Sunday, October 30, 2011

XES education

i recalled to talk about sex education to be put in school syllabus.this is is to teach about school children their private parts and how sex happens.i was so shocked when the 9yrs old girl got pregnant n she even didn't know how it happens.OMG.wat had happened to her?as for me my childhood life fulls with fun,friends,games n toys n i was not even think of sex that time.GOSHHH in my opinion i dun think its appropriate to have this sort of syllabus coz we have religious studies provided as one of school subject which i believed it covers this part of story.

in other notes,the government had create the obedient wives club where the wives have to treat their husband as if they are prostitute.duhhhh i dun think its appropriate in this manner of subject coz marriage life is not just about sex.many factors also play important roles in strengthen the love in marriage doubt that sex is very important in marriage life coz it is humans nature to be loved n beloved but wats more important is the marriage itself is based on syariat this case for example,Arnold Schwarzenegger divorced with his wife after been married for 25yrs after discovering his affair with their housekeeper. can't u all imagine after been living for 25yrs?OMG its not just a number its a big number indeed! yesss no doubt sex satisfaction really important in a relationship but if we are muslim,we won't do that rite?

so do u wanna know when married men may stray ...?


- he reaches 30
-he's going serious stress or loses his job
-he reaches 40
-he realises some younger girls are attracted to mature man
-your children start bringing home pretty young female friends
-Ur children all leave home
-he reaches 50
-he retires
-you are pregnant

(taken from women's weekly)

as for me the above reasons are some true based on my experiences :)


jealousy is important in relationship.yes it is indeed.becoz it shows how much we care n alert with someone u love..but over-the-top-jealousy can ruin ur happiness in ur life.sometimes u tend to rumble with yourself becoz someone is crazy over u.i wrote 'crazy' becoz they are more to psychology other way,curious also important in a relationship especially in marriage life.but dun worry coz women tend to have more senses if the husband cheated u.hikhik. but wat happen if ur partner is NOT jealous at all??do u feel lonely?or not worth appreciated?yes i admit that he is not kind of jealous at all.but i use the trust he gives to me wisely.but in other way round..until when u can stand this feeling?it is true indeed 'LIVE to EXPRESS,not to IMPRESS'. sometimes u may feel if the partner does not jealous at all,u will do something to make him jealous to get that reaction n feeling.OMG how weird this life could be?? :PP

Sunday, October 23, 2011


baru nk update cite pasal my konvo..yes although its bachelor with honours but its still though n with all the way journey of bittersweet n nice taste of study..cabaran2nya ialah:

- masa bulan pose buat assignment till late nite n wake up at 4am to cont.pastu sahur.coz got no time bila seharian bekerja.

- kene slipped disc attack n got MC for 1 week.yes all these melambatkan proses menghantar asignment n boleh melambatkan konvo on time.n i forced myself to sit n study n the pain really painful in the ass n burning the ku gagahkan jua diri ini.its true indeed HEALTH is WEALTH.

- mase pregnant kan mia..have to do lotss of reading n computer work.

- pas pantang 2weeks trus sit on the chair n buat tesis utk kejar dateline!

n i tell u its nice to futher study to upmost level!pffftttt

Monday, October 17, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You

' i still can imagine myself in 40 n still looking for him..n it's still on my mind'

sometimes it's not the song that make you emotional,it's the people and things that come to ur mind when you hear it...*tired of love songs*

ADELE the best!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

at this point of life...

.... i feel education really important in ur doubt.but whats more important to survive in this life is living n job wise also crucial to guarantee happy life for a doesnt work to tell school students 'belajar rajin2 utk mencapai cita2' wtf?i wont tell my kid this me they dun even have real dream job to be.huh.

... i feel confused whenn people said 'jgn fikir yg kita akan bahagia dgn apa yg kita x miliki skrg' does that mean we cant try or take risks for better future?i wonder how this philosophy really works.hurmm..coz i want to change my job prospect! n of course im scared to lose for wat i had now.OMG help me.pftttttt

...i feel every marriage life has the same story.i wonder how people easily tell thier misery about marriage life to me.i dun need to hear that coz i have my own too.cerita command yg dengar,laki suka main perempuan,laki kawen 3 n duduk 1!yg ni aku terkejut coz she told me herself,n plg normal n biasa suami xtlg isteri buat kerja2 rumah.its ok to be normal in that way.huh but 1 dlm 10 ada suami yg now?huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa verangan jeklaaa

...i dun want n wish not to have another kid.i dunno.maybe im scared to raise them 'alone'.yes i tell u its more to mother's burden to raise them.n i admit that im not strong enough.anyway quality is more important than quantity.hehe btw feel weird those who have 5 kids or more.she is must be super mom.n im not!!-sorry-

...i feel every person in this world has the same life,same routine to do n whats make the difference is the character n attitude each person.

...i like to do self-reflection of me in the past n for another 10yrs to is too short to wake up with regrets.i feel it does not matter where u start but where n how u end up this life in a good n happy i right?

...yes i know im thinking too muchhhh n starting over is aint an easy job!!


Sunday, October 9, 2011


we just had lunch at restoran muhibbah sg.penchala.

the most unanswered why..

.what sad about love, when u know others no hope for u being 2gether, but yet u still pray to make it work..its when ur mind says let go..but ur heart says hold on..and no matter how hard u try to forget everything, but u just cant..coz u still love them..dont know y?..its not how happy we are when with them..but how sad we are without them..yes,we may ...

*adapted from friend's notes*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

muhasabah diri..

Petanda penyakit rohani termasuklah:
1. Malas beribadah,
2. Malas bekerja
3. Tumpul daya fikiran
4. Kurang peka ttg kesusahan org lain
5. Gelisah n risau
6. Liar terhadap kebenaran
7. Sering bersangka buruk
8. Suka mengadu domba
9. Suka isteri atau tunang org
10. Malas atau lupa berdoa
11. Tak rasa bersalah bila buat dosa
12. Sukar utk buat kebaikan.
Semua masalah d dunia bermula dari penyakit rohani.

Di antara cara nak rawat SAKIT ROHANI ialah:
1.Jaga solat 5 waktu
2. Solat taubat n istighfar 70X sehari
3.Qada' solat yg tertinggal
4.Baca Quran
5.Maafkan org n mohon maaf
6.Cari ilmu berterusan n cari guru yg mursyid
7. Berkwn dgn org2 +ve
8. Sedekah kpd yg memerlukan
9.Beri binatang makan
10. Beri khidmat kpd yg perlu bantuan
11. Cuci pinggan, tandas, dsbnya
12.Kekalkan wudu'
13. Puasa sunat
14. Sentiasa ingat mati
15. Hidupkan sunnah harian
16. Seru org ke arah kebaikan
17. Tunaikan hj n umrah

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


these 3 magical words sound simple.but i tell u it really can change ur do say it today to ur love ones.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

stagnant life

i do feel now my life in a stagnant lane.i do feel when life becomes stagnant in every way,how do u get it unstuck?i know being a muslim,i need to be better every day onwards. but anyhow it comes soo daily routine n stagnant.i do feel i want to change my job prospect -to be involved in football team.somehow people's interest can change from time to time.n suddenly im so obsessed with football.dunno y..maybe i treat a lot of footballers at my dept.hurmm wat else?n for the first time i worked on sunday which i havent do for the past 4yrs.huh.this is all to unblog my stagnant life!n now i will hit the gym after office hours n i dun feel its a burden coz to get rid of the feelings.oh how damn akward.n i do also feel the life is a circle of life its just about the cycle of life.yes i do feel life is too short to wake up in the morning n feel regrets.oh God please save me..n i read in a book they said if u want to be matured ,u have to add 10yrs from ur current age.hurmm sounds logic though..yess i really feel this life is on a another years u have to send n fetch ur children to school..then when they enter university i will become alone at home..then they get married,i have to babysit my grandchildren..then the last is to die.yes this life is damn short..probably estimated i able to live like for another 30-40yrs more.n guess wat its damn short i tell u!

gentle reminder for myself..

KAYA sebelum MISKIN,
SIHAT sebelum SAKIT,
MUDA sebelum TUA,
HIDUP sebelum MATI.


i really miss blogging coz its unblog my feelings...its all about words.i really do need words to express my feelings.i used to express my feelings on papers (last time) n now i express it through my blog.thats y i dun mind if there's nobody read my blog coz i need those words to feel relief n wash away all my fears,anger n sadness n vice people jom muntah baca my blog ;)) TQ


yey!! last week i bought adele cd.her songs superb!she is just 23 n born in england.luckily she is not like rihanna or ketty pery coz im tired those sorts of songs in the music industry.oh frankly speaking i never buy original cd if i like the whole songs in the album.the first cd was linkin park back in 2001.HAHA! so better grab one now!


sabar itu indah...sabar itu nikmat...

sebenarnya dok sabar selama 4bln n today i united with my unifi at home!woot2! that means aku leh lepaskan gian berblogging..okay frends...ready to rumble with my rumblings n nonsense!check it out.peaceeeee