Sunday, September 30, 2012


this morning went to OBB store which they were having pre love party together with the famous fashion bloggers

so i bought few scarves n check out the blog :)

Mia's 3rd Bday

on 25th Sept Mia turns 3 yrs old! we decided to do bday part for her with in laws family..she was so excited to cut the cake!fuhhh oh n we had barbeque that night

  play with neigbour's cat before cut the cake

beef kebab n chicken bbq

excited to blow the candles!

the ice cream cake superb!ice cream is chocolate chip n choc cake..

#the bday cap cone #jeling #happy #love


Last friday my sisters n i attended seminar about was organized by BFM 89.9 fm.this radio station is about business n i never listen to it before.haha so i just joined them to look n listen about real people with real stories n real results.besides i can gain some knowledge n widen the perspective.the delegates were 500 people.ok at that time i was lost in the sea of business people with coats n blazers whereas i was only into cardigan n jeans they were talking n exchanging ideas bout their own business.basically the program taught us n give pictures on how to start business from there were panelist attended to share their struggles,ideas n how to start it.they are top CEO guys from various  thing i learned is its about ur courage n positive mind to start ur own biz n don't think about profit much but the journey through one of the guy said everybody can own their business coz business is in ur genes.haha yeah ur right dude!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


i have been hunting the best smell of perfume past few weeks but not single that attracts me.. n tadaaaaa i bought signorina by SF which is very feeling2 sexy gituu haha. the 'kakak' promoter awww who is quite pretty said there were no stock avaible for 50 ml so i bought 100ml 😍💖 

Monday, September 24, 2012


i barely had time to updates my blog time n let me time!!!! n im off to clean the house! chiowwwww

Monday, September 17, 2012

Open House 2012

 the fruit punch n cupcakes

 the food

 the chef aka my sis in law

 the us

 the bff farah.the last time we met was a year ago.not soooooooooo bff hihi

 the childhood friend,akmar 

  the exclassmate uitm, nahiz n his wife

 the siblings! :))

 the tembam mia :))

 the third sis,nabila at her open house on sunday nite.

 the peace...again!

the night out at wondermilk,uptown.

last but not least the lazy of me to write in this blog :((

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy world physio day

8th sept is world's physio day.happy to all physios :) i believe this is the best job ever!no doubt to study this field really though compared working.just though n really 2 though.i still remembered i was just about to quit in 2nd semester coz really down,demotivated n useless.hahaha but in other way round i believe that i become the most important person to get people's active daily living back to normal.huhu oh btw my exclassmates n i had gathering at Jan's house.

this is our 1st gathering after 8 yrs!so many kids after 8yrs.hihi
last but not least..i cannot imagine myself being anyone else but PT!huhu

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Raya lagi

i like to attend open houses despite traffic jam while reaching to the destination.but who cares i have driver :p every weekend there were 3 houses that i had been..since i am an observant person,i can described what it should be look like or should have been or do when attending open houses. i think: 

1) it does  not matter if ur house is small or not organized or had patch here n there but the important is the food must tastes good :)

2) if u happen to be the host of open house,i think guests are not so appealing to want u to attend them really in a real way..i mean xpayah la nk beriya iya suh menjamah makanan kalau dh kita kenyang.hehe

3) if its not to be an open house,if guests are coming to ur house,at least we give them raya cookies/raya cakes.tapi sebaik baik manusia adalah yg memuliakan tetamunya.that means at least i have to cook something for them!erkkk dhla aku xreti masak on time :((

4)  we must have bring our own tissue in our handbeg incase mkn kuah kacang yg byk belacan n surely sneezing teruk dpn org.kekekke

5) if ur happen to attend open house at condominium housing area,we should park our cars properly n car pool is way far better.if it is at terrace house area,we should not park our car in front of other people's house.coz there will be no announcement through speaker like in the shopping malls.n its irritating if the host keep asking everyone whose car n ask the owner to remove it.n surprisingly the malay women shouted STUPID in front of other guests coz she was so furious somebody parked in front of her house.sooo no manners!!

6) if we are the guests,we should not critic the food if there is any,or talked about our discomfort at people's house coz who knows if the host passed by u n its totally unforgiven n u are ban from next year's open house!hehehehe

7) last but not least maintain ur good body scent i mean we should put on really expensive perfume to make it long lasting during the sunny-hot dayss :)

 these are few pictures my open house last year.n insyallah to make it again this year :)