Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bandung Week 2010

Tadi pagi gi Midvalley ade pameran i survey for tickets to bandung next year in February..hopefully can go this time!!

i oso bought telekung like jumpsuit for travelling..senang sket nk pakai..


i'm living in dreamland...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Middle of nowhere??

have u ever felt to be in the middle of nowhere?the feeling is soooo damn pathetic! just hang in there!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Have u heard of the power of one's touch?the touch of healing can wash away all ur miseries, ur sadness, ur deepest cut, ur tiredness...which it can soothes our feeling to be calm n cool...actually i brought this issue which related to my job..which i found out that each patient actually not really wanted to get away the pain immediately..but more to soft skills which consists of touch..meaning have to do massage..or just pat her back or just by holding their hands while talking..see all these small things are more towards hollistic approach which are not taught at school.. on the other note..i have experienced the same situation too..when i have to do antenatal check up every month..basically the Dr really did not touch me at all (skin contact) coz most of the time she used ultrasound machine which used the probe of the machine one day when i was 8mths plus preggy (which apparently be my last antenal check up) she touched my hand for the 1st time!!n that was not just simply touch ...that was becoz she wanted to see my skin changes over my arm!huhuhu..the point is i felt shocked n touched when she did that..terharu sket,hehehe..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dugaan Hidup...

"Antara perkara yg sgt tidak disukai ALLAH ialah MENYESAL
dgn apa yg tlh berlaku. Kerana semua perkara yg tlh berlaku adlh dgn kehendak ALLAH. ALLAH
tidak akan beri yg TIDAK BAIK kpd kita. Oleh itu sentiasa bersikap positif, tengok ke hadapan dan jgn
hirau kata2 orang.. Jgn sesekali menyesal dgn apa yang
tlh berlaku, REDHA dan sentias...a bersyukur.. Barulah ALLAH sayang.."

“Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya”(al-baqarah:86)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

puding jagung

tgh boring2 terasa nk buat puding..

kuah puding top up dgn koktel. jekla yg pandai buat..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

dan bila esok....


when the clock strikes 12am tonite shows that its my hubby's bday!yey! HAPPY 28th BDAY!
actually i really admire LIBRA horoscope which is fall between 24sept to 23rd oct. coz i think n have seen many Libra people very succeed in their life compared to others.hubby is on 18th oct n my mom on 19 oct.huaaa i really loike! in fact when the doctor told me that i have to undergone elective ceasarean operation,i chose libra horoscope for mia which is on 25sept!yey!! *siap boleh pilih2 plak nk beranak bila.*

below are some of reseach done by Dr Fadzilah kamsah about personality according month.

for MIA:

* Sangat bersopan santun & bertolak ansur.
* Sangat cermat, teliti & teratur.
* Suka menegur kesilapan orang lain & mengkritik.
* Pendiam tapi pandai bercakap.
* Sikap sangat cool, sangat baik & mudah simpati.
* Sangat perihatin & terperinci, amanah, setia & jujur.
* Kerja yang dilakukan sangat sempurna.
* Sangat sensitif yang tidak diketahui.
* orang yang banyak berfikir.
* Daya pentaakulan yang baik.
* Otak bijak & mudah belajar.
* Suka mencari maklumat.
* Kawal diri dari terlalu mengkritik.
* Pandai mendorong diri sendiri.
* Mudah memahami orang lain kerana banyak menyimpan rahsia.
* Suka sukan, hiburan & melancong.
* Kurang menunjukkan perasaannya.
* Terluka hatinya sangat lama disimpan.
* Terlalu memilih pasangan.
* Sukakan benda yang luas.
* Bersistematik

For Hubby:

* Suka berbual.
* Suka orang yang sayang padanya.
* Suka ambil jln tengah.
* Sangat menawan & sopan santun.
* Kecantikan luar & dalam.
* Tidak pandai berbohong & berpura-pura.
* Mudah rasa simpati, baik dan mementingkan kawan.
* Sentiasa berkawan.
* Hatinya mudah terusik tetapi merajuknya tak lama.
* Cepat marah.
* Macam pentingkan diri sendiri.
* Tidak menolong orang kecuali diminta.
* Suka melihat dari perspektifnya sendiri.
* Tidak suka terima pandangan orang lain.
* Emosi yang mudah terusik.
* Suka berangan & pandai bercakap.
* Emosi yang kelam kabut.
* Daya firasat yang sangat kuat (terutamanya perempuan).
* Suka melancong, bidang sastera & seni.
* Pengasih, penyayang & lemah lembut
* Romantik dalam percintaan.
* Mudah terusik hati & cemburu.
* Ambil berat tentang orang lain.
* Suka kegiatan luar.
* orang yang adil.
* Boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran.
* Mudah patah semangat

Happy bday abg!!Semoga abg dpt habiskan degree,pastu sambung master..dan diharapkan ditetapkan iman n STOP SMOKING!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Restoran Sri Mawar

Owner: Puan Norhana & En Moktar Jamil (my parents in law)
Bussiness Hour: Setiap hari from 7am to 12pm
Location: No 27G Alam Budiman, Puncak Perdana,40150 Shah Alam

air sirap bandung

nasi goreng mexico



sabtu lepas ada pameran kat surau al-mawaddah sek 7 sempena meraikan bakal2 jemaah haji utk buat free check we all pun terjebak gak la..rupanya penat siot pameran ni!!haus aku asyik kena explain jek!huaaa..tapi food byk gile.thanks to all who came.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding Haida

mia with gorgeous aunties!

classmate HS114 2001-2004


when it comes to food especially eating at any food outlets, i always emphasized n search for halal logo.halal means suci n selamat.meaning its more than babi,arak dan sewaktu dgnnya.i mean its more towards how the food been prepared?is the chicken or beef been slaughtered according islam way?therefore..its all about our nawaitu.kalau u all confirm yakin 100% ayam tu disembelih dgn betul..kira halal la tu.hadis ada mengatakan tinggalkan makanan yg menjadi was2 bagi kamu..kerana ia akan jadi haram. so kalau saya mkn kt luar..maka saya xkan mkn ayam atau daging kalau saya was2 kecuali McD n KFC!hihi i'd rather choose seafood and fish!
caught on camera:

jabatan kemahjan?wat is this??????anda yakin?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 pusar

orang kata kalau dia ada 2 pusar di tu nakal betul ke?

Balqis damia ada 2 pusar!! CONFIRM NOTTI !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

today was a fairytale...

this morning as u saw my status in fb 'u never know if u dun try' is becoz i wanted to tell my bos that i refused to be the in-charge man when he starts basically dgn rase berani-penakutnya diri ini saya pun masuk bilik bos n told him i dun want to take that responsibility..n he said he will think about it. *yey2*

n this evening k.ain bought kain ela chiffon for 3 of us to be worn on adik's wedding looked nice through MMS.xtaula real one.hopefully ok the day is coming adik! n i already applied annual leaves.wohooo

so today during working hours..i've been thinking to write a novel! how kewl is that?hehhe i know its all dreams in each one of u (kalau minat menulislah) heheh. n suddenly i remembered my youngest sis had wrote a novel..can called it as novel coz the pages quite thick n the writings was awesome! as far as i that time i think she had jiwang thinkings n yet can produce nice story! so im gonna write LOVE STORY.


Secrets?what is secret?can one of u define it?i bet every each one of u out there have ur own secrets.but have u ever think to tell somebody about ur secrets?wat? ur answer is NO?so have u ever REALLY wanna tell somebody but still can't tell him or her coz its still ur top secret?even to ur bestfrends or ur family members or even ur husband! i wonder each one of us must have very tip-top-confidential stuffs that need to be kept by ourself..but sometimes do u ever wonder n wanted to yell n let it out so everyone knows ur secret by not humiliating urself?so i wish i really can post my secret to so that people in this globe able to hear my words..

my younger sister bought this book in australia

some of the contents are as below...

is'nt it a brilliant idea to feel reliefs by telling ur secrets?

Monday, October 4, 2010


have u ever loved somebody so much it makes u cry? :(
have u ever needed something so bad ,u can't sleep at night?
have u ever tried to find the words but they don't just come out right?
have u ever? have u ever?

bagai nyawa di hujung tanduk!

see i've told u the old-squeaking sound-lift can crashed us anytime soon in my condo. bilalah rumah aku tu nk siap?x sabarnya nk pindah!!

myMetro Gandar besi pecah punca lif terhempas:

PETALING JAYA: Gandar atau roda besi di bahagian atas lif berkenaan yang pecah dikesan menjadi punca lif yang membawa empat mangsa tiba-tiba terhempas dari tingkat enam, Pangsapuri Impian Baiduri, di sini, petang semalam.
Sumber berkata, hasil daripada siasatan awal dilakukan mendapati insiden ngeri terbabit bukan berpunca dari kabel lif yang disangkakan putus oleh penduduk pangsapuri 18 tingkat berkenaan.

Berdasarkan pemeriksaan awal dan gambar diambil dari dalam lif berkenaan, pihak berkuasa mendapati ia berpunca dari gandar besi yang tercabut di bahagian atas lif terbabit.

“Keadaan gandar besi terbabit pecah menyebabkan ia gagal menampung lif terbabit walaupun ketika kejadian hanya empat individu berada di dalamnya. Pada keadaan biasa, lif terbabit boleh memuatkan dan membawa kira-kira 10 orang dewasa di dalamnya.

“Kesan hentaman terbabit turut menyebabkan spring keselamatan yang dipasang di bahagian bawah lif turut rosak dipercayai akibat kesan hentaman kuat terbabit,” katanya.

Sementara itu, wakil pemaju pangsapuri terbabit, Saimon Ignatus ditemui wartawan berkata, pihaknya tidak dapat memberi ulasan berhubung punca insiden itu berikutan perlu menunggu laporan terperinci dari pihak berkuasa.

Menurutnya, setakat ini, syarikat penyelenggara, Logic Base Sdn Bhd yang dilantik pemaju pangsapuri terbabit mendakwa melakukan kerja menyelenggara lif pangsapuri itu pada 25 September lalu."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i'm in trouble!

last friday we (the whole dept) received shocking news from our boss.he said 'saya nk resign berkuatkuasa arini! farhana akan jadi in-charge man' wohoooo!bingo!sebenarnya aku tau situasi ini akan dtg jua akhirnya..sbb bos mmg dh plan nk resign dari awal tahun ni tapi cuma lmbt atau cepatnya..n aku plan n harap2 dia akan resign by end of 2011.owhh tapi tidak!dia sudah bertekad n anta surat n dia xmkn pujuk kami setelah dia teruk dibambu di board meeting aritu.the point is im not a leader.i dun have leadership in me.sometimes , i mean always i need somebody to protect me.aduss pas ni kene attend sume board meeting,kene tahan maki hamun dari org atas,kene jawab kol dari doktor kalau ade complaint, kene attend patient dato', puan sri or tan sri.oohhh how am i gonna go through all these situations at 1 time? actually i have been planned to find other place by next year..tapi x sempatla pulak dgn bos yg resign the real date is 10 November 2010.argghhhh HELP!n hes so clever to resign before the big audit at end of november.uwaaaa!