Tuesday, August 31, 2010


sempena bulan ramadhan,hospital mmg ada buat bubur lambuk n kasi free kt org awam..so aritu giliran department kiteorg kene agih2kan..kebetulan pulak ade artis beb..
REMY ISHAK in the house!!

remy ada majlis buka pose sekali aritu dgn fan club dia sekali..yg peliknya x raikan anak yatim..tapi raikan fan club dia plak..boleh gitu buat amal jariah bln pose?hihi mcm salah konsep jek..
p/s: i love u ADAM.bye!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~~music to my ears~~

my parents' house maid came back to work with us again!woot woot! its a good news for the whole family esp for my parents who left only 2 of them at hometown..hurrmm sume anak kene merantau..actually the maid have been working for about 5 years!in 2008 she left us n went back to indon n we missed her dearly.in fact we still contact each other since then..see how close we were..she is soooo good person.she is not the typical maid as we read in the newspaper whereby news regarding lost maid,bad maid,lazy maid n so on.she is honest,loyal,hardworking.in fact we treat her as part of the family.n for the first time damia met her,she didn't cry.in fact damia can play with her without me.wohooo.

tengok tu mia x nangis pun. *pelik*

Monday, August 23, 2010


i remembered my dad once told me 'kita xperlu ramai kawan..sebab kalau lagi ramai kawan,lagi ramai musuh'.until now i dun get wat he wanted to deliver his thinkings to me.well its crystal clear that he has very few friends!hahaha .SO DO I! frankly speaking i have very few close friends that i can count on my fingers!huhu i am a person who hard to socialize but easy to get along once u know me.so other people have to approach me first then i can be ur friends!hihihi my younger sisters have a bunch of close friends..they are 5 of them. n they used to be best friends n share secrets. a friend of mine also has 5 close friends n until now they really close even they work in variety of places. so i wonder how they can be so good to get along among 5 of them?they dun bitch or quarrel to each other.in fact they still contact n do activities together. when i was in primary school i only have a bestfriend -nashita.in high school- farah.in boarding school- norie (i wonder where is she now??) in uni years -juju n in degree years-hajar.seeeeee... i can be friends with many people but end up with a friend only.i dunno y.owwhh i still remember after i finished high school..i almost cried coz in reality i have to wave goodbye to my bestfriend coz in this life we have to choose our own path..i cannot live with her anymore.so from there i realized that i really depend to a friend in watever i do especially during uni years, during study time.

i love to see their friendship.may God bless u all.

farah n me.


as we go on, we remember
all the times we had together
and as our lives change, from whatever
we will still be friends forever...

oh my!oh my!

this morning i had shocking news from my frend who pregnant again this year!she was post-ceasearean 11months n now 5months preggy.oh my oh my!i wonder if she ever needs rest as she was delivered by operation.well i know u guys must said it is REZEKI but i feel disgusting if a women just delivered baby3mths with c-section n now having pregnancy for 3weeks! euwwww *aku rase ayah dia yg kene sekolahkan ni!!* kang ade yg terburai tangan baby kuar dari perut karang! honestly i still feel the pain even 6months post ceasear if i do heavy work. i dun mind if these people delivered normal..arini beranak next week pregnant pun aku x kesah! hihi.. sometimes i wonder some people has 8childrens with gap 1 yr..oh i mean every year! confirm gigi xde & rambut gugur! hihi so i think government should play their role to raise awareness bout ceasarean care.

therefore, i STRONGLY SUPPORT:

Sunday, August 22, 2010


to all mommies out there..have u ever had a baby who sensitive to sound? i do i do! *uhuk2* my baby has incredibly sensitive to sound even i lift up a pillow beside her..or even tidy up the bed sheet..how come lah weh?not to say if i started to get up from the bed..wahhh she's sooo telinga kuali meh!especially when she was 2-5months old.owhh sometimes i really have to be acrobatic of my body to ensure all my body movements are correctly move by not making any squeaking sound!untill i always tend to get wrist or back pain.hurmm..when she wants to sleep the tv should turn off n nobody can talk at that area..or else she wakes up n uwaaaaaaaaaa!! hihihi now she's getting better but still we should be very extra careful coz if she starts wake up she wont sleep back.adoiii penat la..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

whose baby?

currently ive been reading harian metro newspaper as my officemate buys it everday..soo no choice of reading.i found that the news really extreme n daring!they really go into depth of certain issues compared other local news.so everyday we have been informed about dumping baby.the point is i really wanna kill those immoral-shit-minded-people!according to statistic every 15 mins there is 1 case of baby dumping and by 5 years more there will be 1 case every 5mins!this is scary for next generation!its like a new culture! how could they simply dump the bb after carry the weight about 9months?hellooo xkan kawan sekolah, mak bapak atau kwn2 serumah xperasan ke perut kawan ko tu buncit semcm?dun tell me that they are thin so they dun look obvious even pregnant.hello!i have a friend really skinny bout 40kgs.bila pregnant mmg nampak ah.siap pakai baju pregnant.that means their friends oso stupid!ok now the government had set tup baby hatch-to place the baby at a centre,n to go for adoption later on-owhh how sad is this??its like to encourage more youngsters to do the immoral attitude!-another thing is the gov had give permission for teenagers 16 n 17th yrs old who wanted to marry early to avoid baby dumping.--wat u guys been thinking when u all were 17th yrs old?aku rase aku tgh pikir pasal SPM,kalau x lulus malu beb!xmasuk U...n yet this small portion of shit-minded-people thinking about sex!meanwhile,the government always been discussing to introduce sex education at school as a new subject.in my opinion,the subject should not be discussed because it will encourage more to the students as they get influenced by term SEX.so in the end they will try do it!oh noooo.the point is y we should teach that subject if we have islamic education which cover the topic itself?duhhh wake up people!x pernah pergi sekolah agama ker??

who should be blame?

- the parents?

-the teachers?

-the media?

-the lyrics of songs?

-the uncontrolled movies from outside?

-the surroundings?



Saturday, August 14, 2010

ok ke?

sehingga puasa arini..saya belum lagi menjejakkan kaki lagi ke pasar ramadhan..is it weird or normal?hihi at least its a good way to start diet food n money!huhuhu

Thursday, August 12, 2010


"separation anxiety happens when the child discovered the concept of object permenance,whereby something or someone still exists when out of her sights."

i think all mothers have experienced this situation when we wanted to send off our child to nursery or pre-school.n it really happened to me when damia was 8months when i was impromptu sent her to the nursery due to some problems encountered that week.so basically as soon as i put her down on the mattress,her face started to look wierd n then...1...2...3...im out from there (episod seterusnya mesti nangisss punye!,tapi buat2 x dengar) adoiyaaa the worst thing is she continued crying until the clock strikes 5pm!hohoho minum pun x nak,berhingus gile selekeh sume benda x nak.nak kene dukung jek.so i decided to take on leave the next day!aiyakkk

so ive been thinking to put her back to nursery again! when she turns 1year old.n i dun think its gonna work!so here are some tips that i read to soften the blow:

1) place ur child with alternate caregiver- aku rase mia lagi cuak kot!

2) do not sneak away without her knowledge,instead tell her that i'll be back n she will be alright- aku rase mia x mudah tertipu dan ditipu.kuang3

3) before u leave,give her your photo or keychains or anything so that she will know that u will come back for it and her.- aku rase bila mia tengok barang2 aku lagi dia meraung2 nak blk!kuang3

4) you can also read books to her about going to nursery or pre-school n going on new adventures-hopefully mia leh terimala..

5) lastly,make informal visits n walk around the place with her n tell her what she will be doing n toys that she can play with..-aku rase time aku ade dgn dia mmg dia nk main lah..time aku nak cabut blk,dia melalaklah

this is such an everyday occurance.nak gi basuh baju jek sibuk tarik2 kain n nangis2 ape kes??

n if damia can speaks..she will say:


anak kelaparan..

ini kisah anak kelaparan dimlm ramadhan..pabila anak buat bunyi mcm burung kelaparan yg patut disuap oleh ibunya..jadik sang ayahla yg patut masak.hikhikhik

inilah dia hasil pizza abah mia buat.ok x?
janji leh mkn anak beranak !hihi

Sunday, August 8, 2010

wat's ur G?

every now n then people talk about the newly limited edition GCB burger from McD.even officemate said its soo delicious.well so..i've tried one..n its TASTELESS! sorryla beb..seriously the meat is grilled -ok im fine with that- but the taste like satay.i think satay kajang lagi sedap beb!hihi *obviously* so if ur not the fan of grilled chicken so dun waste ur money to buy it.but i think prosperity berger is wayy far too good than gcb!uhuk3
meanwhile..this morning i ordered mcd delivery big breakfast set n poridge.this is for me n damia's food for the whole day,since hubby outstation.nak masak xde barang dapur coz suppose today we have grocerry shopping for fasting month stock.n one thing for sure mia will cry if i get up n go to kitchen,bedroom or toilet!how laaaa wehh?? **penakut is it??**

hashbrown for mia..
*so tonite have to go to mydin usj for shopping!!*

RED means STOP

if u guys at red lights on the road..wat u guys will be doing?picking up ur nose?make up?look n stalk to right n left?well..last week i saw this girl put up her make up outside the window of her car,n she used the side mirror to do her make up.i think this gurl might want nice lighting n natural lights under the sunlight!oh mannn kalau ade mat rempit kiri kanan mesti kene kacau beb!

oh not forgotten nowadays lotss of beggars tend to beg for money at traffic lights!even its green light..they tend to walk in the middle of the road n at the same time try to avoid cars coming his way.oh mannn they are so desperate!if u notice those are more indians n arab.. kot hurmm..

like this old man..with his neck collar beg money from one car to another..konon sakit leher la tuh!penipu!!

the other thing is road bullies by breaking somebody car n snatch handbag from passenger seat.this especially happen if ur at the front row or in the middle of the queue.sooo PUT UR HANDBAG UNDER THE SEAT NOT ON PASSENGER'S SEAT!sometimes RED means GO! to run for ur lives!

Friday, August 6, 2010

blah blah blah

happy coz hp E71 dh anta ke nokia centre for 2weeks utk repair.n now can update blog through wireless kt ofis.currently im staying at sunway kondo.mcm biasa lift tinggal 1.even depan lif ade signboard under repair..the residents still use it.*pelik* kt ofis dh plan raya..so i blk kedah this year n cuti on raya days only. Mcmana agaknya pakai baju kurung sedondon dgn mia nanti ek??so pretty!hihi