Thursday, October 29, 2009

confinement leave!

sape kate cuti pantang best????dahla x leh nak kuar rumah jln2..arghh rindunya shopping
mall..kalau nak kuar pun kene pikir byk kali nak bwk baby sekali payah coz baby aku kuat
nangis!adoi susah nak comfort dia kalau kt tgh2 org ramai..x pasal2 aku kene tangkap coz
pencemaran bunyi..hehheh ok fine...aku ingat cuti lehla nak siapkan asignment but have to
extend till march next year..nak gi library pun susah..semua aktiviti terbatas..nak ikutkan nak
jek gi carefour sendre beli barang dapur coz dah abiss!! hurmm..ape aku merapu ni?anyway i

Thursday, October 22, 2009

damia yg manja!

- nk minum susu 2jam sekali
- pampers nk kene sentiasa kering even pas mandi ade yak sket dh kene tuka lg
- if dh minum susu botol tapi xdpt tdo lg kene kasi breastmilk plak
- siang tdoo pijak semut pun x mati,mlm kalau dengar bunyi sket jek terbangun
- kalau terjaga nk kene dodoi kt riba.kalau xlelap lg if ltk atas katil,she knows!..
N these cycles continue until she sleeps!
Kesimpulannya: mamanya manja time pregnant..mother's attitude determines bb's attitude in the future.waaaaa

Monday, October 19, 2009

happy besday babah!

hye babah..i knew ur bdy yesterday..i just wanna wish u happy bday babah!although we r far apart..i mean im in johore n ur in pj,..thanks for taking care of me..esp tukar pampers mia mlm2.hehehe so i wish u n mama had happy marriage..n not forgotten u have to quit smoking for my sake!coz i dun want my babah to smoke-nanti kalau sakit sape nk jaga mia?oh my! From beloved daughter-mia

i never thought that..

- having a baby needs lots of patient n must very highly motivated..huh
- my bb able to turn her body to side lying after born for few days..
- all mothers able to cope with bb needs!n wonder those who able to cope smpai ada 12 org anak.woho mmg mencabar minda aku ni..
-y God blessed me with bb after 5yrs married-sbbnya supaya aku betul2 bersedia!
-maternity leave for 2months can be that
soooo damn boring!-ingat leh jln2 ke?
-eventhough breastfeed is the best fed,but wat happen if the breastmilk can't meet the baby's demand?kene top up dgn formula milk loorrr.....


Monday, October 5, 2009

migrate to new life!

frankly lifes totally changed after had the baby..u see..all these while ur routine lifes totally changed..especially after married for 5 yrs -yg lovey-dovey duduk 2 org jek- then suddenly have to pay priority to the baby..all about the baby! seriusly keje aku skrg ni breastfeed,mandikan bb,n jaga more or less than that especially dlm pantang ni x leh nak kuar uma jln2! kalau dulu weekend shopping but now have to stay at home counting hours when will the baby wake up to breastfeed? hurrmm..hopefully after confinement i can changed my routines as usual..tapi still kene jaga mlm! n surprisingly on 1st day of birth..the baby cried all night long n i didn't sleep at all..terkezut gak la..ingatkan baby ade gakla tido few hours..tapi nah amek ko! rezeki masing2la..*sigh* all mothers out there.. semua baby mcm ni ker?ker baby aku jek yg byk ragam?totally culture shock n stress gak ar...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thank u all... out of the hospital..yeay! after been there a week!Thanks to everyone who visited me with the gifts..

from uncles Cheras..

from Aunty Anum..

from aunty Ain...

n not forgotten angpaus from relatives..

zig zag hair perming for newborn baby