Monday, December 31, 2012


today is my blog's 4th anniversary.yeyyyyyyy ..yeah i know this month is the most least entries that i posted.huh but i still do keep in touch.anyway wish u all tq for reading or drop by my blog or just clicked to other blog coz mine is boringggg. eheh frankly speaking  i like to read my own previous post in this blog coz it reminds me the important dates or occasion. :) last but not least happy new year people!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Western night

 last night we had western dinner at section 7 shah alam.since i am the person who like to try new restaurant-even-i-don't-know-if-the-food-is-good-or-not despite being testimonial by other eateries.ehehe so this is it!

 so we eat here...

 the chubby smiley monalisa as one of the frames at the wall deco

 james dean at the entrance! ehehe

 mia's : nugget,hotdog n fries

 the traditional spagehtti bolognese

 mine: fish n chip.this really not suit with my asian flavour coz the fish n the flour just not match!i dunno 

 the supreme pizza

choc ice cream for mia :)

Bff hang out

this was our throwback last week!eheh since i was free last Saturday we decided to meet my bff at KLCC.she is my best friend in uni we had lunch at Ben's Klcc since everybody said the food is nice.

 hers: traditional fish n chip 

 mine: fish n chip with grilled bread.i can say mine was too much of fish which i felt bloated. i even can't finish the quarter of them.hurmm

 food n us cannot be separated! eheh

here are few cards of ideas of questions where dating couples can break the ice by playing these cards.ehehe.these are few of them:

 oh i guess i would like to travel future so that i know what steps should i make n take my own risk!
but at the same time i would like to sneak into my past to learn from it!

 not so big la..i guess nothing much 

 i remember at one time i went to kindergarten i wear diapers! n i dun bother about it.hehehe

 us cam whoring

yeah she is one happy mommy to be!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Genting Highland trip

hai's Monday so far?i hope everything goes well especially me who works on evening shift this week!grrrr anyway last weekend we had short escape to Genting.the last time i went there was 8yrs ago!i found that there's not much changes coz we just had fun at indoor theme park only.eheh lets the pictures talk!

 we arrived there around 9pm..n it was cold coz it was raining that we decided to go to the park coz the games close at 10pm.

 she is a happy girl with the gloves! 

 this is the view from our room.we stayed at apartment which is just below the theme park..

 so the next day we strolled all over the indoor games 

 wishing well.yeah i wish u well.all is well. :P

 the G-men spotted there

 meet the incredible hulk

 n the york lady too..vroomm vroommm 

 mia had twice ride on this merry go if in kl we don't have this.hurmmm

 then we had swan ride 

 n mini train ride 

last but not least mia on car ride..the blue car seems small for her!erkkkk