Sunday, June 27, 2010

super EXCITED!

okayyy its sound weird if u feel super excited to give talk infront of 30 people!but heyyy i feel that!hihi i cant hardly wait to give talk on this tuesday about spp adoiii mcm jadi motivator pun ade gak rasenya nih.i wonder can i survive with 18 slides for 2 n half hours?nk ckp ape beb?main2 jek ah dgn participants.hihi owh talking bout motivator..i do have one too!he is DR HM Tuah Iskandar.i really admire with his writings which is so relax n laid back while reading i have his collections from 1st edition until the current episode which i bought it yesterday .i think he is extraordinary man! the motivation words i can remembered now is..

- doa itu senjata islam.ia mampu mengubah sebahagian qada n qadar Allah

- menJENAMAkan diri anda: maksudnya pakaila barang2 yg branded atau bergaya la sket kalau ia dapat naikkan keyakinan n motivasi anda pada hari itu!

- kalau kita bersedih..its ok to have that feeling..boleh nangis sepuas2nya but only for 10 mins!jgn biarkan ia terlalu lama..n pastu cuba overcome theproblem!

- through reading it can sharpen ur brain to encourage the synapse working!if u wanna know if ur brain still working (good memory) ..cuba hafal satu surah Quran pendek yg kamu xpernah hafal..can u get it?

-kalau nak mandi start curah air dari bawah ke atas coz aura yg positif akan dtg..infact nabi pun mandi mcm tu..



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

day dreaming

ok now im obsessed with those people who had their vacations at oversea
obsessed with those who study at oversea
obsessed with those who can be leisure lady
obsessed with those who can eat-while-u-can n not gain any weights!
obsessed with those who had good foods,shopping n blughhhh

Sunday, June 20, 2010

in my mind..

there are sooo many things in my minds right now:

- my future career in next 5 years..been encouraged by my friend who olredi become young tutor

- in wedding moments mood to shop n hunt nice dress or kurungs for adik's wedding in december

- cant hardly wait to stay in new house! so that i have my own pc to update blog more often!

- the nervousness to give talk on 29th dec

- the sadness for not receiving any gifts from hubby on soo many BIG occassions throughout this year!

- Allah x kan tolong hambanya kalau dia x tolong diri sendiri..

- hope MIA can sleep more longer!so theres more time for myself

- been reading articles about marriage life..before ur married i mean when ur in lovey dovey couple ur chemical reactions in ur brain that drives ur relationship..once u married then ur on ur own! thats y even u oredi married if u find having affair n scandal itu nikmat cinta..once u married the same thing happen again..ur on ur own!

- never knew that majalah SOLUSI is that soooo informative

- wish to have more time to watch CDs

- wonder y we didn't go out to wattch movies more often before we had kid?soo to singles out there DO ANY ACTIVITIES U WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!coz time is limited when u have kid!seriusss dowwhhh

- sometimes our life is not always planned eg: some my friend married with duda,suami org,got very rich hubby n vice versa..

- to hit the treadmill every evening for 2o mins jek!

- cant hardly wait to design the new houseee

-now i knew when people said 'jaga baby penat oo' ur damn right!

-obsessed with white tea by POKKA

-mia is getting higher n gain weights like sekampit beras!

- to start cooking!seriuss

-to lepaking many hours at MPH!plezzzzz :((

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5th June 2010

5th june - family day office hubby at the zoo negara..x pernah gi pun since i was im definetly will bring mia to zoo when she's 3 yrs old.

x ramai yg join...maybe blk kampung kot? day hospital aku x pernah join pun!!dunno y..

Saturday, June 5, 2010


last night we watched movie lagenda budak setan in midvalley since we celebrated our 6th annivesary!yay!the last i watched movie was a year ago..sob2 sian aku..well the movie really niceee n i drop my tears at the last episode of the movie..dunno why maybe my motherhood is strong there..uhuk3 hehehhe n i do think the other of lisa suriani is much2 more prettier than the real one!boleh gitu?? hihi so i rekemen u all to go n watch this movie.yay!!

***n i hope today hubby will make surprise for me for the annivesary..heheh n i really want it SO BAD!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

so close yet so far..

nothing much to drop by..damia on high fever since last night..had appointment with dr this morning..tomorrow got makan2 at the office for lunch..saturday got hubby's office family day at zoo negara..been thinking to bring mia or not..the next week monday till friday im on leave yo!!coz nobody babysit mia as her grandnanny going for i have to babysit her since she doesn't want anybody else to look after her..susah kalau bb dh mula kenal org..hurm..the worst part is hubby oso has CME in kuantan that means that the not-so-holiday gonna be mia n me at home!no shopping??hurmmm ok will updates lots of pics in fb next week!!