Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Mariam :D

welcome to the world darling! call me Cik Na okaayy? :)


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Aerophobia means fear of flying. i bring up this issue coz next month we are going to attend friend's wedding @ kelantan..n im the one insist my hubby to fly there..sbb cepat sket sampai n leh spend more time shopping! heheheh okaayyy y i fear of flying? ni nak habaq mai ni..bukannya x penah naik flight..mase kecik2 dulu siap gi europe paris bagai..ingat lagi mase tu 5 tahun kot so x penah duduk diam kat seat flight n my mom was bz yell at us to sit still n to read bismillah many times..mase tu bukannya paham pun.. n that journey took us 13 hours! huh then bila dh besar my mom told me at that time she was scared if the plane i can feel the fear! hehehe 2004 we had our 1st honeymoon @ langkawi (abg bile nak 2nd honeymoon ni??) tht time we chose Air asia..the freaking part was at that time Air asia was just newly launched their the plane was soo small (remind u all this isn't air bus okay,coz that time air bus pun xada lagi!) n NO AIRCOND boleh bayangkan? betapa panasnya aku time tu..n i was really like fainting + suffocating inside it! damn! then last year i treated air asia pilot..n she oso mentioned that time x ada aircond! boley gitu? n that was my last experience naik flight n till now i fear bout it..lebih2 lagi kalau tengok air crash investigation kt astro tu..adoiyay.. i wonder how to overcome my fear? especially during take off and landing. my 3rd sista has been travelling a lot ..australia la UK la apela..n wish to be just like her! selamba x takot.he3

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From where on earth did u get my phone number??

I just received a call form P1WiMax..yg iklan 'potong potong' tu.the lady on the phone really asked me to buy the modem coz now its on promotion.the point is i already had my streamyx. so why on earth should i have to listen to u? adioyay aku paling x suka org mcm ni! pujuk rayu suruh beli modem la.filter la..insuransla ..kad kredit la!!tensennya! even when i said 'sorry, i dun want it' that lady really insists to call me back tomorrow just to know the answer! FML! esok sama gak jawapannya x nak! n of course esok dia sebok promote lagi! owhhh i just knew it! dun pick up unfamiliar phone numbers ana! aku mmg x suka bab2 mcm ni..contohnya aritu gi kedai nak beli tudung, tapi bila kita x nak, bos kedai tu buat muka masam pulak! eh eh suka ati aku la nak beli ke x nak! what de heck people on this earth???? FML

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do i know u??

so far in facebook account, lots of unknown people add me to their friends list..the point is sometimes i hardly know u..or hardly remember u..or do we play together during childhood? or during school years? or mase tgh tunggu bas? oh tidak! seriuosly i won't simply add freinds that i really can't recall our relationship...or am i just too famous? heheheh sometimes sister's friends, sister's sister's friends..aunty's friends..friend of friend..adoi sorryla more thing if your profile pics is the picture of your daughter or son..kalau check profil tengok tulis female n tahun lahir..pulak tu picture ada satu jek iaitu profil picture anak kamu, nama pulak bukan nama sebenar.what da heck? u think i know u?? adoiyayy mcm mana nak accept kalau mcm tu? tambahan pula mutual freinds kamu semua my ex school mates..maksudnya aku mesti kenal ko punye..tapi disebabkan letak muka anak sajo..susah sketla nak accept yop! ade pulak tu nick name x boleh blah punye..example :Scha al-yayang .ape ko ingat ko scha alyahya ke? bengong!


okayyy referred to the title very pissed offfff with the nursery owned by my hospital.the point is the attendant staffs who have been training to babysitt do their jobs carelessly with no heart at all! shit + damn man! bayangkan:

- they all susukan baby dalam position menelentang.kalau tersedak susu n mati siapa nak jawab??

- they all tukar pampers x cuci pun.just tukar the new one there n then.i witnessed this! serius shit!

-they all main tarik2 tangan baby yg umur 11 months if they want to transfer baby to another place, hampeh!

the moral is im not gonna send my baby there tgh bingung cari babysitter or nursery yg bagus sket kt shah alam..adoi.. anyway

quote of the day: im not the person who like to correct other peoples' mistakes..for me U SHOULD KNOW UR OWN MISTAKES! coz i know u JUST KNEW IT BUT U IGNORE IT! shitty shittt!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bz sangat dowwhh

sejak dua menjak nii daku begitu sibuk bangat!patient makin ramai..especially ari isnin!daku pun x tau ntah mana2 ntah diaorg dtg..mcm semut!semua org malas keje kot ari senin..sbb tu amek MC..sbb daku pun pernah buat mcm tuu masa keje kt tawakal dulu..heheheh anyway semlm daku treat patient pelakon yg berlakon dlm cite cinta balqis tu..dia jadi ayah memey tu..tapi dia sangat garang okaayy pendiam jek orgnye..hurmm..owh..anyway starting by tomorroe daku akan anta baby ke nirsery..the routine starts again!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My crib rocks!

bile nakal..saya kene tido meniarap :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No plastic bag day!

yesterday we went to one utama..hunting for mia's rocker..n i actually did not know at all that every saturday is no plastic bag day in selangor! if u really need it,then have to pay 20cents..hurmm i guess i should bring the ikea's blue bag yg besar itu..baru puas ati campak semua barang..heheh n i baught emporio armani new specs! ada sale @ focus point 40% n yesterday was the last day!very lucky for me..

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

emotional breakdown :((

hukhuk feel down n stress right now..wake up ana! u have to face the fact that u can not run from ur problems! need to settle down ..can't throw n keep aside the problems..u can not roll in the next child! u have to learn from past mistakes. the experience that u learned..make sure don't repeat the same mistakes again! luv u mya.bye.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Thursday, January 7, 2010


there's nothing i can do..except accept
it with open heart..where lots of patients seek treatment..seemed to get scolded by
everyone..assignments yg x setel2 dari dulu lagi!.. dtg keje tapi hati jerit nak duduk kt rumah
jek! yg palsu! ... baby yg nangis with no reason at all! ... duit yg always x cukup! ... marriage
life can be blissful but sometimes painful ..hukhuk (biasala tu)... keje sampingan di ofis which is
everyday i have to teach colleagues bout SPP! ... need to explain to patients the causes of their
pain or their condition over n over again (until at one time i just replied 'ntahla cik!' hhehehe
sowila tu tahap gaban malas n stress!) ... the incisions pain still exist till now :( ... the tiredness
that never end! ... the self-time very limited now! ... one thing to reduce the major stress is

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


today nothing much done..the same old routines of WORK! rase nak cabut lari balik rumah mase
lunch tadi..coz MALAS plez stay away im in BAD MOOD.

Monday, January 4, 2010

new car VS new year = wtf?

this afternoon we went to toyota survey for vios 1.5G..this is becoz our honda FIT tayarnya pecah coz hubby terlanggar n jatuh kt potholes! damnn need to repair here n fact before this ade jek x kene dgn FIT i test drive the vios n its kewl! bolehla..yg penting bonet besar for mya's stroller hehhe..then in the evening we went to honda showroom survey honda city..tapi cik hubby x suka pulakkk :( so..esok nak gi survey nissan latio pulak..hopefully in the end vios will be the best choice ever! *finger crossed*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 3rd sister!

heh3..bunyinya mcm cite hantu jek..well..i want to tell u guys bout my 3rd sista! she is sooo jovial, loves to goofy around, she is LOUD person, the straight forward person, the meanest! heheh n the playful one.. BUT she is the LATE person..always been late!in fact she likes other people to wait for her..grrrr! so..last weekend i went back to hometown..n the 3rd sister telah dirisik by a terengganu gentleman..wish the best for her!

n for the new year celebration we watched AVATAR movie @ MOB square one batu pahat..n this were 3rd times for both little sisters..-since they have to accompany me watch the movie..after been for ages didn't have the chance to watch movie in cinema huh!-

the movie was damn AWESOME! big thumbs up to James Cameron..its been worth it did this movie which took 15 years to complete it! i fall in love to be in the forest! :))

1st anniversary

31st Dec 2009 was my 1st blog's anniversary..yey!

as u all can see at my blog..even though i dun have many readers..i still been grateful coz a few of other blogger drop by to give few comments..anyway i will continue n keep on writing for the sake of this lovely blog! in fact, i love to write!heh3 to all silent readers..or anybody who drop by to this blog..thanks for being supportive n WELCOME! :D