Friday, October 18, 2013


Hai miss me much?lemme start with my 3rd sis wedding reception that held in hometown in sept2013. let the pictures talk!

 this was after solemnization with 1 lafaz akad.alhamdulillah :)) but i wasn't there to watch that important moment coz mia was cranky shouting like no ends outside the house n she didn't let me go inside! yeah i know that's my girl! grrrrr

 this was after all people mkn2 then she wanted to take pic at pelamin.niceee 

so the next day was wedding reception which held at dewan jubli intan.

 this was the only pic of us in dewan that we managed to snap coz a lot of people kept coming in.tq2

 as soon as the groom arrived,he had to sit n watch silat performance as seen in malay wedding traditional style

 so this was 'tol' as can seen in johor wedding style where the groom have to give money to bride's relatives n friends before he can see the bride.hahaha

 complete family on sister's wedding :)

 at the corner of the dewan,we had photobooth where we can take pics while using props that been provided ;))

 so my sis took the photo using her instax n hang it there :)

to nabila,i wish u have a wonderful journey life with ur  husband :))
n last but not least mintak maaf pada semua yg hadir jika ada kekurangan.anyway this is the last wedding in the family :))

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