Sunday, May 27, 2012



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh my English!

i guess everybody has seen this promo ads about oh my english! sitcom.the program is on every sunday at astro TvIQ at 10 am.the sitcom  really benefits to school students as well as the fact to everybody who want to learn english or to polish ur English.u know, the sitcom really teach us the grammar that we use in daily conversations which we may not realize it that we actually talk in a wrong way.but still other people can understand us n laugh at us coz we cannot speak properly.hihi so i recommend this programme to all :)

iPhone 4S

finallyyy i bought iphone's never too late to buy an iphone coz its like all-the time hot stuffs :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I just bought this magazine which is just recently published its first edition! well done to the editor for giving the readers inspiring n become the hijab trendsetter.the hijabs are mostly inntroduced from online far i had bought scarfs from online shop : sugarscarf,radiusuite and tudung bawal datin-juma. when u read this magazine,u can't wait to experiment urself! so go n grab one :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers are important in our life.if u can read this,thanks to ur teachers :D anyway i still remembered when i was in primary school we were rushing to help teacher to carry their bag or books to class.u know its like a respect for them.on top of that we always do something nice to them to just get praise n feel good as a student.but nowadays its all turn upside down! especially when the government introduced sekolah penyayang which means the teachers have to greet the students,to welcome them at the front gate,to not have a mad facial expression towards student and cannot beat or scold them. so wats the value that they want to teach these students? as far as i know we have to respect the teachers no matter how we hate them coz they are the one who teach us n give us the knowledge which is not 'berkat' for the students while studying n  thus the students had difficulty in their studies. supposed we have to respect them,pray for them, n follow the rules as a be kind to ur teachers coz they are the one who made u are today :)

anyway happy teachers day to my favourite teacher in primary school- cikgu zaineese n that is the only name i weird :s  n to mybest friend farah, happy 29th bday on 16/5!

Fraser Hills

Last weekend we went to Fraser Hill with in laws..i still remembered the last time i went there when i was 5yrs old with my eldest sister.hoho the road is so winding n more curve than cameron anybody who has vertigo or get giddy easily, better not to suffer urself like me!hehe.
actually we went there just to celebrate my sis in law bday n mother's day :)

the typical n official mark of FH, the clock tower still remain the same..

happy bday wafa n happy mother's day umi :)

we had late nite supper n only one restaurant left open till 2am..had teh tarik!

rainbow early morning of 2nd our apartment balcony

the early morning stroll.not much we can do up here..just took pictures at the same place besides enjoyed the cool weather...

we had mini boat ride at lake surrounded by nice n breath taking forest...

last but the not least.. got activity at the playground...

p/s: another 20 yrs,mia can go with ur husband n dun bring me along coz sooo giddy going up there!hehe

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day

happy mother's day to all mommies out there..ur superb mom.i realized the relationship between a mother and daughter/son would never ever be the same compared a relationship between u n ur spouse.seriously.the mother's love cannot be compared with any other love in this world!the best person to be with if we sick is our i right? and I'm sure u will appreciate ur mother more when u yourself become the one! so do good deeds n be kind to ur mother all the time :) but my dear friends dun be sad if u lost ur mother...all u can do is pray for her at hereafter...anyway i text my mother n wish her..and she replied she would be happy if her kids to attend/listen to religious programme n doa for her.i admit it that my mama is more pious than any original muslim i ever known..she constantly remind us n educate us to be a good muslim.n  i think its hard for me to do so as what she is doing.she really puts an effort to wake us up in the morning to perform prays n she will get us up if we sleep before perform isyak prayers.she also constantly remind us to watch Islamic programme at selected channel.huhu n i bet only few mothers will do that to their children if they already grown up like us!anyway MAMA you are my LOVE :))

Friday, May 11, 2012


have u ever made mistakes?n admit it?n say sorry?well..sorry seems to be the hardest words..maybe its not ur mistakes...or maybe its accidentally wrong...or u just can't accept n ask for forgiveness.the most awkward moment is u keep doing the same shit again n it feels like pointless drama to beg n say sorry.n u feel like just letting go with silence n let the time heals the soul..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is life.

This is life. 
People will screw you over. 
You’ll fight with your family. 
You’ll witness things that will change you forever. 
You’ll blame new lovers for things old lovers did. 
You’ll lose best friends you thought would always be there. 
You’ll come to realize that everyone has a past. 
You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, & you’ll embarrass yourself. 
But then, you’ll find your very own moment where none of that matters; 
where you can sit back & realize that shit happens to the people who
can handle it and that this is who you are,
and that no one should want to change you,
including yourself.


 last weekend was sisters day out.

 me n my eldest sis :D

we bought shawls n scarfs :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music through my soul

have u ever had so many things in your mind,but u can't say it with words?have u ever had million of feelings but u can't express out loud?then...this goes to lyrics in the music which reflect our is allows u to feel isolated n alone while telling u that u are not alone..when i was in high school,i like to hear all the boys songs;name it-backstreet boys,98degrees,boyzone n more.HAHA then in uni years my soul more to agressiveness coz im stressed studying anatomy n all the rest shit linkin park song suits me :D u see...songs really reflect ur soul at that moment.n if u listen to that song over n over again,it relates to the shit that u are having at that i right? :D but songs have its pros n cons.if u really notice n realize some lyrics have bad meanings,violence,n negative thoughts especially to those youngsters that can easily influenced.besides that,not all lyrics have correct grammar for example 'they sings' or 'it have' u know sometimes the composer just put the words that are nice to hear..or i guess to make it easy for the singer to sing at that certain sentences.hahaha *ni part lagu susah nk tarik nafas lah ni* the good part is we can learn the words,phrases n so far as i remember,i frequently used song lyrics to put into my english essay during school.hehehe

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


♥ Forgive Me for Liking you too much,
I’ll forgive you for not liking Me even a bit…
Forgive Me for the loud racing of My Heart,
I’ll forgive you for not hearing it.…
Forgive Me for finding you amazing,
I’ll forgive you for never ever noticing.
Forgive Me for wanting to be with You more than anything,
I’ll forgive You for avoiding Me & ignoring me always….
Forgive Me for not being able to let go,
I’ll forgive You for never holding on…
Forgive me for still loving you madly…
I’ll forgive you for calling me mad ..

labour day

happy labour day to everyone n there is good news especially for workers in private sector-the salary will raise..yehaa but i think, not much difference if it happens to my company maybe increase rm 50 only.huhu oh btw i just came back from kedah,visited hubby's grandparents.not much to do sightseeing there with hectic +hot+tired+cranky mia! oh btw..we went to padang besar which is located at border between msia n thailand,where the place sell cheap really cheap!the difference runs about rm20 if sells in KL.huhu

this little girl will buy anything that attracts her every single shop we stop.posing with her Dora the explorer umbrella

this fake ipad really become famous at online has 40 functions to i just grab one coz it only costs rm40.yes damia dun have real ipad. i know playing bricks,toys,water n sand are traditional.n i dun mind call me and old fashion. #NoIpad4kids.hehehe

once again..