Thursday, August 30, 2012

no time?

wahhh it has been awhile... really i dun have time to blog everytime i need to blog uwaaa i guess twitter n istagram become my mobile diary but yet this blog is all about me.hurmmm n im updating through iphone via office wifi.thanks wifi.oh btw im bz decorating n cleaning the house include the small porch garden hurmmm oh i admit that im not interested at all in gardening n i dun have any skills or not intended to have the skills hahhha ok thats all i guess rumbling bout my feelings as tomorrow is merdeka day! n open houses 3 days in a row woot woot gain more weight hell yeah!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RAYA story

 first raya in batu pahat.after 2 yrs the family members complete!yeyyy

 then we headed to papa's kampung at Pengerang Johor.he said this might be the last time we go there before the house n the whole kampung been demolished for oil n gas development by end of this sayonara my kampung :(( oh the above pic we had picnic before reached the hot n sunny kampung.

 with cousins n relatives :)

then we had stayed for 2nights at Thistle JB n this is the view from our room..

mia enjoyed swimming :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raya talks

oh wow...alhamdullilah..raya is just around the corner n i guess everybody bz do preparation for hari raya including me:) so far i have 4 sets kurung,new scarfs,n had done rebonding as well as menicure n pedicure.huhu i guess this year im over-excited to celebrate it coz we are going back to my hometome batupahat n all the family members are there!yey..but this year i dun buy any raya cookies coz i dun find any interesting n nice taste...oh btw i do feel sad coz ramadhan gonna leave us soon n i really wish i could reborn n have a brand new of me.plez syaitan stay away from me!eerkkk 

oh anyway..during this eid mubarak i have one big is to visit my relatives as many as i can.i want to build up the relationship among my aunts,uncles n cousins.coz according to hadith if u want to live longer in  this world,we have to get together with our relatives.this is a promise from Allah which qadar can be changed based on im not into kinda of person to get together or contact my relatives,i guess this is the best time for me to do so..i dunno y..but i do realized my parents not so-well-encourage me to do so.i dunno how to explain this.coz i can compared with my MIL.she really put an effort to visit or contact or do activities together with cousins,cousins' cousin or aunty's cousin..u know wat i mean its some sort like that.thats y,no doubt my in law's parents can live now until 80 yrs old.n the moyang can live up to 90+.well it is just an example anyway that can be followed :)

so last but not least Happy Hari raya,maaf zahir n batin  n be safe during this festive season :)) see u all the week after raya :))

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Subhanallah! ramadhan goes by so whats ur menu for iftar?for me i used to just buy food at bazaar ramadhan..n i always hunting for kuih or far for iftar, only 4days i take rice.hihi basically i dun have chance to have iftar outside,or dining out ,or eat nice buffet...

first week iftar we went to nandos at setia city mall.

the next week went to cousins house n on sunday had iftar at my eldest sis house.we watched Dato LCW badminton match

on top: LCW won 21-15 n below lost 19-21. for me he didn't lose.he got silver medal for God's sake!huh

then yesterday,family in law n grandparents had iftar at my house.

lamb grill,tauhu n hotdogs grill.

MIL made laksam.nyummy

n today i had iftar at my workplace while celebrating the orphan children..

p/s: hows ur body weight?increase or reduce?mine just maintain! huahuahuahua