Tuesday, August 13, 2013


HOLLLAAA people!!it has been ages since last i updated this blog! so how was ur raya celebrations?happy enufff??for me u can tell it from these pics!hehe

 after solat raya,sesi bersalaman..mia was the first one break the ice! eheh

 then photo with the 3rd generations

 finally 3 of us had the oppurtunity to take our pic at neighbour's house.huhu

 jom beraya!the 1st n 2nd day was raya marathon which is we went to about 4-7 houses along the road!huh this is raya kampung style! where we can just terjah n masuk uma depa like a bawse yo!

 hubby showed to us daun ketum which is normally used for drug addicts to avoid them from being so addictive for few days.actually this plant is illegal to plant! huhu but u know this is kedah kampung style! heeee

 so that nite they made it as a drink which is plain n bitter according to them-lar.i dare not to try!yuksss :P

 oh behind the kampung got bendang also known as sawah padi.so these are my anak buah.hehe

 feeling2 ala hindustan...

 2nd syawal raya marathon again till late nite.

 on 5th raya i decided to go to penang coz since i am on leave today..so as soon as we arrived here we went to Queensbay mall.

actually the plan was to ride ferry to let mia experience it.hehe the queue to get into ferry was long but the ride was about 15mins only.

 then we headed  to eat line clear nasi kandaq which is the owner is hubby's ex classmate.the speciality here are kari kepala ikan,ayam goreng n udang galah bapak besooo! puas hati mkn!the place situated in a narrow road between shop houses.the taste still the same past 10yrs ago!

so the special price for this udang galah n kari ikan is rm10 only!tqqqqqq 

so wat's ur raya stories?happy pretty enuff?oh btw back to work tomorrow! #dahxretinakkerjamcmmana?