Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oh myyy oh myyy

Im updating via ifon on saturday morning which is i have been working since 8yrs ago! Oh no its not about the saturday works its about hellooooo this is the first entry of year 2014! Well many stories up n down which is everyday have to handle different kind of cranky mia's behaviour.she's totally the anak manja type.obviously duhhh coz she's the only child! Gahhh well im not complaining im just sharing.kekkek anyway everynite i teach her how to read coz im worried my friend's dotter same age with her can read lancar after went to enopi extra reading classes.n im trying hard everynite to teach her.n so far she can read with 2 suku kata.quite okla but i want more! Eheh n now
She cannot kene tegur or advice or else she ugut me plak.oh nooo helpp need another child i guess? Wokeh chiow for noww the patients are calling me from outside the pantry!