Wednesday, March 28, 2012


that day i made pudding marble.. i guess making desert is much more easier than cooking lauk pauk :P

Monday, March 26, 2012

Treadmill workouts

last week i ran on treadmill from Tuesday to thursday for 20mins.i tell u its so damn tired coz the body is soo heavy!so i managed to run at speed 5km/hr.n i wanna make it as a habit.if we want to make it constant we have to do it for 44 other words istiqamah dlm habitual yg baru, kene buat in 44 days baru menjadi.for eg: puasa,baca quran or sembahyang sunat.agak2 bole buat ke?huhu ok back to treadmill,people always thought that if we run on treadmill we can burn the calories n getting slimmer easier within a month or two.but its wrong!tetttt. if u wanna burn the calories quickly we have to do  lots of weight lifting using the dumbell or any heavy weight equipments for upper or lower body.if we wanna burn calories at stomach we have to climb staircase until 10th level of a building at least 3x a running solely does not help much to reduce weight,but its more to build up stamina n increase the heart rate to prevent heart disease :)

just bought a new pair of running shoes for new spirit!here we gooooo!!!!!!!!!

Sisters gathering @ Chillis Midvalley

 appetizer  ice cream vanilla Mcd

 aunty-niece talk :)

 chocolate shake with choc sprinkles on top

 mia : spaghetti with tomato sauce n cheese

 mine: fish & chip :s

the rest: lamb shoulder grill 

 desert: molten!

Naib Johan

yeyyyy!i got 2nd place for the chess competition last weekend.i beat 3 persons to gain 2nd place!oh nooo apparently they have rules!we have to play for 10 mins only.n each pieces has their own marks.for example if we lost queen the mark will be 8.the bishop n horse are basically its a lost-win malay we call kalah-mati.hehe so we have to think quick!

first time dpt medal setelah lama keje di situu

Friday, March 23, 2012


tomorrow  i will play chess for indoor games selection among other department.having said that i have experience to tell u all about playing chess..actually i don't attend any formal class/lesson to play this game.but somehow when i was in form 2 i always play the games at pc.and of course the opponent is the computer itself.hehe so from there i learned the steps how to win the game..besides that i have my best friend who is actually the champion in chess games during high school. -hai FARAH!- hehe so she was the one who asked me to join the games n represent the school to be selected for district i just joined n not so hopeful to win the game coz at that time my opponent is a Chinese girl from convent and she was very well known n champion in this chess game.surprisingly in the end of the game i won! n i was shocked n unbelievable coz nobody dares to compete with this girl. i think its my luck on that day.but somehow i learned something during the game.she was OVERCONFIDENT! you see when you overconfident you tend to lose the focus and underestimate other people's talent .hehe deep in my heart technically she won but she lost in her emotional intelligence during the game.hahaha so i was selected to represent the school for district competition n of course i lost and farah got 2nd place.hehehhe

and hopefully tomorrow i can say it out loud:

Thursday, March 22, 2012


At this moment..

i do BELIEVE...

everything happens for a reason.Every SHIT happens for a GOOD reason....

past mistakes n experiences make a person better in the future.....

advice from olders n their experiences are mostly true in some way....

in this life we cannot be too choosy.In other words we can't always get what we want....

in fate....

things are not always as they seem.....

Believe it or not?


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Balloon @ Putrajaya

the crossing legs

the tricycle

the not-so-nice-balloon :P

the keropok lekor with chesse at USJ 2

mee rebus special

 dim sum

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ipoh Mali

 posing just arrived at Kinta Riverfront Hotel

 dressing table with office chair:nice 2 in 1

 after shower

 Ipoh also known with old buildings..

 dinner at Restoran simpang 3.Mia with strawberry lychee

 ice coffee with jelly n coconut

 mee goreng indonesia- superb

 fish n chip- nice

  roti kaya steam

 ready to swim :)

 opposite hotel is Kinta River

 Hentian Limau Tambun

the whole lots sell limau tambun.

happy belated women's day

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mind Talks

i have been on MC for almost a week n wat i have done on those rest days?yess im happy Sudokuing,read story books besides watching kuliah/ceramah agama that my mother always remind me to turn on the selected channel.huhu besides that i have been browsing,usha-ing n Riki-ing business as my side very thrilled,amazed n inspired those who run their bisnes even its a small biz n more to online.for example my friend sells cosmetic product n it was just recently launched n yet there are so many customers to buy from other friend run MLM herbalife product n its quite successful coz he himself proof it to reduce weight by using their other friend introduce to have passive income by operating the water vending machine.seeeeeee all this only can make me more highly imagine but YET AFRAID TO TRY.ohh as usual im a person who afraid to try or take risk for better future.pfftttt.enough i have been wondering some people are born to be a businessmen or in other words they have passion to deal in bisnes.or we call it they have good public relation n yet they have few i rite?if ur good in PR ur almost can be friends with anybody.its proven coz my colleague only an attendant but yet he managed to sell this n that stuff to clients.n i just can't do that coz my tongue tied!in jawa we call it goblok = stupid.yup i am goblok!hihi somehow i would like to change my job scope..i dunno..u know lompat kerja?from one profession n totally changed from wat u have been doing now--n i guess its not a good option.or change the environment but still in the same profession?mcm David Beckham la dari Manchester United pindah ke Real Madrid tp kejenya kt padang i dun see any much difference in that case..

uwaaa.... senang cite...

hua hua hua!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Food Hunting

jalan2 cari mkn KL > Bp > KL

 Kedai Kopie Satu R&R Ayer Keroh ke Selatan.

  ada home made macarons .

 Restoran Asam Manis(near Carefour)
Siakap steam,kangkung belacan n sotong goreng tepung. 
Roti tisu with susu pekat nyummyyy

Goreng pisang Tanjung Labuh.
Brunch: goreng pisang cicah sambal kicap (johor style!)

Kedai Bumbu Kito (R&R Pagoh Selatan)
Nasi Ambang.

with mama n her favourite teh tarik :)

mia got new princess hp

akhirnya tewas juga setelah cranky in the car..