Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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29 February 2012 is a special date coz this notable event comes only every four years.yey! Happy Leap Year.i wonder whoever born on this date is 4 yrs younger than the real age.heheheh anyway lets check out the personality of people who born on this date.I guess they will get 4 different prizes to accumulate until their real birth date!hehe

Owing to his or her unusual birth date, a Pisces born on February 29 has unusual talents and personalities. They are good-natured, friendly, and optimistic. They see the positive side of any issue, and while not naive, they retain a measure of childhood innocence. They have a youthful exuberance.

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date are outgoing and friendly. They have a winsome, pleasant personality and are good friends who are loyal. They will go to extremes to help a pal. They are equally loyal to a spouse or lover. They work hard to make a relationship work.

Children and Family

February 29 people are spunky, opinionated, and willing to stand their ground. They are suited for parenthood because they combine sensitivity with an instinct for knowing when to discipline. They engage their youngsters in projects that teach responsibility and that offer outlets for creativity and emotional growth.


February 29 people have a healthy lifestyle. They understand that to get the maximum out of life they need to be vigilant about diet and exercise, while making time to relax. They need to feel connected to the natural world in order to cultivate a relaxed frame of mind.

Career and Finances

People born on this date are proud of their versatility. They don't like to lock themselves into a single life-option without having the freedom to change course at some point. They have faith in their ability to make the transition from career to family life, and this is often the reason for their change in focus.

Dreams and Goals

Leap-year individuals insist on personal happiness. They have the ability to rise above any situation and turn it into a success. No one accepts setbacks with as much dignity as them. They never doubt their ability to overcome obstacles. To these plucky individuals, sticking with a goal is more of an achievement than the goal itself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


do u believe in superstitious?well..u know all sorts of mistik,hantu,kepercayaan karut n etc etc..actually hantu and all the invisible objects are actually exists in this world.but if u over believe all these nonsense too much that it may ruin ur life..the life where it should be as normal as it could be..yeah i know maybe some of u may say that i may not come across any experiences regarding such situation..but once again i also do believe but just to know such thing actually happens in our society.for example, some people said if u wanna go out from the house make sure u left the house with one light on.another one is if u wanna take pictures make sure there's 4 or more than that n cannot 3 coz one of u may die earlier.n theres a lot stufss u know.actually i've heard a lot of people been pukau/sihir n sorts of thing n i do believe that coz the real people told me so.but i dun think that much.i still remembered my father told me when i was in high schools..he advice me not to watch all nonsense drama that has superstitious elements coz it can lower down ur IQ n thinking' i know n realized its true indeed  what he said.even Tun Mahathir once said in an article that we should not over-believe in superstitious coz that can make the culture,race n society prevent from be successful. having said that some people said that when i had the miss abortion they said ada jin yg buat keje ni sume.wth???this is all Allah's force.i never think that way.OMG.what happen to our people?



i know its quite late to post this entry about Adele who won 6th awards at the Grammy Award.anyway soooo happy for her! i wonder when she's gonna do concert here??uwaaaa

The soul singer Adele triumphed on her return to the music stage, collecting six Grammys after winning every category in which she was nominated, including album of the year for 21 and best record for Rolling In the Deep.

But it was Adele who stole the show. The 23-year-old underwent surgery on her vocal cords late last year and had been resting her voice on doctor's orders until US music's biggest night. For the first time since then, the singer took the stage to belt out Rolling In the Deep and finished to a standing ovation.
Adele claimed three of the top awards – album, record and song of the year – and added best pop solo performance, pop vocal and short video to her stack of trophies.
Tearing up as she collected the album prize, Adele talked about 21 and its heartfelt songs dreamed up after a failed love affair. "This record is inspired by something that is really normal and everyone's been through it, just a rubbish relationship, and it's gone on to do things I can't tell you how I feel about it, it's been the most life-changing year.

'everyone has been through a rubbish relationship' YEAH ur right ADELE!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


one fine evening my boss called me in his first we were  discussing about office work..then he suddenly changed a topic which i felt that story or i would rather called it as a first i was like 'pleazzzz god,dun tell me anything more than privacy life itself , U know wat i mean..anything that will cross the border of line between a boss n a i had no choice but to sit n first he said he has nobody to tell this problem coz he only trusts me n he said i am a quiet person who he thinks i will keep this story he told me that he is obsessed having sex with her wife (ahhh...good thing that i know this that he do it with her wife!) hehehe so he told me basically he never satisfied having sex once daily,meaning twice triple n 8x maybe in a day.remind u all he is what seems the problem is her wife who is 3 yrs younger than her refused to have sex with him for almost 3 months he asked my opinion why n wat is in women's mind if that case basically i tell him the common n basic reason is the wife get tired n blah2.but deep in my mind i've been thinking who said having sex everyday in age 40s can be joyful?i dun think so.we are not English people like will smith n his wife which they declare that they had sex frequently everywhere they go!huh! n i've been thinking at that stage of life suppose mereka memperbanyakkan ibadat rather than thinking about sex damn hard!n i cant blame him coz he is pious men n he goes to surau wat else more can i say?so he really insists me to give him an i read a lot of motivational books,at last i just said every women has about the same problem as his wife at that stage of life coz that was stated through research done in Asian people.duhhhh one thing if he don't get sex he said he feels terribly trouble in his daily job..he even admits that he will suddenly get tempered n scold staffs for no reason..seeeee now i know the reason y!shit u boss!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's all about LOVE.

isn't TRUE?


You start dying slowly
if you do not travel,
if you do not read,
If you do not listen to the sounds of life,
If you do not appreciate yourself.

You start dying slowly
When you kill your self-esteem;
When you do not let others help you.

You start dying slowly
If you become a slave of your habits,
Walking everyday on the same paths…
If you do not change your routine,
If you do not wear different colours
Or you do not speak to those you don’t know.

You start dying slowly
If you avoid to feel passion
And their turbulent emotions;
Those which make your eyes glisten
And your heart beat fast.

You start dying slowly
If you do not change your life when you are not satisfied with your job, or with your love,
If you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain,
If you do not go after a dream,
If you do not allow yourself,
At least once in your lifetime,
To run away from sensible advice …

Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904 – September 23, 1973) - Noble prize winner
yessss im start dying slowly... 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

tests n trials

i do believe in this life we have been tested from Allah in many form of may could be problems about your career,life,health,relationship,love,parenting your children,finances,marriage life,education,in studies or even loss of the love ones, n so on..sometimes we think that everything goes wrong but we never realize that Allah has setting the RIGHT thing for this life Allah has planned our journey.n what make the difference is our hardwork,doa n the rest leave it to Allah.but somehow we are not strong enough to face the test even how many times we tell ourselves to stay calm n accept the qada n qadar..

just like to share with all readers out there..

yess i admit im struggling to calm this feeling that the fact that im miscarriage at 9 weeks.anyway everything happens for a GOOD reason :))

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2nd Child

for this time pregnancy i dun feel so other words i feel simply pretty plain simple feeling which i dun share my feelings that much compared the previous fact i told only my few closest the way im scared being pregnant the second child even though that is my wish before i reach 30 yrs old..the main reason im scared is i dun know whether it is a taboo,syndrome,or maybe its just people psychology,or maybe it's a myth or maybe its a FACT of having 2nd child..i found this research n in fact based on real people they are quite the same as the research..

Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist who lived around the same time as Sigmund Freud, was one of the first theorists to suggest that birth order may influence personality. He suggested that birth order leaves a life-long impression on one’s style of life, the way s/he deals with friendship, love, and work. Other things that influence a person are parental attitude, illnesses, disabilities, gender, and the social, economic and religious situation of the family. Other things that should be considered along with birth order are the spacing of years between the siblings, the total number of children, and the parent’s situation over time. The influence of birth order on the development of personality has long been a controversial issue in psychology. Some are in strong agreement that birth order does affect personality, and others disagree completely.
Now, some parents may argue that the second child is not treated any differently than the first child was. But let’s be honest. After you’ve seen your first child take a first step, say a first word, and do all of those other firsts, it’s a little less remarkable to see it in your other children. Whether or not you want to admit it, the middle or second child will always be competing for the lime light with the oldest and youngest children. This is one of the main causes of middle or second child syndrome.
Second or middle children usually bemoan their fate as being ignored by everyone in the family. They may grow resentful or all the attention given to the oldest and youngest of the family. Second born children will often try to be the exact opposite in personality, interests, etc. from the first born child. S/he will often do almost anything for parental attention, even if that means being naughty. Parents tend to be much easier and less demanding on the second and third children. Middle or second children have to compete to be heard or noticed, and therefore crave the spotlight in other ways. They may be the loud, boisterous child in school. They may be the center of all their friends’ events.

The middle or second born child often have a feeling of not belonging to the group. Being in the middle can make the second child feel insecure. They may lack the drive and motivation that is so prevalent in the first born. The second child may instead look to the first born for direction. This may also make the second born feel out of place because they aren’t over achievers. Instead, the middle child usually just goes with the flow.
Second born children are often loners. They may have trouble latching on to a person in a relationship. They may also have trouble making decisions in school and in a career. Second or middle borns are usually artistic and creative, but don’t work well under pressure. They have a history of starting projects and never finishing them. When choosing a career, most middle or second children would be best suited for something where they could freely express themselves, have flexible hours and frequently changing projects. 

in other article:

Anak kedua dikatakan lebih degil, keras kepala dan tidak mendengar kata. semua dia ajer yg betul..dlm ramai2 adik beradik dia aje yg xnak dgr ckp .. kemahuan dia kuat.. kalau buat sesuatu sungguh2… kalau tak nak tu, tak nak lah jawabnya, boleh dipujuk tapi selalunya tak berapa jalan..


memang anak no 2 ni dia tak pujuk makwe / pakwe dia..


  kalau bercinta, sangat setia…sanggup berkorban …


Apa yg dikatakan semua dipegang kalau hitam2 hitamlah kalau putih …. putihlah ….degil tak boleh toleransi


No 2 ni juga nampak ajer keras…tp hati dia lembut juga….SATU lagi peel dia…dia tak boleh ditegur….kalau kita tegur dia mesti tarik muka


very independent..mmg kalau terlebih indepent pun payah…..Tp mudah bergaul..campak lah kat manapun sekejap dah dapat kawan..very take care of her brother and all stuff belonging family.( sebab terlalu ambil berat pun menyampah semua adik2 kena control kena report kat diorang ) ..


anak no 2 ni juga dia payah nk terima arahan…dia lebih suka buat hal sendiri pendek kata..tak boleh kerja ngan org

PEMAAF & caring

tak dinafikan no 2 ni pun pemaaf & caring…TAPI awas jgn bg diorg marah….kalau  marah faham susah nak maafkan


Nak ajer up to date…semua nak kemas....

to be honest most of them above is true coz i,me n myself is the second child in the family :(

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


what is craving?craving is eager,desire to get something especially craving for food.. in malay word is my opinion craving can be controlled by our mind during pregnancy but somehow it just happens!i think the imbalance chemical in the brain can lead to craving.i can't doubt that i have the cravingness during 1st pregnancy.i craved for nasi lemak!can u imagine bfast lunch n dinner with nasi lemak.n its not complete if theres no nasi lemak on that fact if i want to eat at 12 am he has to find i blame the pregnancy hormone!hehe

past few weeks i craved for ice cream!actually im not the type of person who like to eat something that sweet.but i can't help myself looking for ice cream every now n then..n that time i felt i must be pregnant coz i know how my body changes.

 for the first time in my life i bought BR this big size portion at night n i ate all by myself without feeling guilty at all!

 n the other day i really went out at night just want this TF.


 my current craving is ice about u?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


this Thursday i have to give a talk in front of group of people (staffs).i think I'd rather give a talk to unknown people coz absolutely they don't know me well..anyway i can't escape anymore even i have the escapism attitude.hehe coz the management selected me n in fact we have to give talk as rotation every month!FML! so the thing that my mind says when i have to give talk is i think the audience won't dare to talk at the front too!huhu so pikir positif jekla..nak kutuk kutukla mcm la korang berani nk ckp kt depan tu kan??hikhikhik anyway... i wonder my job actually requires me to give talk now n then..for health education/promotion.oh FML again!heheh having said that,i came across an article in yahoo about careers for shy people who seldom or very rare to communicate with others.they are:

-those who work at forensic site
-jobs in the library
-jobs that related to computer science or engineering
-career in billing jobs
-graphic designer

ok so these career actually does not much involve interaction with people n u can do ur own work at peace n u dun have to be good in communication skills..I WISH i can work in the library.hehe

ok now im merapu n stupid of me!!!!!!!! :((