Friday, July 19, 2013

Ramadhan 2013

what's up world? im still alive alhamdulillah..juggling with fasting,n mia's mood swing past few days!anyway so far i never miss my sahur yet.but for sure i always been late to go to office coz i used to sleep after basically every morning is like chaos with mia's drama as soon as she woke up from sleep.huhu for break fast we just buy food at bazaar n cook only one dish for's just typical of us to eat only one lauk with rice plus 3 mugs of tea.hehe the reason i drink 3 mugs of tea coz it used to be the sahur tradition since i was small at my parents said drink a lot of water more important than eat food (coz obviously we were damn too lazy to wake up for sahur!) hehe

oh in other note...patients getting increased in this month of ramadhan especially during lunch hour!n im superrr damnn sleepy at that peak hour! so my working mood now going to drain coz i've been thinking to work on my own!or to get another job or to get another job placement..hurmm on top of that i feel like mummy coz we cant hold phone during working hours!that means i cannot chit chat with my mom that often..huaaaa oh btw u all must be wondering where is mia right now since i can switch on this pc without her,heheh i sent her off to have sleepover with her grandparents n aunts.huhu

btw...this year we celebrate hari raya in kedah which is hubby's kampung.huaaa sounds seem so far n traffic jam!harharhar okla..wish u all happy fasting..20days more to go!!! gulppp :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Smartphone geek

in this century,people are using smart phone as one of the most top priority in the life's kidding.its neither accessory nor necessary basically u can see all folks of life has these phone or any technology gadgets.from toddlers to old people..including the foreigner workers eg:bangla,Nepalese n this phenomenon has its bad side coz u may tweet while driving,u may checking ur wassap while walking which more often than not u tend to knock down other people.the obvious part is u DON'T LISTEN when people talking to u coz browsing sites or playing online games are more fun than having conversations with ur parents.this is what we call RESPECT.yeah we have to respect other people when talking to u.huhu

so...can u imagine a day without ur handphone?to make it worst no handphone during office hours?that means 6 days in a week,4 weeks in a month n of course for the rest of the year lah.this is what my company had made announcement where all staffs are not allowed to hold/use handphone during working hours!so every morning we have to give hp to our boss n they keep in a locker!this is because our company dealing with patients,so it's not professional checking ur handphone while attending patients at the counter.huh due to one staff had caught red handed they decided to  punish the rest of innocent staffs!huh. to make it the story more tragic yesterday my boss didn't return the handphone during lunch hour coz he went out at 12.30pm which about half an hour to have lunch break n he got back at 3pm!duhhhhhhhh so this is so so damn sad coz we are like school kids!so who said being as working adult can be so much fun?i don't think so.its just plain stupid.

so now i have to think positive n look at the bright side even though the boss browsing facebook in his room using ipad!duhh so double standard!

 in the loving of memories using handfon at office!

**this picture was taken a week before the sh*** that time there was no patient.