Saturday, November 26, 2011

Touched Quotes.

No matter how many quotes u read,song lyrics u hear,or how much u write ur heart out,sometimes words just can't describe how u feel...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The gifts.

2 days ago i received gift from my Chinese patient..i was so surprised coz i rarely received any gifts from Chinese patients.what makes us in common is we are moms!hehe i want to tell u the story behind the gifts.ok frankly speaking i am the person who is easily influenced by other people's attitude whether its good or bad.hehe n i am easily fascinated and admire people who succeed in their life whether it could be in their career,marriage or this mother of 4 daughters really succeed in her parenting.first she is only a housewife!she never graduated in any university n yet she can raised,educate all her children to the optimum level.her first daughter just graduated from Australia uni,second still studying there also,3rd just finished her form 4 and soon going to do a level there also following her elder sisters n the last one just finished her UPSR n got 7as! coz she took mandarin subjects.ok then i wonder how she able to raise her children so damn well n i fell there was no difficulties throughout the journey n it seems all went PERFECTLY!jeles ok?at least in a family kalau org melayu mesti sorang tu drop out la,xpandai sgtla or xmasuk uni la.huh tensen pun ade dgr makcik ni basically this what she told me:

- she sent all her children to Chinese school since primary.this is becoz she wants to train their children to be discipline.she told me the school really gives u homework to do every day compared to sekolah biasa yg kekadang mesti blk uma xde keje sekolah.n furthermore they have to learn mandarin words.u know yg tulisan cina byk characters tu.she said they really have to study how to write n memorize the words everyday!if u dont know the words then u fail.

-then this mother taught her children to do puzzles since small.thats y she gave me the make u expert in maths.she said she will bring puzzles,books if go to eat outside.meaning while waiting the food she teach them puzzles n games instead of making noise at the dining table.and as far as i remember everywhere i go whether to malls or eatery outlets mesti ade depa bwk books kasi anak baca at one corner.u can check urself out!

-and during weekend she send her children to learn music n go to centre where u can learn maths at higher level compared to what being taught at school.huh aku rase kalau org melayu dh mengeluh dahla sekolah smpai ptg pastu weekend kene belajar gak.n what makes me impressed is she finished al the music sylabus n the maths program till highest level.kalau kita mesti memberontak kt mak ckp mlasalah,penatla.

-n i really admire this women coz basically she is the one who sacrificed a lot in educating her children dgn tiada rase mengeluh pun!her husband just cari duit jek.kalau org melayu mesti dok pikir laki depa akan kawen lain lah..akan tinggalkan bini lah blah2 la.n this women really seems not worry that part much but really worried about thier children's education.huh!stress aku tulis ni.hehe

-besides that she taught me to do savings from now. this part im really impressed.she saves a lot!i wonder how she can send her children to oversea with their own money since they all are not applicable to get loan from govermnet n all this onher own money!baju anak2 sumenya share2 n turunkan ke anak number 2 n 3.seingat aku dulu mesti aku marah kalau pakai baju kakak.hehe but her children didnt complain that much coz she taguht them to share in lifes.she also taught me to share books.she said her friends or cousins share school text books if they not use anymore.n they dont mind to get buku bantuan at school.i think this way really can save a lot of money!n she asked me to open education savings account for mia.she really stressed me to save from NOW!n look at her dressing really simple coz i think she must saved a lot!n again im impressed!!if u noticed kita jek yg nak lawa2 ,depa xkesah pun tu sume yg penting anak2 pandai.oh how am gonna do that?hehe

basically i really respect their culture coz they really make education as number 1 priority.n guess wat all the gifts above actually not the new one.the gifts belongs to her daughters.hehe see ive told u she teach me to share n the stuffs really in good condition n i bet the took care the stuffs so damn well!n at the back of the note,she wrote 'do call me this is for ur help' hehe she really wants to help me in parenting!cheers :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The past.

Don't cry over the past because...

its done n its unchangeable...
it may ruin ur happiness in your future....
something better waiting for u...
everything happens for a reason...
the past is just a story n it has no power over u...
it shaped who we are today...

Really meh?

since every now n then I've been surrounded with IT savvy people (those with IT gadgets + cool stuffs) so i think i wanna share my feelings coz im not IT nerd or IT aware or the-people-that-have-to-grab-latest-apple products.hehe so all this while Ive been updating my status in fb through nokia E71 using the kredits.kredits here means the money that been charged to my bill account.i dunno y i did not buy bb or ifon to surf webs.maybe im just too busy to think to buy the new one.or maybe im too lazy to go to IT store (remind u olls that im not IT nerds) or maybe i think buying the new one which maybe costs rm1500 may become more expensive compared to that i have to pay rm400 in a month for browsing the webs using seriously DUUHHHHH am i rite?but i just dunno how.really do not BOTHER at all even actually the bill reached about 1k per month.huh apakah??so now the awareness strike me lately so basically waiting the latest iPhone to be released.n fyi i also dun mind if i dun have any laptop or ipad n so far as i remember i had laptop acer zaman thn 2000 yg dh rosak.n that was the last time i have my own.n after years no laptop to do assignments.n now thanx to this PC.hehe in other note i also dun have proper camera.all i have only sony pink which i bought in 2004.oh nooo siannya aku.n for the sake of everyone seems to have DsLR so i better grab one (itupun kalau aku ade mood nk belek2 kt kedai)hehehe

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Is it fate or love?or fated to love u?sometimes i wonder y some people difficult to find partner in their life until old..some people may have 2 or more to be chased n to get...some people married n still have somebody else like them..i wonder how when people said 'jodoh yg baik utk org yg baik' does that mean the bad people have to marry with the bad ones?then how they themselves gonna improve their life together?somehow id rather think if one good person marry with the bad one..then it will balance n call it as fate?so confusing n i know i should stop thinking these nonsense!bye!

Friday, November 4, 2011


SELAMAT HARI RAYA KORBAN..lusa saya akan sambut di rumah sedara di melaka (in laws) oh talking about in very thankful n fortunate to have in laws who are very sporting,supportive,helpful n fun.dlm pada masa yg sama ramai yg di luar sana selalu cite pasal ketidakpuasan hati dgn keluarga mertua ..dan tanggapan itu salah coz i believe ramai lg yg hidup aman dgn in laws fact we are like the origin family..anyway i just wanna share the behaviour n attitude of my mother in law which i think she is just like my own mother n saya rase apa saja yg dia buat lebih daripada my own mother..but of course my mama still the best :) what i have learned from her:

- sentiasa merapatkan silaturahim coz utk pjg umur kena rapatkan silaturahim esp dgn sedara2..n im learning this coz im not the type of person yg social sgt utk beramah mesra dgn wat i did was try to attend any wedding invitations xkirala yg rapat atau kwn kepada kwn ke..n visit org sakit even sedara kpd sedara ke..hehe

- dia seorg yg mementingkan tarikh2 keramat.maksudnya harijadi,anniversary,konvo day.mesti ada hadiah n mkn2.sesiapa yg konvo mesti dia buatkan a bouquet of flowers on her own..n i think its a good example for my family coz will bond the loving relationship among the family members.

- she's willing to take care my daughter since she was 3mths coz damia used to cry a lot.n i bet i will take care of my grandchildren in the future.hehe

-she also take care of me during confinement period.she is there with me n the fact she cooked all the pantang food n also urut aku..n i think my own mother wont do like that..

-dia seorg yg sanggup buat ape saja utk org lain x kira dari segi wang,masa n tenaga..when she is sick she still cook n serve her husband to eat. i think i cannot do just like her!

- dia seorg mementingkan n mengutamakan suami dlm semua hal.dlm hal ni aku kalah n surrender.even she is sick,still cook for her husband,serve him first,check him if hes being left out if in a goup of people..betapa taatnya dia pada suami..n its hard for me to do so..

all i can say is ...SYUKUR

Thursday, November 3, 2011


~~feels like to be single again~~

blah blah blah

kim kardashian has divorced after married for 3 months.i am not shocked at all coz their lifestyle used to be that way.. i think some people was born to be single..yes only stay to be single can make their life more cheers to single ladies out there.

in other note..i believe marriage is an institutional life.u cannot married today n leave ur spouse the other day..bak kata pakar motivasi kita yg kene sesuaikan diri dgn perkahwinan itu bukan perkahwinan tu yg kene ikut selera kita..hurmm..n aku yakin pasangan yg kekal hingga akhir hayat ialah org yg beriman.seriusly
is is nothing but serius shit.IMAN.thats y sebelum kawin kene mempertingkatkan iman bukan kemahiran memasak ye kawan2..heheh n i really highly respect those married couple..dan sesungguhnya untuk mendapat keredhaan Allah adalah dgn mentaati suaminya.seriuss dowhhh agak2 boleh buat x? as the saying goes 'if u want to get annoyed for the rest of ur life,then get married!!' muahahahhaah

nothing :(