Monday, September 2, 2013

Bangkok trip #Day3

so yesterday we went to Wat Phao temple which is also known as Reclining Buddha or sleeping buddha.we took bts to siam.then walked few mins to Khlong boat.

 at sapan hua chang waiting for the watertaxi ride.this boat only stop few secs where poeple have to go out n come in quickly like when u take a really need to balance urself!urghh

 as we arrived at the msia embassy..we were lost actually.i spent about 1 hour walking on this painful feet coz hubby didn't want to take taxi.the gps n trip advisor not so useful coz some people check in at wrong places n not updating the can u imagine aku jalan sesatsesat selama 1 jam pastu jumpa blk tpt sesat tu!

 n then i really wanted to take taxi n hubby just ikut duhhh..oh before we took taxi we walked in front of this tokong n approached by man spoke english.he said he was a teacher been teaching for 25 yrs n he said today the grand palace n temple is close.this is just a spam!!huhu

this is the main entrance of temple.the price ticket for tourist is 120b if im not mistaken.

 to get inside..have the dress code.have to wear long skirt or pants.or else they give u cover.

 then we took boat again headed to town.we stop at central.

this is wat arun.the view is nice at night especially during sunset...

as we haven't eat bfast we headed straight to MBK plaza to grab halal food!

 location: Ali indian muslim food at 5th floor MBK Plaza just opposite Yana restaurant.i ordered nasi putih with fish.since the foodcourt use the same plates n cutleries,i requested to take away packaging so that i can eat without was2.hehe

then we do some shopping again there...n at 330pm we headed to Jim Thompson Muesum.Jim Thompson is a well known person who invented the thai silk.he was believed died in cameron highland n people cannot find his body.thats y they build museum as memorial.

these are few types of silk..

 then we headed to pratunam market where lots of the entrance gate of museum just turn left n walk at the back alley along the riverbank to take the boat to pratunam market.wahhh travel like local thai :P

this is at the riverside where all the walls full with paint arts.after went to pratunam market we went back to hotel.

at 5pm we went out take bts to Bang Chack which is just one station away from our hotel to Jim Thompson factory bts bang chack take exit 5 then after one block of shop houses turn right n go straight about 100m walk.

 the factory outlet situated at Sukhumvit soi93

 so here are few kain yg sempat snap.ade jenis viscose silk,raw silk n cotton silk.paling mahal pun700bhat 1 meter. it means 1 meter rm70! quite cheap.

 so i grab 8mtrs.ok kalo anda beli kain sini request  VAT is like tax.isi form n claim at the dptla refund dlm 120bht =rm12.

then we have to walk again to get halal get there we passed through the benchasiri park.the park looking green coz they really take care the trees..

 Usman Muslim food.location: Sukhumvit soi 22,right beside the Imperial Queen Hotel.close on friday.

 dinner:fried rice with salted fish n egg.

n mango stickyrice !!

about 8pm we decided to go to siam square.have to walk pass through the park again n take bts to siam.
 hubby been really insisted to go to this shop coz he followed thier IG! boley gitu?layan jekla..

 so this type of shop just like joe flizow type of ni kedai baber shop n sebelah jual punya kedai gunting rambut n sebelahnya cafe.

this is such every weekend sights seen the street n below the bts station.huhu its indymarket.ok thats all from me the-not-so-frequent-traveller-log.hehe

wrap up: i only spent rm2200 which is we saved at transportation coz we only took bts,boat n most of the time walk!! only took taxi once.n we only ate twice perday coz halal food hard to find!!

Bangkok Trip #day2

we woke up early on saturday morning to go to the world's largest weekend is Chatuchak market where it sells all sorts of cheap clothes,accessories,arts,books,furnitures.u name it u got it!so we took BTS to Mo Chit which is the last BTS station.

to  give u all the idea how big it is!!it breaks my legs into 2! lol

if u wanna go to women's clothes can straight away turn left as soon as u reached the entrance gate.but hey!since last night we didn't eat anything so that morning we were starving like crazy n hunting the halal food inside here.urgghhh another jihad!

few places that have halal food for example saman restaurant at section7.but we came across another halal food 

 location: section 18 soi26/8.beside the restaurant there is prayer room.

 beef for him n ikan goreng for me..

 bfast cum lunch,kebulur!!!

so here are few pics at the market.

 the stuffs are rare n sooooo damnnn wayy to cheap.the most expensive price for clothes n pants is 700bht which is rm70 only.can u imagine? leggings sold are 12bht which is rm1.20??hell yess!!hehe

this is me tired n rest at rest area.the toilet is superb clean!the toilet has bidet so dont worry for u to wash.

 later in the evening we found another halal food.they sell i chose veggies kebab.
 Kedai Rahmatullah.

oh FYI in thai they have this small kiosk selling brewing coffee which is taste like starbucks at cheapest price which is only 40bht =rm 4!

about 4pm we headed back to hotel..

so at night we went to FARIDA HALAL FOOD at took BTS to rathachewi n take exit to Asia u walked straight n cross the road u can see this close at 9pm.

alhamdullilah...another dinner with tomyam seafood,mixed veggies n telur dadar...price 430bht

see u day3 in bangkok!

Bangkok trip #Day1

hye all...last friday we went to bangkok.actually the plan was so random n i bought hotel ticket through group on which is only rm288 for i bought MAS flight ticket through online 1 month earlier which is RM1400 for 2 persons we departed last friday at 9am n arrived at Suvarhnabumi airport at 11am. on air i ate nasi lemak .as soon as we arrived there we bought prepaid simcard n activate thai line which is only 299baht where u can can make calls n roaming internet 24hrs for 1week!isn't cheap?its about rm29.90.FYI there's no halal food at the airport.the food court on 1st floor have muslim thai food which is just passed through the counter.but it seems not like i skipped to eat it there.oh there is muslim prayer room at 3rd floor n the surau they have bangkok prayer timetable.on the other note,at the airport's toilet there is no bidet.but most of the malls have bidet.then from airport we take railway link train to stesen phaya thai.BTS skytrain is like our putra lrt which is very convenient n reachable everywhere u wanna go.from airport to phaya thai station is 45bhat (4.50) for 1/2 hour.

From phaya thai take bts on nut to go to our hotel which is about half an hour.the fare is 40baht.We stayed at Imm Fusion's just 5mins walk to BTS n easy.for travellers like us,we bought one day pass ticket which is 120b = rm12.isn't cheap?

this is hotel lobby

 they provided iron room n self service washing n dryer machine..

so we took shower n ready to explore the world!we took bts to stesen National Stadium to go to MBK we had lunch at YANA RESTAURANT at 5th level which is just opposite the foodcourt.

so i ordered plain rice n fried fish with herbs.while hubby ordered mee phaya thai.our drinks teh o ice n ice 450baht which is quite expensive.but who cares coz it's halal food!lol

so we lingering around MBK plaza.the mall is similar or more or less like sungai wang plaza where tourist can buy cheap clothes.

so on that friday night we decided to go to Mad dame Tussuad where all the famous artist n celebrities made from wax.before we went there i bought ticket online which is 600bht for 1 person.if buy at cou nter the price is once we bought the ticket it's valid for 1 month n no need to print out.just show the reference number at our mobile phone.

so here are few pics fun with wax.

so at 8pm we walked around the MBK area where there's lot 10pm we headed back to hotel with empty stomach coz halal food is very few n they almost close at that time :((

so seee u day2 in bangkok!