Friday, April 26, 2013


 hye all. yeah i know i noticed i haven't update the blog for quite some time..hurmm well last weekend i attended juju's akikah ceremony n mini wedding annivesary celebration :)

 yeah i pray n hope the best for u guys! her baby's girl name is hani naurah :)

 yeah the above picture taken by mia.

oh since hubby away for past few days to penang,i took the opportunity to hang out with little sisters!it was sisters bonding time! huhu so we had dinner at Dell's kitchen at PJ

 Penang Lakssa in a big portion n quite spicy.

 nasi ambang looking good!!

mine- roti jala 3pieces with chicken curry rm7.50 is not kenyang for a big tummy like me!hehe


n the next day,i was craving to eat chocs at dip n dip!yeayyy

 Fettuccini crepe.the waiter poured  chocolate on it.the vanilla ice cream is in the middle!slurrppp

dip n dip waffle. with strawberry,kiwi,banana

Saturday, April 13, 2013

hectic life

hye writing this via ifon in the office while waiting patients with appointment to come.well it has been a hectic lastweek.i attended clinical
instructor course for 3 days n as soon  as i got back home,i have to rush to fetch mia at grandnanny's house coz she had fever for the past 3 days.n the problem is she didnt want to eat or i never been worried like this coz she never been really sick if she had fever like before this.which is she didnt really take proper medicine to cool down the that night i sent her to emergency for Dr's further management.n the locum Dr which is an old lady didn't know what to do.n the worst thing to tell to patient is 'then what do u want me to do?'as i pass the blood test result.its like i wanna answer 'dr should do wat u should do!' grrr n in the end i requested to admit mia to ward.grrrr !so daughter admitted to my own hospt which is this week gonna be my 2nd hour in the department n after work  go up to ward to spend the whole night there.which is to be exact about 5 days.fuuhhh

 this is the day after u can see she was getting well n no fever which i assume can go back home that night.tq to her aunts n nanny who visited her n the gifts!hehe

 but i was wrong!she had to do ventolin 4hrly which is her first time experience.

 this was her activity in the evening to play around in my department

 n jogging too! :p

that night i asked hubby to buy donuts as a treat to myself for stayed in the ward for a week!fuhh