Friday, May 21, 2010

job satisfaction

hye all..ive been busy tracking with my daily routine especially patients yg bertambah it good or bad if number of patients getting increased?is it good because company revenue increase or is it bad because people nowadays easily fall sick?damnn im confused** mother in law who owns a restaurant asked me to be her bisnez partner to operate another restoren.the location sooo strategic n money is not a problem here.the point is she asked me to be manager! well ive been wanting badly to open restoren.konon berangan leh jadik bos n duit masuk ari2 keje 5 hari jek.oh thats TOTALLY WRONGGGGG! as far as i noticed those who wish to open restoren really have to be hardwork! EXTRA HARD i mean. u see..every morning have to wake up at 4am n buy fresh fish,vegiies n so on.then 7am starts open n ends at 5pm.after 5 have to clean up all so that the restoren ready to be served by tomorrow morning.around 6pm can go back home.but not yet!have to buy groceries for reach home by 8pm.then have to wake up at 4 am untill friday the routine goes on!the life not ends there.on sunday morning have to wake up early at 5am to grab fresh meats n fish at the wet market.phewww i wonder if i able to manage that timetable since i have a kid + i have back pain which really require me to move fast n to lift n carry heavy things + i dont know how to face customers complaint about food.all i know about patients complaint!hehehe.. but have u heard the term 'lompat kerja'? it is like lompat from one job to another job.n as saying goes 'once u married with ur profession, u wont be like somebody else in another profession' ntahla..n ive been thinking to try to be part time tutor since i already got degree!yey^^

my beloved physio services :))

Thursday, May 13, 2010

while i'm in BP

yo! wassup?on 1st may we went back to my mom's lovely hometown-batupahat!yey! can meet my grandnanny.


we had lunch at beriani power.mmg power ahh!nobody can replace it.kalau ade nampak beriani power in kl or any klang valley..thats fake!coz it originates here in batupahat! :))

eemm.. i like teh o ais! hehe

hrrmm..sedapnya nasi beriani gam daging ni!

at night we hang out at BP walk.ingat bintang walk jek ke ade?ngeh ngeh ngeh

this is nasi ambeng.the tastes really superb! nasi ambeng oso originates from johor okay..theres no such thing the same taste in pj or kl.woot woot!

okay till then will update soon! peace.

robbery in the lift!!

ive been up n down to transfer our stuffs to move to previous apartment .the point is ive been frustrated with the lift which constantly break down! + the falling lift!with sad i have to move for damia's sake! the worst thing there was robbery in the lift last week!read this:

THE SUN: 13TH MAY 2010.
An incident last week in which two sisters who were robbed in a lift at the Ridzuan Condominium in Bandar Sunway by a man armed with a knife has prompted the building’s management to look into ways to improve security.“This is the first time such a thing has happened,” said Daniel Kap, general manager of VPC Alliance, the property management company which took over the management of the condo a few months ago.The attack was recorded on closed-circuit television cameras installed only the week before, and the footage was forwarded to the police.
When interviewed, none of the security guards recalled anyone of the criminal’s description registering to come in that day.“He may have come through the other gate which leads into the condo’s commercial area,” said Kap.“It only opens at certain times between 5.30pm to 8.30pm, but sometimes the residents use it too as it might be closer to where they live.“We are looking at some proposals from security companies on how to deal with the traffic flow at this gate too,” he added.Residents agreed the incident was an isolated thing.“In all eight years of living here I’ve never heard of anything like it happening,” said Ivy Lim, 29, who is also owns a hair salon in the commercial section of the building.“Sure break-ins occur once in a while, but that’s a problem in all condominiums.”The residents are happy with the new CCTV system however. “All the women are a bit nervous but at least we have his picture to help the police catch him,” said Ivy, referring to the notice put up by the condo management.Kap said the police are conducting more frequent patrols in the area.“We also have a general emergency telephone line residents can call if they see any suspicious behaviour, upon which our security guards will go and investigate,” he said. -- theSun

-----TO the saloon owner- ko back up ar sket for the residents!mcm hampeh ko niii.ur next victim baru tau!!