it rains
-wet tissue 
-foods a lot!save money :)

so we managed to get out from the studio at 4pm n arrived Jb at 5pm.despite of missed few shows such as Hollywood theater n the Lost world.we definitively will come again just the two of us!muahahaha

#photos courtesy from my iphone dslr.pffffttttt