Wednesday, December 30, 2009

keje keje keje

okay today keje like hell coz im alone incharge! yg lain assistant jek!bos gi meeting the whole day..adoi penat gileeee keje mcm machine! bayangkan every half an hour i attend bout 3-4 patients at 1 time..which is every patient might take bout 20mins-45mins treatment! that means..while treating patient A,i can yell or instruct patient B at the corner of the room to do exercise..hebat bukan? i have too! sambil kepak2 tangan patient, siap leh jerit2 kt assistant suh pasang machine to patient..while doing suctioning of the baby...leh sempat jeling2 kt kaunter tengok ada patient yg dah sampai tapi xada staff incharge kt kaunter!huh gile babeng..while giving treatment at cubicle 1,siap leh beri arahan to patient sebelah cubicle..hehehehe today i teach all my patients to be independent! sorry la yerk...even during lunch hour 1-2 pm pun ada patient stroke! penattt siooot..minum air pun x sempat rini!huh lembu pun sempat minum eh lembu minum susu ker?kekekkeke --merepek ni-- anyway semua fenomena ni sudah biasa..coz pernah terjadi aku sorang keje with 1 assistant n 1 clerk..which means have to cover patients in the ward n outpatient..bayangkan?? i only have 2 hands n legs! duhhhh

New house??

oh my my..this condo ain't safe anymore!2 days ago ada break in cases @13 floor..n mine is 10th floor..asal ada nampak keta polis parking kt kondo ni confirm ada kes! infact this morning as early as 630am keta polis dh sampai ada residents nak buat report!ceh! when can i move out to new house??lambat tul la..nak kena tunggu CF la apela ..adoiyay! oh btw did i mention new house?hheehehheheh


for now SALE is my bestfrend..i think i become soo addictive for shopping..its not like wat i should buy but instead ive been thinking i should grab ALL that i want while its on SALE! teruk kan? benda yg x penting pun beli coz its SALE! huhuhu see ive told u she's my bestfrend..huahuahua for example..i baught luggage beg..which not important n not being used at the moment..the reason is just to buy while its on SALE! ceh! heheheh n next i wanna hunt for braun buffel wallet. ive been searching it high n low... kt midvalley xde.. n i guess the best in klcc!tapi jauhla pulak nk gi sana hurmmm :( n of course time ni plg seronok shopping baju baby! n i spent almost $600 on her clothes!gile ape??siap simpan stok bile dia dh 6-12 months coz shes growing up soo fast! n last but not least its time to shopping my clothes before 31st Dec! nanti SALE dh abes.. :DDD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

end of year

ok i had lunch veggies (kacang pjg), tempe n tauhu without rice..huhuh i think its time for healthy diet starting today! so people dun critic me! :D

anyway...can't wait for the year of 2009 to draw its curtain n infact there's so much plans to do ahead within this week..tomorrow meeting with SPP team..the day after tomorrow need to reshuffle n meeting with supplier..n finally on 31st Dec im on leave for half day in the noon..plan to go shopping! hehhe n that nite celebrate new year @home,will be watching all the bunga api n mercun @sunway from balcony of the house...with baby mya of course! :D n on 1st jan 00 will go back to hometown coz ada org nak dtg risik adik! n on 3rd Jan will send grandparents to airport..wahh wat a way to end the year of 2009! yippie yeay ~~

Monday, December 28, 2009


OK..this quite embarrassing..coz frankly speaking this is the 1st time i eat im on leave today..i ask my younger sisters accompany me to eat sushi @midvalley..ceh konon2nya nak diet eating healthy food..we ordered salmon with rice + not forgotten the wasabi sauce!aiyakk seriously i cant sister asked me to swallow the whole salmon at 1 time..but end up i threw it back..hhuahuahuahua.. at last we end up eating nasi campur @food court.huhhuhu

i said 'oh no no'

my 1st attempt.hehhe

i was forced to eat the whole salmon at 1 time!huh!

kunyah2 dan rase nk muntah blk!heheh

ha..yg ni leh telan..tekak melayu betul!heheh

Friday, December 25, 2009

drop the tears..

last nite i had bad dreams...n i cried during the sleeps..

have u experienced the same before?..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mya zara (hehhe nama glamour)

tadi ptg..Mya ada appointment dgn DR .so i set the appointment..then i received this sms..

ho ho ho ..gile gempak tu ade sms dari appointment kaunter kasi kt aku...heheh jakun jakun..can't believe my hospital is advanced like this!hehhe
owh..btw mya is 3months young now..n her weight is 6.11 kg! alhamdullilah..mase injection pun dia x nangis..ur superb baby mya!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


sometimes i wonder is this career is the right one for me? or was i born to be therapist? or is it fate?hehehhe am i improving with the skills each day to serve better for patients? but once patient said to me 'may god bless u ' all i can say that i feel blissful with this job coz actually i help lotss of people out there..from disability to be able to do tasks to continue this life with full of smilesss...thanks Allah n once again may God bless me.... :DD

Monday, December 21, 2009


ok for the past few weeks there were 2 persons called me to join their policy insurance..the point is i dun like to hear their conversations, their ideas, their pujuk rayu n worst of all they are forcing me to join!!! arghh ni yg aku x bleh blah kalau ade any kind of these people approach me..sorry i just want to snap them!dulu ada patient ni punyela aku layan leklok nak kasi the best treatment..rupenye ade udang disebalik batu..suh join MLM biz senang cite suh join HAI-O huh..buhsan2..aku pun pernah dipaksa attend SHAKLEE biz talk kt taipan..mmg la they all very the semangat one!coz they all full time more thing the hardest part is when i said NO..diaorg paksa pulakkk n citela ntah ape2 as if i hear wat they discuss the moral is: NEVER PICK UP UNFAMILIAR PHONE NUMBERS..gottcha!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

mixed feelings.

@esok hubby gi perak for 4days ade team building..bestnya keje ada aktiviti luar not like mine!kerja2 hospital yg serius shit with no fun!
That means left me alone with mia..
@ assignment xbuat2 lagi due date end of march..rase2 leh sempat siap ker??arghhhhh
@need to choose date to take annual leave coz kene abiskan gak balance AL yg banyak tu..nak cuti pun susah cari tarikh!duhhh

Saturday, December 19, 2009

weekender shopping!

Guess on SALE people! yesterday we went for hunting this atria pj..tapi salah daaa...its not inside the atria..dekat dgn atria..BUT barang dia x byk n best compared to previous guess warehouse sale in atria blah dgn hampanya :(

so... we decided to take mia to the curve..' look at my height! im taller than my own bolster pillow' hehhehe...

' i love mommy!' :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

feel guilty..

if only i knew..

- i would buy all maternity stuffs n other nursing stuffs to breasfeed baby
- i would not take all the notes that i attended in antenatal class...coz in the reality it all depends on baby's style n attitude!
- i would buy breastpump..i mean electrical one not manual!!duhh
- i would drink milks anmum maternal that been prescibed coz my breastmilk sooo watery which indicates that i didnt take healthy food or enough milk i guess??
- i would buy nursing pillow coz it really helps u during BF!
- i would bedung my baby religiously since born! coz she wont want one if she can't adapt to it..
- i wont bf bb in one position of her head to both breast as being told @antenatal class! this is soo unacceptable! coz the bb now tends n prefer to turn her head to one side only!sioot punye teory coz they afraid the bb unable to differentiate between feeding or giving medicine..wth?
- i wont put little bit of BM to my crack nipple coz its getting worse! so i apply vaseline instead n it works! dump that teory too!shitt
- i would BUYYY all babys stuffs n needs eg: support pillow la..coz we wont know wat will happen to the bb.

but the REALITY is IT IS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE!!OMG! sob sob sob :(( i will do better for 2nd child!hopefully!finger crossed!


Ok fine...i stay in sunway..frankly speaking all the taxi drivers are RUDE!!!! parking sesuka hati kt depan kondo ni which will cause massive jam! damn.. turn at junction sesuka ati! they even knocked down other people's car who park along the road outside the kondo..shit! selamba jek..then they drive recklessly! especially kaf lam ya nga!ntah ape2 ntah..their moral n mind soo down! geraammmm!in my opinion To liken attitude taxi drivers to dirty public toilets may be accepted as comparison! huh seriussssly!depa siap dancing bukak2 baju + turn on the radio loudly n pegang botol arak in the afternoon!!!!! plezzzla wei its not night time nak clubbing! noon fulls with kids yg blk sekolah!sooo demoralized!shit FCUK TAXI DRIVERSSS IN SUNWAY!! Their attitude even WORSE than dirty public toilets!! get lossssssttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wat size u wear? I wear 7's

In my shoes,just to see
What it's like,to be me
I'll be you,lets trade shoes
Just to see wat it'd be like

To feel your pain,you feel mine
Go inside each other's minds
Just to see wat we'd find
Look at shit through each other's eyes

Dont let them say u ain't beautiful
They can all get fucked,just stay true to you
So don't let them say u ain't beautiful
They can all get fucked, just stay true to you

Sunday, December 13, 2009

kak ain's bday n baby shower!

K.ain threw bday party n baby shower last night @ Kokopelli sec 14 PJ.actually the venue is @ an old bungalow house..quite nice n blast to kak ain..yey!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

jalan2 blogging while holding damia..adoiyay..last friday we went to sunway pyramid with the in laws..since friday is a holiday-bday sultan selangor..kt sunway punyela ramai org! xsukeee anyway these r the pics taken...

tutti frutti yougurt!

DIY counter..u can choose any flavours u want! b happy

ive made this.flavour: chocolate + strawberry + topping nuts

@ pizza hut with in laws

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i wonder how am i gonna raise my child?whether in decent manner? or in cruel way? as the world n surroundings getting wiser with no thinking these matter now n then coz the baby gurl is growing up so fast..real fast..parenting takes 2 persons.the FATHER n can't be achieved successfully alone..

im working hard..hard
- to provide her with a decent place
- to nourish her in body,mind n spirit.
- to protect n keep her safe
- to equip her with the living skills necessary to survives n navigate her way through life...

may ALLAH bless us to go through these challenging tasks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

akikah baby Mya & adik tunang 051209

my little sister is esthetically engaged!

selawat for mya...

kambing bakar for akikah..nyummy

mya with the aunties

3 of us..

mya with nanny

Sunday, December 6, 2009

my name is Carl's Jr.

ok ..aritu gi mkn Carl's Jr kt Sunway pyramid..dah x tau nak mkn ape. saje nak try..OMG sedaaappp.. :DD

the berger fulls with salads n big onions!nyummm n healthy :)

chocolate shake..slurrp

this is the SUPER STAR babeh..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


ok now mia @grandparents house since i left her this morning coz her abah went to penang
-outstation! so anak dia pun outstation gak la..hehhe anyway im freeeee *weeeeee* back to
SINGLE again! hehhee.. lately been very bz with works..back to WORK ANA!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


YES! it's YEAR END SALE people!!!!

im so gonna getttttttt
GUESS luggage bag!
buy for me...anyone? :DD

Friday, November 27, 2009

selamat hari raya aidiladha to all muslims..

so this morning went to nanny's house..first time ever raya with the baby! dapatla gak melepaskan kempunan mkn ketupat n lemang..coz raya puasa aritu x puas mkn..huhuhuhu then off to digital mall to buy monitor pc..bought LG = life's good :)
tonite papa's coming to visit mia..n tonite..only few hours left to final countdown of nur kasih, people!go adam go adam!
last but not least..sok keje!damn..

Majlis cukur jambul @home :D

Pre shave..goodbye my long hair.. :D

1st step: put cream shaver

2nd step- shave with cheap shaver

3rd- use electric shaver ok! manual tak leh
4th- shave sambil susu..oppss im like princess..
5th- use herbal hair conditioner (homemade daun asin2)
6th- use mama's shower cap..x nak kasi kotor bantal :)