Monday, January 30, 2012


hari ni amek half day n have sweetest escape to klcc to grab sweetest popcorn yg famous diperkatakan skrg ni there are many types of popcorns: cashew,macadamia or crispy or cheese for me yg mempunyai tekak melayu i better to be safe n try taste normal plain flavour - caramel popcorn..frankly speaking it is not that awesome as people said..cuma caramel nya byk n tebal popcorn nya..n when garret said gone in 60 secs.i dun think so for those who not in love with sweet taste..the small packet costs rm16.Oh btw garrett juga boleh didapati di one utama.

gambar pun google jek :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

PREGGY MOM has been 5weeks old..anyway my feelings are mixed!surprise,happy,n feel not-so-excited.i dunno..maybe im not ready yet...or maybe the feelings are not as excited as the first one..n i had done scan yesterday n it was seem unclear coz just a small sag..thats y i chose not to update any status in my fb until further notice (wait for another 2 weeks scan baru nampak beso sket) hehehe...

so for this time preparation im not into kind of searching or buying or browsing branded clothes,strollers or other baby's stuffs.coz the baby can use mia's stuffs..but now im more into reading,do research,attend any breastfeeding talk!im gonna make sure i will accomplish this mission coz my mental is ready with this.on top of that i will behave myself coz the baby will inherit my attitude..ustaz harun din ckp anak dlm kandungan akan ikut perangai ibunya..owh so now i want to be more quiet means i dunt want to be so kepochi or join in a group of gossip people..coz nanti jadik mcm mia!hahahha my friend's son used not to cry even in her confinement period..compared to mia she cries all the time for first 6 months!!urghhhh soo now i have to smile,be happy ,laugh n watch more funny movies!n not ombak rindu!kekekkek

i guess after this u guys will see this blog about mommy-breastfeed thingy..cheers~~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sharing is caring :)

✿Belajarlah IKHLAS walau TAK RELA
✿Belajarlah TAAT walau BERAT
✿Belajarlah MEMAHAMI walau TAK SEHATI
✿Belajarlah SETIA walau BANYAK GODAAN
✿Belajarlah MEMBERI walau TAK SEBERAPA
✿Belajarlah MENGASIHI walau kau DISAKITI
✿Belajarlah TENANG walau kau sedang GELISAH
✿Belajarlah PERCAYA walaupun SUSAH
✿Percaya bahawa Allah SWT masih sanggup menolongmu

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Donut Pedas

have u tried donut pedas before?yesss it exists actually in this world especially in johore!owhh its my current craving.i can easily get this donut when i was in secondary i already get the recipe from web n wish me luck to do it.


OWHHH CNY just around the corner..nahhh i dont celebrate it but im looking forward to go back to my hometown 83000 batu pahat johor!really can't wait.u know wat my vacation for the past 2 yrs mostly just go back to hometown.owhhh so damn pathetic!plezz i need vacation other than my hometown! eheheheh but who cares?

bak kata pepatah :

gendang gendut tali kecapi,
kerja teruk,pergilah bercuti.HAHAHA ape yg aku merapu ni??

anyway since CNY quite long (actually just 3 days to be exact for me!) i have planned to do ,to shop,to look n where to eat later on.

sunday (22 jan) -
lunchtime attend friend's wedding at dewan.after wedding go to back of the dewan.they have tempe goreng the best in BP that i've never tried before.
-brunch: eat goreng pisang tanjung labuh with kicap pedas!(johorean style.oh yeah!)
-pm : go to tasek Y play with rojak there.
-dinner: jeng kuan (satay  n mee bandung) perghhhh

monday (23 jan)
bfast- lontong kering at old bus station
luch- asam pedas at balai bomba/nasi campur asam manis near carefour (never tried before!)
dinner- black paper steak at 1001 mlm/mee racun (never tried before too!)
mlm sket stroll at dataran BP (owh jakun again!)

ok as u all noticed most of the famous food i've never tried before..i also dunno y.maybe zaman dulu aku asyik dok terperuk kt uma jek kot!oh damn it!

n plezzz tell me that all my dreams will come true this time ever!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sex therapist

last month i received a phone call from a man who asked for sex therapist. asal dgr word terapi mesti office transfer the call to my department.n for the first time in my 6yrs working experience i ever received such a call.n that moment i was like shocked,or more like to 'pardon me?' 'can u repeat?' coz the men spoke too soft (maybe he is shy) at that at that moment what came across my mind was is there anyone out there work as sex therapist?coz i've never heard that before!so at last i just said sorry there's no services provided here.after i hung up the phone i think it may be not sex therapist that he might looking for,but psychologist i what the issues that i want to bring up here is Malaysian people rarely or seldom discuss their sex life problem compared to western countries.n i guess there is only one well known Dr that related to this matter.

Having said that, last year i accidentally bought this first i don't know what the book is all about.coz i was attracted with the cartoons on the book's cover,n i thought the book must be in relax n funky story.furthermore the book is wrapped with plastic n i can't open it at that time.n furthermore the time i bought this book was carnival books i just grab anything that attracted to me n those books were on 50% off.

so after i read the book...i realized the book discuss about sex problems in married life (of course lah kan?) it contains more about the question n answer from the author who obviously popular in this i strongly recommend this book for those married 6 yrs n above n anybody that encounter such problems.bak kata kwn saya -org perempuan kalau x puas,dia xberitau laki dia-hahahah wtf?n i noticed to my surprise there are more men than women that have such problems!huhu. n it is advisable for husbands to read also.coz men lazy to read this kind of books coz they think they know better!but trust me they know nothing!hahahaha
but i advice those who are still single better don't read it at all coz im afraid u will afraid of getting married coz its more to psychological issues related to sex.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Balqis Damia

rasenya dh lama x update cerita si balqis damia yg kecoh ni..well she is now 2 yrs n 4mths.n alhamdullilah she never been hospitalised (n wish she's keep being healthy)...n also she only takes medicines once if she had fever in 3 days i a row.coz she is so damn difficult to drink the panadol syrup even ubat ikut bontot pun xnak.yg selebihnya tawakal jek kalau dia demam n sesema (dgn harapan akan sembuh sendre,ni mak punya harapan)hahahaha. oh btw she starts speak 3 or 4words clearly when she was 1 year n 6mths. eg: mia nak mkn nasi. or kenapa air tu pink?(meaning kaler pink) by her age 1 year n 8 mths she can talks about anything!n ask me with 4W1H questions.huh jenuh gak kadang2 nk jawabnya.i mean she wants precise answer. Eg: mia 'mama beli buku ni kat mana?' so my answer can not be like 'kt kedai' or 'kt luar' coz she will not satisfied with my answer n she keeps asking me over n over my answer will be 'kat sunway' 'kt klcc' or 'kt midvalley' uwaaaa sbb tu jekla yg dia tau n paham tpt2 shopping.pastu baru diam! isk2 *gelengkepala* 

one thing about her character now is she likes to nursing a baby doll.she calls the barbie Qaisara (the name given by her nenek) so basically she will do milk in a bottle for her 'adik',dandan rambut qaisara.she also even selimutkan qaisara n read her story book.OMG.nak adikkah? huhu she also like to push baby stroller n put qaisara in it.hurmmm..

if u notice, kids will always imitate adults attitude or words whether u realized or not that u have been imitated! Eg: if u iron clothes she also wants to do just the same + siap dgn spray ke baju sebelum iron.bila masak kt dapur sibuk gak nak i bought this kitchen set for her to cook! grrrr

one thing that i feel she grows up pretty fast is when she chooses what she wants to wear in everyday clothes.kalau nampak aritu mcm kaler x matching or buruk jgn salahkan maknya tau!hehe so this green knitting cardigan she tried herself at the kids store.urghhh so i have to buy coz dia dh sibuk guling2 on the floor.

before guling kene posing n happy dulu :P

n i noticed she is quite strong girl in her age.yes i admit it!compared me when i was small.if she knocked down something or fall she didn't cry in fact she acts like nothing happen. *good girl* muahahhaha maybe sbb dh dilatih jatuh dari katil when she was 6 mths old! *sorry mia!*  :(

n her best friend is her cousin Mariam even though they will quarrel if they meet.hehe

ok so thats all for now n im waiting to send her to playschool as she is 3 yrs old by this year..erkkkk

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SHIT happens everywhere! is a bad day n of course its not a bad life. in our daily routine job,we are facing problems from our clients,customers or patients.even though its not our fault,but customer's always right (leh pakai lg ke ayat ni di zaman kala ni?) hurmm..n of course we are thought by our management to apologize rather than argue to make the situation better.but it goes vice versa for me..if its not my fault i will explain to them from a to z..but in the end i will say 'im sorry' biasalah anak nombor 2 mmg xnak kalah punya!dia jek yg betul.kekekeke n tomorrow its like gonna be a big judgment day for us to answer all the doubts n our wrongs doings.somehow I'm not scared at all coz maybe..

1) i know it's not my fault (n i have evidence) 
2) all past experiences made me stronger n more calm
3) its not the end of the world 
4) i know many people out there face more challenging problem than i am
5) i know i have to be patient in handling patients who cannot be patient at all! :p 
6) i have to be more thankful coz i think other people may be more stressful working in bank or business lines.



Saturday, January 7, 2012

step forward.

p/s: its easier SAID than DONE!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012