Monday, January 28, 2013

Totin kawen

hye there..i have been in batupahat for last weekend to celebrate my cousin's we stayed there for 5 days n 4 nights which is i think the longest period of time i ever been at hometown since past 9 yrs ago!huh

the solemnization took place at Katerina Hotel

my sis was one of the dulang girls :)

the silent sign when the solemnization about to start

the hungry girl kept asking me at what time she can started to eat.huhu

this is the the bride n groom were eating at our table! nice~~

the best door gift is always a yassin :)

the next day was their reception at usual mia being naughty,cheeky n ate alot!

the sexy back pose.this was the only one i able to capture since mia got cranky afterwards n i was no longer able to wait for there was no picture with pengantin... anyway selamat pengantin baru to both of u :))

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Old School

hye still alive n kicking.well im pretty sure all parents also excited to send their children to school especially those who step for 1st experience to go to school.yeah...same goes to me.i also happy to hear parents sad n funny stories on their first day trip to school! but this is not applicable to mia!eheh even she is 4 yrs old by this year but her age is 3yrs n 4 mths! first thing i dun want to send her to school coz she still wearing diapers! oh man! i found its so though to train her since she stays with her grandparents,where i have very little time spend time with her.grrr second thing is she still sleeps late at nights! around 2am she will doze off in front of tv with cartoons on! grrrrr .well...I'm still hunting for kindergarten with no school uniform! i still remembered when i was small we used to go to kindergarten with colourful shirts,pants n skirts! i found it so lively,cheerful n colourful during my childhood time.n now most of the kindergarten have to wear uniform.n then you have to wear about 11 yrs ahead to wear school uniform.on top of that u have to wear uniform to go to work just like me!!! ---uhh sounds pathetic here.heheh if i was given the opportunity i want them to wear colourful shirts,dress n pants to kindergarten only crucial for 2 yrs!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New 2013

happy new year everybody! well...this year i dun feel not much excited coz this year im approaching 30 yrs old!oh myyy i never thought this big number in my life ever!uhuk2 anyway time flies so fast...mia gonna be 4 this year!n we have been married for 9 yrs!omggg hehe well for this new year,if u noticed i have changed blog's template which is not much different with the previous one.hehe oh talking about new year resolution..i dun have any ;p coz i will do watever it takes to survive in this year ahead..i mean if i wanna live healthy i will stay well n keep exercise.if i wanna be rich i have to work hard.n the lists go just enjoy every mins of it! n it just the matter of distance in this 2013 be nice to me :))

enjoy the song DISTANCE :))


 alhamdullilah...we are on the 1st january of 2013!so we celebrated at seafood restaurant.the best thing is this restaurant is been selected by JJCM TV3.n i was so excited coz very few restaurants can provide seafood dishes for lunch! they open from 11am to 1am.

 ootd pose ;)

 this is the signboard which is inside the shop

 the seafood display on a sampan 

 we ordered ikan pari bakar

 udang masak sambal kampung

 ketam masak sos aneh

yeyyy i am one happy tummy :))