Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre Ramadhan

arghhh its only 2 days left to qada my fasting..i still remembered we had miss sahur on very 1st ramadhan since 2009!oh man!n i'll make sure it won't happen this year.insyallah.anyway i realized if i qada my fasting which just around the month of ramadhan, my mental well prepared n not so that are the tips for welcoming n preparing for  pre ramadhan :

Monday, June 25, 2012


oh about my bday..we celebrated at homtz restoren in shah alam.its a chinese muslim.nice food.and the deep fried wantan tastes nice! oh can't u imagine i dun have the pics?its all in my iphone.oh talking about iphone im sooo in love wit it!  if i were being robbed *touch wood* i will save my iphone first!coz its irriplacable.if money, we can find it but not another iphone!huhu so wats so damn interesting bout this phone application?since i have it,i create twitter account!it's like ur texting to urself n nobody cares about u!damn cool~~ it's like real people on tweeter n fake people on fb.kekekkeke oh besides that the application has's sort of taking pictures n u can modify or shade the pictures taken according to application that u like.charlie awesome!hehe oh not forgotten i have's like ur writing ur own words and put in on frames which has lots of designs.u see all these suitable for me coz it gives me joyful for my leisure i hate my self being bored.hehe but having said that i still do feel my blog is my number one priority coz i can rumbling bout my feelings deeper.hihihi

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Papa n Abah's day

happy father's day to my papa :) i realized the last time i talked to him was like a month ago!huh this is quite normal for me as i dun talk to him if there is important thing.i dunno y.i guess i dun have that very close bonding relationship with fact if i wanna discuss something that related to him i tell mama first then mama will pass the message to him.n im not used to just call him n ask him how he's doing or just random talks.if i dont talk to him that means everything goes well..i mean i know he's well n im doing good.i know its bad attitude but it just happened :( by the way i always remember watever he taught to us n i can say he is superb papa :)

oh to my mr husband,happy father's day too.n mia just like 'anak abah'.her face really looks like him.n mia inherited the kepoh-ness from hubby.hehe hope u will be a great n successful abah for us....

even their smile looks exactly the same :)

aren't they just look alike?heeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


i am call n re call to post the same entry about this point of life i realized i dun have friends!it is true with facts.i have about 50 people's contacts in my phone book and only 3 friends that i used to text.i noticed that i dun have so-call friends where they can ask me out or just hang out to chit chat.this become more noticable as my best friend was so damn busy n dun have the chance to hang out.i do understand her job scope but somehow i think it is more to the effort to build up n strengthen the relationship.on top of that along with close friends who are newly wed n seldom text anymore :( ok i do understand this part as they are building relationship with their spouse n i rest this case.hihi. so who are my friends?they are my officemate who only 8 of them in my department.they are like my brothers n sisters n i'm grateful to have them.besides that my family members n in law family are my friends.thats all.fullstop.oh not forgotten virtual friend in fb or twitter where can we categorized them as  'friends' if u just like or comment their status?i dun think so n thats y we call them virtual friends.duhhhh... but i guess i have to be thankful to Allah coz i am not been tested in this life with lots of friends or people who betrayed/bitch/laser mouth n so on..n thats the bright side.hurmmm...

at this moment,i wonder how we define best friend?are they the one who spend time with us?or are they the one that we can share secrets n shoulder to cry on?or are they the one that are around when in time of need?if none of the above happen,i think i can declare it as 

'i used to be ur bestfriend' :(((((

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anniversary gift


thank u dear for the gift :)) really feeling good having a new handbeg.hehe anyway that night we just went to Empire mall.the intention was to have dinner at Serai.but it was full house as the plan B was shopping there.hehe then we headed to Chawan at Citta Mall.i ordered batu pahat ice coffee.i've told u my home town so famous with it's food signature :) n am looking forward many more years with u. xoxo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8th Anniversary

we have been married for 8th years :) alhamdullilah...thank u Allah for giving us the blessings,patience n guidance.i realized that marriage is not about always being happy or in love.but its about choosing to love that person to go through ups n downs in this life.anyway i feel awkward when it comes to counting ur marriage years.i feel like we are counting how more many years that we should live with him or her.haha i know im overthinking my opinion, life is not about the milestones but the moments that we should cherish together.i like my father's answer when somebody asked him how many years that he has been married?and he will made jokes by telling them he forgot coz there are so many years that he cannot count with his fingers!hehe and i think that is the brilliant answer coz ur going to spend the rest of ur life with ur spouse. so no need to count-lar.hehe n of course in every couples life,there is question on how to make a marriage lasts forever n successful?for me there is no special or secret recipe.but there is one n only guide. it is...

it can be as simple and as difficult as that.isn't it?

Little sisters

yesterday i took on leave just to spend time with my little sisters.they are like important people that i have to made appointment just to hang out!huhu so damn precious they are. hihi so we headed to midvalley n bought clinique facial foundation n i really like it coz the texture really blends well with my skin colour.then we had lunch at Chawan Bangsar.after that went to House of Dolls boutique which belongs to the actress Fazura :) nice boutique n affordable prices.i guess thats all.and to the girls, we should this more often yo!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekenders at port dickson.

 we just came back from short escape to PD.we stayed at glory beach resort which is not quite the same as the name it is.hehe.the activity were...

 playing sand with mia :))

 swimming at the sea :)

 at night we had bbq.this is homemade patty beef burger grill.daging cincang+jintan manis+blackpepper + garam.sedap weiii.besides that we had fish,prawn,squid,hotdogs n chicken :))

the idea was to celebrate my sisters n brother in law bday celebration including me in advance :)) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


what is fear?fear is nothing such to be fear for life we all have fear regardless of wat we had experience or fear for the in this life all we need is just try in whatever we wanna do.sometimes feeling of scared of not trying is worse than the fear itself...for example for me,i fear of height,thus fear of being in the aeroplane,thus I'm not going anywhere but here **pffttt**...n not to  mention fear of death which become the first category in the lists of fear as stated by psychologist.besides that,i fear wat other people's perception or thoughts against u..i also had fear if someone knows my job,thus i automactically will isolate myself from a group of people.i dunno.people may think i dun socialize but the truth is i just dun like that fear to be in myself at that moment.n if i told them my real job,it will become another long story that never ends.let's say if i tell them that im the owner of a sundry shop,of course everybody ignores me.haha. on top of that,i fear of injury n re injury.that's y during school time,i was not active in any sports except played crappy tennis once :) this is because i fear to let myself to take the risk to be injured.coz i know the consequence that i may get.n how the injury will affect u afterwards even though my job related to this,i still fear of myself to be re injury.the conclusion is i fear myself ://

Friday, June 1, 2012

iphone lover

try testing blogging from iphone..anyway i believe you are not alone in this world if u have a problem.have a nice day people :)