Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lights off!

OK that's it! every tuesday nite my life haunted by tabligh people knocking the pad lock against the grill...punyela kuat bunyi make noise!coz nak ajak org turun bwh surau join semayang jemaah...bukan ape...malasla...hehehheh so after magrib i switch off all the lights pretending nobody inside the house...hehhehe punyela sanggup duduk dlm kegelapan...btw at least aku sambut cabaran 60 hour campaign by turning off the lights for 1 hour every week !! duh!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

weekend escape

break in melaka with family- papa's bday celebration

cup cakes for papa

in the boat- melaka river cruise

obaibi 10 weeks

How your baby's growing:
Though he's barely the size of a kumquat — a little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, your baby has now completed the most critical portion of his development. This is the beginning of the so-called fetal period, a time when the tissues and organs in his body rapidly grow and mature.He's swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. Vital organs — including his kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver (now making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac) — are in place and starting to function, though they'll continue to develop throughout your pregnancy.If you could take a peek inside your womb, you'd spot minute details, like tiny nails forming on fingers and toes (no more webbing) and peach-fuzz hair beginning to grow on tender skin.In other developments: Your baby's limbs can bend now. His hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over his heart, and his feet may be long enough to meet in front of his body. The outline of his spine is clearly visible through translucent skin, and spinal nerves are beginning to stretch out from his spinal cord. Your baby's forehead temporarily bulges with his developing brain and sits very high on his head, which measures half the length of his body. From crown to rump, he's about 1 1/4 inches long.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obaibi 9 weeks

How your baby's growing:Your new resident is nearly an inch long — about the size of a grape — and weighs just a fraction of an ounce. She's starting to look more and more human. Her essential body parts are accounted for, though they'll go through plenty of fine-tuning in the coming months. Other changes abound: Your baby's heart finishes dividing into four chambers, and the valves start to form — as do her tiny teeth. The embryonic "tail" is completely gone. Your baby's organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear. The external sex organs are there but won't be distinguishable as male or female for another few weeks. Her eyes are fully formed, but her eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks. She has tiny earlobes, and her mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct. The placenta is developed enough now to take over most of the critical job of producing hormones. Now that your baby's basic physiology is in place, she's poised for rapid weight gain.

This Week's Activity:
Start a daily ritual to connect with your baby. Diane Sanford, a clinical psychologist who focuses on pregnancy and postpartum adjustment, encourages women to set aside two five- to ten-minute periods a day to think about their baby. Just after waking up and before going to sleep works well for many expectant moms. During these times, sit quietly and gently rest your hands on your belly. Focus on your breathing and then start thinking about your baby (your hopes and dreams, your intentions as a parent, etc.). It's a great way to initiate the bonding process and to help you plan for the kind of parent you want to be.

Friday, March 20, 2009

random feelings today...

nothing much to tell...today quite bz teaching the new staff...again!!i can't stand with footballer yg keje ofis nih...or wat we used to call him budak bola..haisshh..
my husband n i just goofing around making jokes bout obaibi n of course dreaming all day long by having a baby...n looking forward next month to know whether i will get a boy or a gurl!hopefully a boy! coz my siblings are all gurlss...hmmm...
n wondering how to raise more money especially when the baby comes out..since i dun do oncall anymore on sunday..mana boleh tahan the payment is RM10 for 1 patient?baik relax kt uma..
now bz preparing proposal the due date just an inch away!
oh not forgotten my body feels sooo tired..u know the tiredness being a pregnant mother..
hope everything goes well..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Routine check up

Hye all..today i met gyny..today babah accompanied mama..thanks babah :)) the DR scan me...n they all hear my heart beat..hehehhe n i am still little tiny dot in the womb..so check this out..

mama mmg sukerrr penguin!

see...the tiny dot in the circle..it's me! :))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New people..

Tommorrow is the day where another new staff start working in the organization at my work place..this is soooo knocking my head coz basically i'm the one who is responsible to teach to new staff or even practical students!as the boss so damn lazy to do so!!shoot u boss! i have been working here almost 3 years..n of course same like u guys..lotss of different attitudes from different background of people..whether u have to ignore them in a way u really want to stay working there or u just swallow with their annoying attitudes...i clearly crystal-clear remembered where in the office we really had big fight.. this one stupid clerk saja cari pasal dgn aku...i dunno wat kind of this type of people..so rendah maruah diri! sabar aku pun ada tahap sabar gak...so one fine day we nearly hit n bashed each other!huh gile punye experience...ok fine..then the clerk dgn rela hati resign..see..u have to swallow other people's attitude yg gile kalao nak stay lama keje situ...huh but i tell u menyeksakan!then come this attendan (dia ni indian) u know perangai kaf lam ya nga (in jawi) kalau keje mesti nak MC 24 jam + her family problemss...huh sabao jekla kalau asyik MC boleh mampos staf yg lain keje..ok fine..then dia dgn rela hati resign (padahal kiteorg yg pujuk resign!) hehehhe see...u have to use other tactics if the situation getting worse!
Ok then..another attendan keje sini to replace the indian lady-see ni sume keje aku!have to start from beginning nak ajar balik!this so called kelantanese gentleman punyela perangai pelik..he used to lie if he talks hohohoho aku bab2 tipu2 mmg pantang!even mase dtg sini interview he used other people's certificate!how flawless the lies!yg peliknya GM aku pun boodo gak leh caya this man..coz dia pandai main bola! *sigh* then..1 fine morning he was caught red handed coz he stole patient's handfon..tak ke bangang he hid the fon at the back of the store..n we knew that he was the 1 at the store at that moment...n we miscalled the fon..ada bunyila plak!so kantoi!bodo punyer pencuri..nak curi tu agak2 ar...then i'm the one yg take action against him coz bos xada time tu!so..basically dia kene fired!then come this gentleman to replace this mamat kelantan..adoyai penat tul nak accept new people!ni okla...tapi perangai bodoh sombong!kalau dah tak tau tu...tanyala im very proud to teach u! *sigh* ok tommorrow is like different day of accepting new staff coz one of the senior man attendan yg kene transfer to other department...n he is the apple of my eye staff!that's y dia leh thn lama keje situ..i mean he can replace me keje even aku xada..so pandai this attendan..n now GM wants him to transfer other department coz the newcomer has Diploma sains sukan!n i really hope..i can accept this people..back to square one again!!!
people can come n go...staff can come n go...boss can come n go...husband can come n go...but kids don't come n go! hehhehe

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obaibi 8 weeks

Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from your baby's hands and feet, his eyelids practically cover his eyes, breathing tubes extend from his throat to the branches of his developing lungs, and his "tail" is just about gone. In his brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another, forming primitive neural pathways. You may be daydreaming about your baby as one sex or the other, but the external genitals still haven't developed enough to reveal whether you're having a boy or a girl. Either way, your baby — about the size of a kidney bean — is constantly moving and shifting, though you still can't feel it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

MC = Medical Certificate

Hye there...today mama on MC..that means i can spend more time with her...otherwise she ignores me :( pitty her...as she had cough n cold wich she not advisable to take medicines..for lunch i had nasi beriani my nenek cook for her + for her collegues! i can say im the one actually really wanna eat nasi beriani..heheheh even mama is sick...she still do her proposal coz the due date early april!caiyok2 mama...by the time i come out..u already grads.. *finger crossed* well..i can say everybody is waiting for me..coz..if i were a boy.. i become the first son
1) to my parents
2) the first grandson to both tok daddy n nanny in BP n nenek n datuk in PJ
3) the first great grandson to both datuk n mak tuk in Kedah
4) the first nephew to aunty ain,aunty La n aunty Sab
I can say i am proud of myself ... ~cheers~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Obaibi

Hye everyone..im little obaibi as the name given by my mama..i feel good stay in my house ( i mean the sac) hehhehe..past few days..my mama not feel so well..she had fever..n of course i oso feel the high temperature inside this womb..she oso had cold n cough++ poor mama...on the other hand..babah not allowed mama to take cough mixture coz he afraid it might harm me..im ok here babah..lately i noticed mama's changes of behaviour..i can say that she quite pelupa..or is it due to hormanal changes?eg: she used to wear baba's panty..n go to kitchen instead of taking shower in the bathroom!such a pity...mama oso now seems doesn't care bout her diets..if last time she practiced fish n vegies diet but now more to fried chicken!heheheheh anyway it tastes good here mama..n she always eat ice cream..like end of the world!but one thing i can't bear when she's having back pain + the slipped disc she suffered...dun worry mama its all hormonal changes where all the joints loosen n smooth..wow i am very clever baby!ok guys...can't wait to tell u more stories..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obaibi 7 weeks

How my baby's growing:
The big news this week: Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs — although they look more like paddles at this point than the tiny, pudgy extremities you're daydreaming about holding and tickling. Technically, your baby is still considered an embryo and has something of a small tail, which is an extension of her tailbone. The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but that's the only thing getting smaller. Your baby has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry.

i would spot eyelid folds partially covering her peepers, which already have some color, as well as the tip of her nose and tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin. Both hemispheres of your baby's brain are growing, and her liver is churning out red blood cells until her bone marrow forms and takes over this role. She also has an appendix and a pancreas, which will eventually produce the hormone insulin to aid in digestion. A loop in your baby's growing intestines is bulging into her umbilical cord, which now has distinct blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from her tiny body.

Time is running out..

aRGHHHH need to do proposal for tesis..dateline early of april..
the back ache is annoying..especially at work!
the weight gain is coming...
the hypertension or blood pressure reading is fluctuating..not consistent..hopefully everything is fine...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Syukran syukran...

Its all happened so fast...gel on my stomach...scan2...then dr said 'hey budak! u tak tau ke u dah pregnant?' she called me budak coz i was like no idea that im pregant..heheh then i said 'r u sure DR?' check betul2 hehhe siap sound the consultant lagi..hampeh punye patient..then from there i can see the sag..n little tiny dot beating so fast..then to confirm it again..DR put vaginal probe into my vagina... 'adoi!' hehehe.. its so unbelievable coz i actually can hear the baby's heart beat so fast i think the ratio is 1:1 punyela laju..then she increased the volume of the sound..hohoho sooo amazing! then the 1st person i called is my mom coz i know dia yg paling teruja sekali!hehhe after that baru my hubby..mcm biasala he surprised with the news ...n everytime i wanted to tell my collegues i started to cry..dunno y..maybe happy gle coz after been married for 4 to almost 5 years this year!huh.. oh btw the DR scolded me coz she said i dun realized with my body changes..well frankly speaking takda la rase loya yg teruk sgt..but i noticed i always lapooo gle n cried if tak dapat food..then ada pening2 sket..mkn jeruk punyela byk..now i know i only feel nausea mase magrib!asal nak azan magrib jek wek..wek..heheheh

as usual my hubby mcm tak caye bout this news..so we decided took UPT n it showed double line means positive!

Friday, March 6, 2009


It's all bout being surprised,speechless,feel on top of the world,scared,happy n sad..all mix feelings after been confirmed im pregnant!rase nak jerittt jek...happy but have to face happy sorang2 coz went to see DR alone for check up..now im 6 weeks preggers..hehehhe peace

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

not yet..

my life still not complete...selagi..

- i dun finish my e-larning by end of year..insyallah..

- i dun have a kid!

- i dun have land property

- i dun have lotsss of savingss...

so pray for me.. *-*<