Monday, October 22, 2012

who am i?

i am the person who like to be advised,but not to be criticised
i am the person who like to praised,but not to be impressed
i am the person who like to be remembered,but not to be judged.
i am the person who like to keep silent,but not to be underestimated
i am the person who like to write this blog with no comment at all!! :)))


last sunday we went to H&M setia city mall..well the shop really bz n full with customers every now n then.i found that all the clothes are cheap!n the size according to euro size..i guess now everyone can buy!the price some sort like cotton on brands but hm material more quality.

so these were few things that i can grab! :D

outfit of the day: jeans top, blue palazzo pants,fossil beg n tribal printed shawl:)

30th bday bash!

last thursday was hubby's bday.lets the pics talk :)

nasi beriani as main menu.surrounded by triffles

the bday cake of course! mia's main attraction to blow candles of this choc moose cheese cake :)

ayam kuzi 

drinks: soda peach cocktail desert: homemade triffles

i bought presents for mia as well coz im sure she might ask me about her present.hihi

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grooming Course

last week i attended grooming course for professionals.this course taught us how to groom our self at the workplace n in the public,how to pose in front of camera n make up class..before started the class, we had ice breaker which in the first place we have to select image criteria that had been given. and then we have to ask 6 friends to tell that person what image she or he i chose meticulous,professional n original as my personality.but apparently most of my friends picked professional,caring n intelligent as my personality.huhu n the facilitator said if one of our selected criteria not chosen by other friends means we syok sendiri!haha that means meticulous is the only thing that i bothered so much all this while! haha

we had make up class n i had so much fun!! 


then the facilitator taught us on how to pose in front of camera.the trick is if we want to look more slim we have to pose at lateral side n not the front view.if we want have to look long legs,we have to bend one of our knees coz this view can make u more taller n longer legs!haha  and last not least i guess everyone knows this,if we want to focus on our face,we have to take from side angle of our face to look more slim.hihi

Thursday, October 11, 2012


hai there ive been updating from iphone at the office... since there are very few patients now i take this chance to write.. well ive been wondering n observing if we have interested in something we like to do for example painting,playing musical instruments, or active in sports we should do n continue what we have been doing. the reason is its like part of our life skills that  are given by Allah n have been developed throughout ur whole life. lets put it this way... nowadays i think it doesnt apply anymore to our children to ask them to study really hard n pass with great exams result so that u can be an engineer or a doctor. for me ur hobby also can make it to a career. ok no doubt academics excellence is vital kids!! i mean dun stop wat u like to do besides the academic matters.for example if our children like to cook he might be a chef one day.. if she likes to play piano she can be a pianist n if he active in sports he can be a professional athlete or a coach in the future. my mother always said its not important to do arts work during school time or active in sports, u know... its like we are holding back child's interest n now i become very boring person hahaha n if u are very fashionable n like to groom urself yes this also can turn into career as fashion bloggers or model u know this world
is wide enough to explore. same thing if u like pets or kids u can own  a pethouse or be  a vet. n nursery .in the end there is nothing is wasting if u really put an effort in everything u do n excell :))