Tuesday, May 28, 2013


June is the month full of occasions.but at the same time it totally changes my whole routine of life.first of all on

10/6 i have to go to court in kajang to make appeal n request to lower the saman fees coz i was caught by AES camera at highway! i was driving at 110km/j instead of 90km/j

11/6 mia's first ever preschool! n not many people know that we are weekend parent.this means i have to send n fetch her back n forth fuuhh. it also means that i have to sacrifice my nap time during lunch hour!! coz i have to fetch mia from school n send her to nursery.n of course i have to cook daily meal! huaaa that means i have to try n learn cook to the best of my own version.on top of that i have to learn to cook fast!uhuk3 in other note..that means this blog will hibernate until further notice!coz mia will stick around with me all the time..so don't miss me!:((( :P

5/6 as u can see at the right top page layout of this blog, u can see the anniversary sticker which
shows that we are reaching 9yrs wedding anniversary! wohooo im blessed with this journey with a dotter.n many of u may wondering when is the next child?my answer is 'sesungguhnya hanya Allah sahaja yg memberi pasangan itu seorg anak,7,9 atau mandul' wallahualam

20/6 my 30th bday!ehem ehem 

Keep calm n hello June!

BIL's convocation day

last week i attended BIL's convocation day.alhamdullilah...with all ur struggles to get bachelor degree almost 4yrs n half .he used to stay at my house for a year...anyway congrats bro!

 mia have her own bouquet of flowers made by her nanny

at night we invited cousin who also had convocation on the same day.

 we cook chicken,fish grill with nasi minyak.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy belated mother's day.I  can feel the pain ladies!!!!!!!

Cameron Trip

Since my sis in law loves to buy anything n everything through group on,so she paid two hotels for us to stay at cameron.actually it was random bought n luckily it falls on her bday!so we managed to celebrate her bday,little sis n bro in law's with cousins..

 as soon  as we arrived i had strawberry tea n he had milk tea..

 later in the evening,we went to tea plantation
 we were drowning in tea leaves...

 then we had tea time beside the tea valley..as been promised we brought along twinkle too! her aunty made the bag just for twinkle.

 our tea time: choc muffin with mini donuts n vanilla icecream..

 so we went there with cousins too.this is hubby's cousins.

 that nite we celebrated sis in law's n cousin's bday!

mia excited lebeh potong cake erkkkkk

 she oso got giant catepillar! 

 loving their sister..little sis got instax mini poloraid 

 the next day,we had bfast nasi lemak with original cameron dried tea leaves. 

 mia excited watching the cameron pigeons!

then we headed to lavender farm.

the last pitstop was big red strawberry farm.we ordered ice cream with strawberries at the bottom :))

Friday, May 10, 2013


Dear readers... (sounds like serious though)

i have been recalled to write this in my blog coz my fb timeline feed news flooded with post #GE13 stories.i can say many of them not happy with the result coz they wanted a clean election or democracy to be justified. n the latest event was on wed night where all these sooo called opposition people wore black shirt went stadium with pak anwar just to let the whole wide world know that their rights been heard.huh for some reason,i noticed that ,are all of the people really wanted a clean democracy?or do they just among youngsters who simply  love to join the crowd n make chaos?u know wat  i mean is...some of the crowd are from school students.wat they heck u are at that time when ur suppose to be at home to study n u are also not eligible yet to vote?! so basically these kind group of people are those simply love to make the crowd more lively by merempit on the road after the assembly finished!in other note some people i've known are not perform their 5times prayers but they put up banner with kalimah Allah n so forth.huh for me 'everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves' if ur about utk menegakkan islam (which is good) u have to make the basic islam n iman strong!grrrr

on the other note,they like to spread rumors through fb by clicking the copy n paste n sharing icons by not thinking first or do research by their ownself.which for me i think they are just brain dumb -ass.but don't get me wrong here.i just want they to think first before act! 

for me its not about who wins,but for me is about urself to bring the best version of u!if u want PTPTN to be abolished,just simply means u have to start study hard right now!so that u can get ur own sholarship for university studies.that's all.if u complain about oil price getting increase in a month or 2,it simply means u just use car that not costly to ur burden!if u think the electricity bills high it simple means switch off the electrics when not in used!duhhhh all these have been taught since we were small!come on dude! just do ur own best.

p/s: this is just my 2cents thoughts n its my blog.so i DON'T need ur comment here.TQ


 hye all...mia has a pet named twinkle.she gave the name by herself.hehe .frankly speaking i'm not an animal lover.serious.i just don't.coz for me they harm me!hehe buuuutt noww i have to act cool infront of mia when handling twinkle!grrrr

last weekend,her mak ngah just randomly bought this rabbit at pasar in kedah. 

basically twinkle just sit quietly n nicely on her lap as she is now just 3mths old! huhu

so i have to show my interest towards twinkle...here we gooooo the pet project.i bought her food,body spray syampoo,n cage all costs rm100! wowww i got another baby to take care of!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Conference in Ipoh

 i just came back from conference which held in ipoh for 2 days only :)
so as soon as we arrived ipoh we searched for nasi ganja also known as Nasi Vanggey  which is so famous among locals. 
so we chose to ate nasi ganja at Kedai Kopi Yuang Suan which basically it is an old building where the drinks made by chienese.

 so this is how it looks like.it's more like nasi kandar which consists of ayam masak merah berempah,acar timun n telur masin. which for me it is just plain simple n nothing fancy about it :P

 so here we gooo.day 1st started with lectures by doctors from various of hospitals.

 haha that's my role!

 so these were few slides that i managed to capture.

 2nd day...adios!

Mariam's 3rd bday

last week my eldest sister threw an impromptu bday party for her dotter.happy belated 3rd bday mariam! 

 bday cake with macaroons on top.nyummy 

 #sisters #siblings #partyhats 

 so this is my niece who was sooo excited to cut the cake after tired blowing the magic candles!haha 

 mia also as usual didn't bother with the rest as soon as she got the cake on her plate :) *plus her abah too at the back!* hehe

yeyyy happy bday mariam! mia's face: 'too loud n noisy these people.i just got away from centre of attraction!' haha mia is attention seeker! :P


Last week i sent mia to klia to catch her flight at 12pm.cewahh *seems like lonely traveller* of course she was with her nanny!hehe the reason is her nanny have to vote in kedah coz she registered her name there..

 this was her first flight experience! haha she always said that she scared coz the airplane will hit the clouds.haha 

 while in klia...

my sis in law sent this pic to me..she must be wondering a lot while up high in the sky.hehe

oh btw since it is GE13 fever,our patient gave us these cupcakes.haha may best party wins!n wish u all vote wisely :))