Friday, April 30, 2010


past 2 days ago the lif fall down again!!! which create curfew at the ground floor..the residents called up police to do investigations.the residents definitely gonna sue u!! so i decided to stay at previous apartment which currently my youngest sister stays..the feeling is like I AM HOMELESS! tomorrow gonna go back to hometown..n spend 3 days over there.dunno wat happen next in my life.juggling through times yo!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


the other night hubby was trapped in fucking elevator for 1 hour!to make it worst, the elevator actually fall down from 6th floor to 1st floor..if it fall to the ground..*touch wood!* luckily damia n i went up i decided to stay at sister's place for few days since hubby had exams n stay in hostel..fuhhh ive told u the lift SUCKS n the management FUCK!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stem cells

last night i watched the sister's keeper.yeah i know I'm too late for that!basically it's GREAT movie directed by same director from 'the notebook'. awesome weh! the story is about a sister who has leukemia.u know patients with this disease may have to undergo bone marrow transplant. but more often than not,people who need bone marrow transplants can not find a match.thus the only brilliant solution is to bank your baby's cord blood if let's say he diagnosed with the disease.. *touch wood* so the moral of this story is to be prepared coz we might not know Wat will happen in the future. cewah. actually I'm just about to do that for my first simply an easy steps where after u deliver, the umbilical cord will be place in cool container n will send off to cord blood bank which u have to pay $200 per month.pikir2 blk i dun have that much money to spend on it for another at least 20 years.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So..which brain do u belong to?im belong to left sided brain coz im into science matters..those who r imaginative n creative are fall into right side brain..example designer,singer, n comedian. i bring out this issue coz i am not creative thinking..seriously i hate arts works! ingat lagi mase darjah 6 ade kelas cross stich n i was like the dumbest student that time coz kene siapkan during rest time.i was like how to do the jahit2 thingy? but i enjoyed doing it if the design is SIMPLE. same thing goes with cooking..i can't simply add here n there if its not enough the sukatan.i have to be precise on wat bahan2 should i put into the recipe. n i can't drive manual car! seriously i will stop at traffic lite or even at junction.i think im very left side brain.duh! owhh not to mention to study music during high school. i really can't answer the exams!the mind totally blank! same thing goes..last time i used to study for 1 semester in KLiUC..that time i took IT course..when JAVA exams ..i really dunno how to apply the theory..i only stare with blank mind n of course menirula lepas tu..

so to balance the left n right brain to our children,we can teach them playing musical instrument since childhood.this will develop the right brain n balance both of them.not to make them as a singer in AF but just to make it as a learning process.okayy mia r u ready to play piano? :)

Friday, April 16, 2010


did u guys remember the course that i attended to be a trainer?so last friday i was informed
by my boss to train the audience ...n i was like soo shocked man!dahla slides xtengok lagi,x
setting projektor lagi,coat x bwk lagi.takkan nak baca slides aje?nanti org ngantuk plak..adoii so basically i run for my life!hehe this is wat happened if we have escapism attitude..n im one of the person!duhhh sometimes i wonder y i can't be just llike normal people,do same routines of job..xde gangguan! sometimes i wish to be other staffs who just have their normal routine n enjoy on that particular jobs only..not more than that! sometimes i wonder y i ALWAYS be the chosen one among other staffs? eventhough i've been keep it low to myself (remember that im a low profile person? hihi) ..same thing goes if Dr wants to ask bout their patients, they will mention my name..i wonder from where on earth they know my name?adoiyay see..all these are my bad attitude! any activities they will select me..eventhough i accidently don't want to be that too friendly to other it becoz muka aku ni boleh diharap kot kalau kasi kerja sket?? anyway i am ESCAPIST.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i don't mind..

i don't mind:

if my blog is not informative or nice

if nobody wants to read

if nobody knows that this blog is actually exists!

if i didn't post the website address at facebook to acknowledge other people to read

if nobody comment on my entry post


....because i just love to write n I AM LOW PROFILE PERSON :))

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My dream HOME

okeehh skrg saya sgt x sabar ye utk pindah ke rumah baru nun di s.alam. paling lmbt katenya end of this year..tapi i think must be extend till next year! this is bcoz i really can't help staying in this condo anymore..dgn lift asyik rosak...dgn negro kaki mabuk..dgn taxi driver yg kurang ajar n kencing merata2..dgn riuh rendah mcm pasar bile student buat partyla (selalu gak la dengar they all nyanyi lagu happy bday kt depan pintu member diaorg,buat surprise bday party!) huh i can't bear all this.tapi x pe i will make sure the real home will be forever for child's development in long i really wanna hire interior designer to design my house coz i dunno how to design the house..n i hardly remember my new house! besarnya lebarnya dh lupe coz dh lama xgi tengok. something goes like this in my mind:

so this will be the master bedroom.i want to make it english style..coz i like simple n easy.

this is english style living room..i really wish to have like this one!bile belek2 majalah anjung seri suka tengok style bunga2 ni..tapi hubby reject!damn~~

for the kitchen it will be 90% similar like this..with a table at the centre with easy cosy chairs.kalau dh penat2 masak leh duduk situ terus..hihi mcmla aku masak sgt!hihi

this is my dream closet. through my experience we really need this!hihi owh btw as far as i can remember the showroom house has small closet attached to the i think i have to do the custom closet!!

since the house has 3bedrooms at upstairs, i will provide a room for little princess with pink background.hoyehh

for dining table i have to buy table with 8 chairs.currently i have 6 chairs only.through my experience its important coz my member in laws' family is xyah kang berebut2 nak duduk.

the guest room will be something like this..just simple n nice..especially for my parents when they visit me :)

so anyone interior designer out there?show me your talent n skill to help my dreams come true!
owh btw berapa $ loan pulak nak buat ni? *sambil tepuk dahi*

my daily routine for weekdays

6.10am -wake up + mandi manda

6.30 - pray n pakai baju

7.00- gerak gi keje.kalau drive sorang, kene susukan n layan mia while driving!

7.20 - anta mia kat nenek

7.30 - sampai ofis

8.30 -5 pm- kije keje keji!! hihihi

5.30 -amek mia

6- 7pm - sampai uma.bergilir2 mandi, pray n mkn --mia x leh nak kene tinggal!!nak kene ada org kt sebelah dia jek!

7- 8pm- gilir2 jaga n pray

8-10.30- jaga mia yg byk nangis membebel + x leh kene tinggal sorang2 + asyik nak gigit benda sbb gatal gusi + merangkak merata kt uma!!adoilaa

10.30- mia tidoo n happy blogging! :)

12am -mia panggil nak susu!

4.30am - susu lagii

~~ n the routine continues again tomorrow~~

Thursday, April 8, 2010


BMI is the scarriest word to all people..wether ur underweight or overweight.but more often than not people afraid of being overweight!!so i wonder when am i gonna start workout after post 6mths ceasearan..oh gosshh do i still have more time to do that??how i wish!! basically i have to exs! coz my hospital gonna organize BMI project.those who r overweight have to join exs group which consists of aerobic,dance n gym workout. n those who still unable to reduce their weight, their bonus will be cut out!!owhh damn unfair!! owhh nak marah2 pun tiada gunanya lagi..coz im one of the group which exceeds 1 mark than normal reading! wish me good luck or bad luck to ana??


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


last month i went for training for trainer .basically i have been trained how to be a good trainer..trainer is different from being a headmaster talking to a classroom of students.we are not to teach audience but we train the participating first i was chosen by my boss to attend this that moment *sumpah seranah gile2 babi* coz he supposed to attend it.but i put the pressure in my head n acccept it with big heart+ again sambil sumpah2.hihi

so the tips to be a good trainer are:

- have to arrive early at least 30mins earlier to set up our slides n to get few friends before the whole audience come.this is to make us able to use them as material of making jokes during training.

- u have to talk to audience n look at their eyes,if u afraid to do so..u can look at their forehead.

- never look at 1 person only that u feel comfortable with while talking coz this shows that u r afraid with other people.*nak2 lagi kalau ade muka mcm singa!!*

-ask them to wear nametags n we have to call their names. never fail to call their names coz human likes thier name to be called instead of miss,mrs or mr. n ask other audience to give loud applause for those who answer any questions given.

- the first introduction is crucial to attract audiences' attention n to survive for another 3 hours!if u fail to make the intro happening than the audience wont listen to u for the rest 3 hours!so wat we can by introducing our name which can combine with artist name or anything that can capture audience to laugh!! * oh my..i have to really survive this part for few mins but the impact can drag me for many hours!*

- if audience ask u questions that too hard for u to answer n that time u r too nervous, u can 'throw monkey to others' means that we can ask questions to audience instead of we answer the questions. *BRILLIANT TACTIC!!*

- how to handle the talkative audience: lets say if the person always raise up his hand n ask lotss of Qs to u,all u need is throw the monkey again to others.n dun choose him next time.hihi

-if the silent audience: need to join them during break time n talk anything except their jobs! this is as icebreaker for them n to make them feel at ease.

- always put in between teaching topics with games n icebreaker especially before n after break to make them happy before break n to make them fresh after break.n it really works!

- during the training, we were taught to give stars stickers for those participants who answer our Qs or those who give feedbacks or participate in discussion.this is becoz human likes to get rewards and give awards.the tactic was if they got 5-10 stars, Datuk title will be given.20 stars Tan sri n >20 yang berhormat..see all these looks simple n nonsense sumtimes but i tell u many people raise their hands to answer Qs coz they dahagakan bintang2 itu..muahahhaa

ada satu part game tu..dia suh lukis job description..n this was came across my mind at that moment.huhu ada pahamkah gambar itu?

ni baru traininng..lum lagi yg bebetul huahuahua how mehh??bak kata encik pengajar tu 'there's no such thing if somebody ask u to train infront of 30 people,n u said not ready yet' coz sampai bile2 x kan ready coz we r afraid to face it! so kene campak jua di lautan baru tau ade buaya ke x.hihi

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Honda FREED is coming to Malaysia people!! i think its end of my queries n wonders on thinking of buying a new car..fuihhh but my first choice is vios,honda city n wish.but hubby rejects all my wish! sooooo just wait for FREED launcing this 22nd April!woot woot

its 7 seater with 1.5 i-vtec SOSH engine.

very spacious..suitable for bz mom like me..hihi

can chunk all my junks n baby's stuffs..worries no more :))

Monday, April 5, 2010

simpanan tabung haji

tadi tghari gi PKNS tabung haji buatkan damia buku akaun simpanan..n bank in rm677 hasil duit dari sedara mara n friends yg visit..Thanks a lot!! n lots more coming soon to top up in it!hihi

Baby Ambrosia

last sunday we went to the curve..actually ive been observing this stall quite long time ago...coz it attracts me with the words 'baby food' n 'parents got no time to prepare food?'. so that day we went for investigations..nyeh3

jeng2 apparently the stall sells solid food for baby!voila! easy for me!muahaha the stall oso provide high sitting chair to feed the baby..but i refused to feed damia at that time coz jenuh nak tunggu dia mkn!

out from the freezer,n put in microwave,ready to be served in 3 mins!! weehooo..
the menu according to respective months

so i baught apple flavour..n gave to mia last nite.n she ate it!!wahh nk mkn epal yg mahal2 jek epal australia plak tu..each costs rm6.90

n potato flavour..hopefully she wants to eat it again tonite!! i want to make her fat fat fatty boom boom!!hehe

check out: n they oso open in Gardens midvalley.


Since i dun have a single-proper-main facial cleanser, i decided to buy Clinique..n last saturday bought it with RM 300- the facial cleanser,toner n mosturizer+ free gifts: lipstick,repair cream n eye cream..

voila!! the thing is i've been thinking that lately..or for past few years ive been neglecting my facial treatment due to hectic job n now having the baby..urghh owh btw im grateful to have skin with no pimples since married.actually i was the one with full of REDDISH-BOM ATOM punye pimples during high school.huhu i think it was imbalance hormone..n infact when i was in school bus the boys from the back of the seats yelled at me 'eh muka dia mcm bulan la!' i knew that moon's surface has uneven surface, just like my facial skin fulls of pimples n holes!huhu. actually i am not into makeup/facial-products-to-use person. n im easily influence with advertisements bout the products at magazines..asal cantek jek beli but end up with not using it coz LAZY n NO TIME!! urgghh n 1 more thing i dun apply make up even though i bought LOREAL ke,MAC ke, semua brand ade tapi xpakai2.just for the sake of loving to shop those stuffs with no regrets!!ntah ape2 ntah..

i wonder y im not used to make up..the history lies like this..once upon a time..heheh mcm cite dongeng pulak.. during uni years..we are more to agressive activities- the sports,gyms stuffs,sweats a lot n so on..pergi kelas pun pakai tracksuit with shirts- boringggggggg- so my life n attitude that time so though,agressiveness,active n proactive.muahahha mcm xsempat nak makeup2 ni..if makeup pun mcm xde maknanya!

in fact, my profession n study field does not allow us to wear jewelleries such as rings,bracelet or necklace coz during treatment we dun want cross infection.see all these bring me up as a DULL-STRICT-CANNOT BE FASHIONABLE person during uni years n in fact during working hours!! on top of that the lecturers will aim those students who like to wear make up coz they think these kind of students just berangan pergi kelas n main2 belajar! study field really requires us to be professional -la konon!! because of the ORTHODOX TIME N THE STRICT-BORING-REGULATIONS from lecturers..the environment indirectly bring me up as what i am now: with no make up!!n in fact i already used to be!duhhh lainla kalau amek course finance ke, marketing ke they are supposed to make up maaaa!!

pssss harap2 pas ni jangan x pakai clinique ni..hehe

Friday, April 2, 2010


now i'm learning how to prepare solid food ..wish me luck!!