Saturday, February 21, 2009

farther in law bday celebration...

last nite we had bday celebration..sumenya my mother in law yg masak+ her daughter..heheh i just dtg mkn after work

pie ayam

kene baca doa selamat


beef steak

chicken pie n keropok lekor -bikin sendre juga

happy bday walid..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

rambut adalah mahkota wanita...

sape setuju??angkat tangan!well...for me i dun agree with this statement coz i used to wear tudung....that means i dun have to pay much attention to my hair as long as the hair is long,shiny n straight its OK with me...

but its NOT OK compared to my hubby...he's very the bery concern bout his hair..every morning without fail he asks my opinion bout his style on that day...even if i said ' u look fine with that style' then he will change to make it other style..aku pun x paham..theheh until he feels satisfied enuf! he said that i am his critique..mcm iklan syampoo Herbal Essence where the model is negro man with curly hair,bile pakai syampoo tuh his hair turn to straight...n he said 'kelapa dan orkid saya nak balik duit saya' heheheh so funny the model is a men... man! :)) hubby will do haircut every 2 weeks!if not the hair keep long n messy!hehhehe murah jek buat kat x-cut $15 or when we go back to hometown then we go to James Poh at tmn bukit perdana...the famous hair stylist..

this is the proof -man are big concerns with their hair- ..

heheheh peace abg!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new house new rules..

i went to old apartment last week..saje2 visited my sisters there..well..they properly managed n maintain the house well..quite clean..+ new furnitures n sofas which looks like a brand new home! wahhh im so jelesssssssssss!!!!!! aparently..they have the rules in the rules?i hate the rules.break the rules!hehehhe

to both little u know live without maid..everyday it's the maids day off!

Monday, February 16, 2009


As year of 2008 passed by...actually i am more afraid thinking that i still dun have a baby!actually its kinda irritating if i go anywhere especially makcik kepoh kept asking me 'bile nak ada baby..jgn merancang tau' n everybody taught we plan our pregnancy but we don't do that!mungkin tak ada fact bukan makcik kepoh patients also did just like that!siap rekemen lagi mana bomoh yg bagos ke..tpt yg bagos nak g berubat ker..well..i dun really agree with all these craps..adeke makan jely sirap n sireh leh pregnant?hellooo...if u dun have sex then how come the baby produce?hantu agaknya..heheh..

btw the point is..i have seen gynycologist n i knew i have irregular mkn la chlomid tu..ok fine the period cycle back to normal..but after few months it happens again..-sigh- ni sume kejadian that was the first step to eat chlomid..then if unsuccessful,go for second option that is laparoscopy..wich the DR will make small incision kat bwh navel check whether the ovum is matured or tak ada ker..or sikit ke..or abnormal ke..n blah2..BUT of course-la mcm biasa im afraid to undergo this OP (as im not risk taker by injured myself with Operation..heheh so silly of me :( )

ok then go for this IVF treament...where the ovum n sperma fertilized outside the rahim n put back inside the rahim..most of the procedures are successful infact u can get twins!huhuh but the cost so pricey!bout 10k ..

so..the other step is to adopt baby!but my hubby refused this...coz org cakap adopt baby nanti murah rezeki to get our own baby...but hey!its 2009 now..n by 5th june we are been married for 5 yrs!so scarryyy meh...coz aku dgr ramai org cerita dapat baby for 10 yrs or even 20yrs..hohoho mase tu umur aku 40 thn anak baru standard 1..~~pewww~~ watever it is i really envy for those yg dapat baby..sometimes they exaggerate by taking lottsss of pics of their baby with digi camera SLR somemore!meluat pun ade gak..but i wonder if i had a baby, i will b just like them too! so..the morale is jgnla...buang baby merata..kalau x nak give me!

* now i know y unmarried people get stressed when they kept asking 'bile nak kawen??' coz its just same bout me! 'bile nak ade baby??' uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day


wish u all happy V for those who celebrate it..but not for me..coz have to spend the V day alone at home...coz hubby really want to play futsal tonite (temanya futsal V) btw..this year with downturn economy n recesssion i plan not to spend dinner at hotel or buy luxury gifts..last year we celebrated in hotel PJ Hilton..n he gave me tag huer watch,card n red rose.. auwww..but not 2nite! *sob2*

All my HEART belongs to u...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Desperate Housewife

YESSSSS Finally desperate housewife season 5 see u @8tv every tuesday 1030pm i'm big fan of these series.i tink i can really play their role in real life...heheheh they are:

1- Bree! -the perfectionist,loves to bake cakes n clean the house..i wish i have time just like her to wipe all the dusts or just simply wipe the precious plates n spoons..wohoohoho

2- Lynette-i really inspired her for being super woman where she has to go to work while handling the twins n the little daughter (mase ni previous season)..i am amazed of her energetic n kuat semangat to handle her marital problems n etc etc...

3- Gabby-if i were minah salleh i will definitely have scandle with other guy even married...heheheh nipun last season yg dia ada scandle dgn gardener...huh so hooot!well...i really envy with her life coz she has rich husband + everday shoping! + go to gym exs...i wish i had more time to do exs...n shopping!hehhehe oh not forgotten lootssss of $$$$

4- Susan Mayer- i like her for being single mother with her teenage daughter..yg bagusnya daughter dia baik n sukses in school..i wonder where she earns money n buy stuffs or shopping coz she does not work at all!bestnyalahai jadi dia...tak keje tapi leh shopping2 n freedom!

5- Eddie- oppsssss not to say...she is not my bitchy but sometimes she loves to help people to pay revenge fact spesis dia ni so dangerous in our neighbourhood hehheh

well...this season u can see lottss of changes especially gaby!living with blind husband + 2 fat daughters...she try to cope with her daughters yg kuat mkn...

betty pulak bz launching resepi book with her bisnes partner Katherine Mayfair..where her friend bengang kat dia coz betty anggap dia mcm kuli jerk...for lynett she's having hard time with her teenage twin sons yg kuat gambling..Susan had divorced n now having scandal relationship dgn budak kontrak yg keje repair rumah dia...hehehhe besides having son yg bergilir2 jaga with her ex hubby...eddie pulak moved in to the wisteria lane after married with rich motivator..tapi xtaula ape muslihat depa ni..biasala eddie mesti buat hal punya!

so basically they create lootssss of problem after this...n Wisteria Lane has changed the neighbourhood..watever it is..they still freinds having sweet little time chit chatting,gossiping n having coffeeat the gardens in the evening...argghhh so nice if dapat spend time like that!

anyway guys catch up the series..even though i can donwload the series but the thrill of waiting each episodes tuh yg syiooook!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


CHANGES are big matter in my life...xtau la korang mcmana...wether u can accept the changes,or u deny's all up to the individual..well...for me I have BIG TROUBLE to accept changes n adapted to it..or get used to the surroundings..i dun know y....i think changes can give me lottsss of trouble in my daily life..especially if u have ur daily routine-but sometimes bosan gak ari2 buat benda yg sama kan?-but wat i mean is big n sudden changes...mcm pindah uma baru nih...its a big deal for me-but im the want who request to stay have to accept it!- another thing is if there are any changes routine in ur daily work at mine we have to treat waiting appointment outpatients within 10 min..then this morning aku lawan ckp bos!coz he did sudden changes without discussing with his staffs!he's sooooooo autocratic!last2 aku bengang aku against him with my actions...the story was...sebelum ni our department tak payah la nak kene bukak kasut utk masuk gym suddenly dia suruh take off the shoes n wear selipar inside the gym...tupun sbb ade bos from other department complained ckp kalau dia pergi any physio department,sume org take off the shoes...the point is whats the relevant of taking off the shoes by only nak masuk gym?dah la gym tuh kecik jek..bengang tul menyusahkan coz i have to salin2 kasut-selipar wat i did this morning was i hide the first he didn't notice..then dia nampak patient pakai kasut..he scolded my assisstant..last2 aku letakla balik selipar tu ke tpt asal!bengang kat bos!x leh nak bincang langsung!*coz even we discussed elok2,he wont listen n he with his dicision!that's y lar aku protest trus pagi tadi!* hehhehe
so changes is A BIGFOR ME..


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


i envy with my youngest sister who had frequent visit to cinema-catch up the latest movies...well..frankly speaking..i have not been watching movie at cinema since end of 2007!whoho...lame gile..this is bcoz my hubby n i had twice bad experienced mase duduk dlm panggung..u know wat...ade sekali tu..ade mamat with his frends keep kicking at the back of our was very purposely kick!mmg at 1st we ignore them...but they keep kicking until end of movie!!tensen gile...then i heard they said 'boleh blah la dis kapel' hello...we r married btw!wtf!yg bengangnya kite x kacau dia,dia kipochi kacau kite plak!!-i think these are wat we called boyyysss atitude bile met together in a bunch!- mulala saje buat kerek konon berani ada geng ramai2... are the moralsss or ETHICS while watching moviess at cinema:

NO kissing plez!get a room people! (if ur gf-bf then its NOT OK!)

NO sleeping plez!especially if ur snoring n tumpang bahu person beside u!oohhh so irritating!

kalau nak share popcorn tu boleh..tapi agak2 la bila munching the popcorn..jgn sampai org sebelah pun nak jugak!

SWITCH OFF the handphone plez!ur annoying!everybody in the cinema can hear ur conversations!
last but not least...

DON'T KICK MY SEAT!or else i kick ur ass!! - but of course-lar not this little cute baby :)

oh btw...worries no more...coz now i have LCD TV in the house..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ridzuan part IV -different routine

after moved to new my life's routine also changed..
  1. no more federal highways coz now exit ikut subang...
  2. have to dry clothes at balcony beside the living room..looks so messy ...sbb tak ada cahaya matahari pun kat small porch at the back of our kitchen..-means have to buy dryer after this!:)
  3. every morning have to scroll down the roman blind in our bedroom coz nanti salin baju the whole sunway can see us naked!hehehehe
  4. no more digital malls in seksyen 14 pj..- which we always buy our digital needs..
  5. no more Amcorp malls!- always been loyal customer at flea market held every sunday
  6. no more 24 hr KFC-bagos gak for diet BUT susah cari KFC in subang!jauh sket from the house...
  7. no more bank islam ATM in S14 PJ-which i always pay my card credits debts n house kt subang susah nak cari machine cash deposit!
  8. no more food stalls in pasar S14 PJ-which we eat the best lontong there on sunday morning!
  9. no more tasek pj for jogging-have to replace with tasek at the back of the new house (which mostly indons n banglas lepak situ)
  10. no more uptown-which we always eat satay kajang samuri n buy cd pirates there-now have to find kedai CD Pirates in subang..
  11. no more MIDVALLEY!-we always have night out in MV even for 2hours!-shopping is the best therapy!heheheh
  12. no more the curve,ikea n OU-have to go there with purpose only..x bleh mcm dulu just strolling around without tujuan
  13. no more University tower!-i have n must totally erase this house from my mind!or else asyik nak singgah jek!uwaaa...
  14. no more Laundry@italianese the curve-kalau ada gigs or any live band..
so the morale are... Have to find new places,new hot spots,new mkn2 place (which is Darussalam mamak quite fames here) hang out (which is cuma ada sunway,subang parade n carrefour subang)..n the sundry shops (which most of them kedai runcit keling)

*buhbye PJ...welcome subang!-sigh-*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DR = D.O.C.T.O.R

So what's so cool being a doctor as profession?people say being a DR is like 'you are god-knows-everything' n engineer knows nuthing?boleh gitu?well i raised in family doctor.-both parents have their own clinic + my eldest sister is a DR.During primary school sisters n i were like sooo fames coz we r daughter of doctors!-n ini merimaskan aku coz i'm low profile person.they tend to pay more attention for u...when moved to high school,sama gak especially cikgu-cikgi yg kipochi always compare me with my other sisters n basically diaorg ingat kite bcoz of anak DR!bosannnnya...

During university years,i taught its safe for me coz nobody knows bout dis-as i have this bad thinking n experience towards other people if they know pasal anak DR ni...sort of phobia..hehehhe BUT 1st day of class,we were asked to introduce ourself so mestila ada mention parents job n i mention doctors!*sigh* expected...'ana kayala ko' or 'ana ko mesti pandai'...aku pk2 blk yg kaya parents aku & yg pandai diaorg!not me!arghhhh....

1 day of clinical training,ada tutor asked me question which i didn't know the answer n he said 'macamana u tak tau?u kan anak DR?!' i WAS LIKE WAT THE +*%##!!!^ so typical malaysian! kalau dah tak tau tu,x kirela anak DR ke anak lawyer ke..mmg xtau that means search for books!adoiyay...

Then i remembered one day i was late foe final presentation exam,the tutor mad at me he said ' awak ingat ni klinik bapak awak ker?!' sedey gile aku...nape nak libatkan bapak aku plak?aku rase dia budget aku anak DR so boleh dtg lambat but that day was accidentally late!celaka!!! from that day,i was so hurt+kecik ati with that tutor coz he used to be my 1 of favourite could he say that?*sob2*

After i got first job in damansara specialist hospt,mcm biasala kene isi resume form n isi personal ada column pekerjaan ibubapa ..n i wrote doctors!so when i started working,everybody expects me to know everything from anatomy to effective Rxs!siot betul dah la tu my 1st time experience keje..ntah ape2...

anyway..when I moved to work in my current workplace,nobody knows who i am coz bile isi form,i state parents job as self employed...coz i dah phobia with these crazyy nonsense shitss... so now Im n sound..

entry ni x ada kene mengena dgn medical student/DRs/Surgeons...oh talking bout surgeon,i wonder y orthopaedic surgeons soooo gatal n flirty?tell me y! i have seen a lot in various hospt.kene buat research ni! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ridzuan part III-elevator

elevator or lifts in the apartment not properly maintained + no brand!at least shiendler ke...ottiske..or eitta elevator ker...tapi ni nothern brand.x penah dengar pun?talking bout the lifts..actually ada 4 lifts tapi 2 jek functioning,the rest tdo ..heheheh bayangkan ada 28 tgkt..nk reach the ground floor takes bout 10-15 mins..tensen gle..i cried once bile terkenangkan benda ni...u know the lift is like ur BASIC NEEDS!ada sekali tu after CNY break we have to climb down the staircase from 10th floor early morning nak g keje..yg pelik nya only two of us jek yg turun tangga org lain tdo kot.. 1 lift with no button of 10th floor,so i have to get to 11th floor,then turun ikut tangga...the other lift pintu dia very sensitive we can't press close button,coz it won't
close!ape punya celaka daaaa hehehe so one day...ada ramai la org kat dlm lift nak naik, mase tu dah penuh so we decided to wait another trip..bile aku nak press button going up,the people inside taught we pressed the button from outside n the lift basically can't close the door..padahal
they all inside the lift yg press the close button-which the lift unable to close the door if we press
close button!duhhh...luckily mase mula2 duduk apartment ni, ada indian lady ni told me 'no need to press the close button,just let it the door close itself n it takes time' hehhe now i know the tactic..but i pitty the people inside the lift coz they took long time to stop each floor coz they keep pressing the close button!huh aku yg kat bawah ni punyela tensen tunggu the lift to get down! oh
not mentioning the squeaking cracking sound ...sounds like scarry for 1st bcoz of the lift,i won't go down once i dah kat now i have to really plan when n
where to go by not naik turun lift banyak2 kali!!!

* miss University tower lift ...uwaa...*