Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last night we went to Grafa Cafe which is in SS15 Subang Jaya.just wanna try the food.n not bad it is affordable n tastes nice :)

 his: soda herbs with tastes nicer than the one at wondermilk.RM 12

 his food: lamb chop with potato n the flowy gravy.nyumm2 plus with sambal belacan.i guess they still keep in touch with asian flavour :) the price RM 25

mine: ice 3 layer tea.RM 5

Mee raja.which is made from yee mee noodles with chicken. RM 15

YEAH i guess my life is a constant battle between eating too much BUT not want to get fat -.-

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family Day

Last Sunday,my company organized family day held at icity.

 the theme was green colour.all of us have to wear green outfit.those wore the most creative won tickets to legoland.huhu

 as usual mia pose with the sculpture while waiting the winners received their lucky draw gifts.


 this is the i know mia is afraid of the slides in the pool but she's not scared to swim.she said she scared if the bucket of water on top pours down on her.haha byk songeh

after serving the company for 7 years,this is the first time i received lucky draw gift!i guess my lucky number is 7 this year :P

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am Lejen

last night i went to Lejen Shop in SS15 Subang is nice cozy small bookshop which consists urban and contemporary novel

 these were the novels i bought u can see the books are not suitable for underage kids ,u know,coz the language so bitching n punk.but if u wanna different kind of view of reading materials y not give it a try!

actually the firt time i went there i bought this book.The Author is a medical doctor.this is the most superb ever novel i ever read!the novel really carried me away from reality!i like it doctor!nice job! i wonder if ur on fb,twitter or instagram maybe? i wanna add u!hehe btw she also the author of Cerpen.

Sister's Engagement Day

 my 3rd sis had engaged on 10th Feb 2013!happy for her...finally congrats on ur catch!hehe we have been her true upsets n happy stories in her past the end she got the best man!alhamdullilah :)

 so here we go ........

 the hantarans from us..i like the sirih junjung very the modern n not messy :)

 this is the white simple pelamin which all of us like it coz we want to keep it as simple as possible 

 this is the hantaran from him :)

 after the discussion which was more to merisik n tunang at the same sis gave away a small perfume to each guests while we had selawat at that time..

 these are the aunties n relatives n  soon to be our cousins they are from kedah :)

 best man wins! :) he is an engineer in Petronas.

 my sis closest friends

 no caption.LOL

of course we set up khemah n mia quite cranky that day! gggrr

 at night mia kept wondering whose cake in the fridge.soo she asked permission from me to cut the cake :)

Lola cake by wondermilk


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PD trip

last weekend we had family gathering in port dickson.actually the purpose was more to celebrate brother n father in law's bday in SIL bought ticket which we all stayed at tiara beach resort via group on voucher.

 as soon as we arrived there by 6pm..we were shocked coz we were inform that we have to buy separate tickets to enter the pool.whereby the ticket for adult during weekend is rm28 per person! which is more or less the same price with sunway waterpark.grrr not worth it! so we pulled off from there.anyway the pool closed at 7pm.

we already plan to have BBQ which is the beef patty grilled burger homemade by hubby! huhu

so we just rent the BBQ place n taraaaa plus we had our own steam boat!

that night my MIL organized a teka teki.the winners will get soft drinks  n snacks.haha i never taught this thingy will happen in our family gathering coz i never experience it before!but somehow it was fun! besides that she also managed to pack few small gifts for lucky winners to be given away on lucky draw contest.haha she is sooo creative since she was ex high school teacher.hehe even though the gifts were just small towel,snacks,n scarfs but people still love to get presents!don't u? hehe

the Bday boy is in red shirt with our cousins

we brought tiramisu cake along the way from kl.

this was the leftover of seafood,beef n veggies that we fried on portable stove.we ate besides the beach yo!

mia swam with her makngah

this was after as soon as she got out from the sea.since she is very clean person,she kept screaming n yelling for help coz she cannot stand standing on the beach sand!which she said her feet will be clean if she washed them at the beach.grrrr byk songeh ini budak.

anyway im looking forward for my family gathering which will be my 3rd sister's engagement day this coming CNY!!yeyyyyyyyy